Month: December 2022

  • Open Thread – New Year’s Weekend 2023

    The Dreamer, Casper Friedrich, 1840

  • Congratulations to the British Free Speech Union

    This is the summary report of the activities of the FSU in 2022. Congratulations to Toby Young and his colleagues. BTW Toby has a regular column in The Spectator.

  • Blackouts – the new normal?

    Early in George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, Winston Smith watched his fellow citizens react to an announcement that the government was “raising” their chocolate ration to twenty grammes a week. Winston remembered the announcement from the previous day, however: the government was reducing the chocolate ration to twenty grammes a week. He marveled as everyone all celebrated what…

  • WolfmanOz at the Movies #51

    Is cinema dying ? As I write this last post for the year, a feeling of melancholy and sadness is with me as I write about what I believe is that movies and the thrill of going to the cinema and luxuriating in the magic of the big screen appears to be dying. There was…

  • Abundant cheap renewable energy? Imagining will make it so

    Drove to Melbourne and back a few weeks ago. Haven’t driven interstate for decades; haven’t owned a car for about eight years. Could I still drive? Still not sure because the Hume Highway offers little challenges. Two generous lanes, dual carriageway, all the way. Rest areas aplenty. Not long out of England, many decades ago,…

  • Lake Election Contest: Summary of Case and Result

    Here is a pretty detailed rundown of the case presented by Lake and Hobbs’s defence, as well as a summary of the judge’s decision. Worth a look while you have some time on your hands over the holidays.

  • Open Thread – Tue 27 Dec 2022

    Cabins along the Loing Canal, Sunlight Effect, Alfred Sisley, 1896

  • O Advent Tree!

    The buds begin to appear towards the end of November, just before Advent. Thoughtfully, the trees vary in their timing, some retaining their vibrant heads of blossom well into January, but for the most part, their display is at its most spectacular in the third and fourth weeks of Advent with a show that always…

  • Guest Post: Mother Lode – A Pagan Christmas

    Well we are closing in on Christmas – a special, even magical time of the year. Families will be sitting down together, table heaped rich foods, adults already slightly aglow from a glass or two of Christmas cheer, kids on their second wind after their frenzied ravine upon Christmas wrapping, aaand then some pompous boor…

  • The modern slave trade

    From the transcript People need to know about this… Never throughout the history of slavery has there been more suffering that generated more profit that was linked to the lives of more people around the world… Preview YouTube video The Disturbing Reality of Cobalt Mining for Rechargeable Batteries Who are the modern slave traders? When…