Putting energy realism on the google map

The Energy Realists of Australia have two sites, the original list of papers hanging off the RiteOn site and our own site, Flickerpower.

It will help if these sites come up on the first page of searches and this is more likely to happen when they get more traffic directed from other sites, like this blog.

Cats are invited to head to these sites and sample the rich store of energy knowledge and wisdom, while making the sites more visible for searchers.

Casualties on the road to net zero


10 thoughts on “Putting energy realism on the google map”

  1. Energy realism for me currently involves filling 44 gallon drums with diesel for a backup supply…

  2. Not Helped by – The Lunacy of The Australian Labor Party at Work

    Coal and gas projects could be BLOCKED by Anthony Albanese’s government as it announces it will ‘reassess’ 18 major businesses based on climate change impacts

    . Climate impacts of planned coal and gas projects the basis of legal actions
    . Eighteen projects in Queensland, NSW and WA to be reviewed in legal action
    . Power prices could jump 20 per cent this year and another 35 per cent in 2023

    Anthony Albanese’s government could block new coal and gas projects on climate grounds even though soaring energy prices are set to dramatically worsen.

    Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek has approved an environmental group’s legal bid to have 18 projects reassessed with increased focus on their climate impacts.

    The Environment Council of Central Queensland (ECoCeQ), represented by Environmental Justice Australia, took legal action in July to have 19 projects reviewed.

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