The modern slave trade

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People need to know about this… Never throughout the history of slavery has there been more suffering that generated more profit that was linked to the lives of more people around the world…

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Who are the modern slave traders?

When will their monuments be torn down?

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  1. Johnny Rotten Avatar

    All the left wing nut jobs and other woke peoples keep going on about the Europeans and the Slave Trade especially sending African slaves to the New World. However, the Slave Trade had been going on for eons with the slave trade being organised by the Arabs. Even the Chiefs of the African tribes were in on it. So how about recognising this historical fact and having a go at those peoples as well.

    No, as it was those pinky white skinned peoples that did it. FMD. What a load of BS.

  2. OldOzzie Avatar

    Even the Chiefs of the African tribes were in on it. So how about recognising this historical fact and having a go at those peoples as well.

    No, as it was those pinky white skinned peoples that did it. FMD. What a load of BS.

    Johnny Rotten you nailed it perfectly, as did

    Lemon squeezed! CNN host is stunned into silence when royal commentator says African kings – not British royals – should pay reparations for slavery because ‘THEY rounded up their own people and had them waiting in cages on the beaches’

    . CNN host Don Lemon was stunned into silence by royal commentator’s remarks
    . Lemon interviewed Hilary Fordwich last week, in a clip that went viral on Tuesday
    . CNN host asked whether the British royal family should pay slavery reparations
    . But Fordwich questioned his reasoning and placed the blame on African leaders
    . She argued that any reparations should be paid by descendants of ‘African king

  3. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare Avatar
    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Slavery still exists throughout the Middle East and in sex slavery in the West, as well as various forms of indentured labour amongst immigrants that is tantmount to slavery. It’s a moot point when poor pay and limited employment or imprisonment or serfdom turns into slavery. When I hear people going on about slavery I point them to the conditions under which children worked in the factories of early industrialisation, as well as those pertaining to cobalt mining in Africa today.

    Reparations for past wrongs would include most of the world’s population if these things were taken into account in all fairness. Read Robert Hughes’ book ‘The Fatal Shore’ for a viewpoint on Australia’s penal system as basically slavery too.

  4. MatrixTransform Avatar

    was in the kids section at a book shop while christmas shopping the other day

    while weeding through the propaganda I discovered an illustrated and thinly worded guide to the origins of slavery and of course, to the proper-think that ended it.

    I snarked out loud to the missus
    if anything liberated us from slavery it was fossil fuels not lesbians
    and besides, we still keep slaves today, we just keep them in other countries

  5. Louis Litt Avatar

    Elizabeth – re the industrial revolution.
    My two bobs worth.
    It was a time of unprecented change. Labour shortages.
    There was nothing seen like this and this was all trial and error.
    My father was sent out to work when he was 5 on a farm.
    Treated poorly his mother said to him after blasting the farmer, if you leave now you will always run away.

  6. Rafe Champion Avatar
    Rafe Champion

    Moving from farms to factories was a big advanced for the workers whatever the leftwing and the
    English anti-trade and enterprise Tories say about it. See Hutt on the Factory Acts.

  7. win Avatar

    One hopes that presumably the working conditions experienced by the local employees of Chinese mine owners is not a template for the already huge global Chinese take over of foreign businesses. How much of Australia is owned by the CCP.? Seems diabolical that the CCP is using capitalisim to kill capitalist societies.

  8. Chris M Avatar
    Chris M

    Is there a precise definition of slave? At these mines apart from appalling conditions and zero safety are they locked in or what.

    Also I wonder if this professor visited the 2nd largest producer of Cobalt, didn’t hear of him coming here.

    Now that high strength magnets can be made without rare earths it would be good to see batteries that don’t use Lithium… oop there would go another of our exports!

  9. anon Avatar

    At the last federal election I spoke at a couple of public forums, often asked about ‘renewables’, the other candidates except for the PHON and LDP all were in favour of the scam. I was the only one who would talk about what I called ‘Blood Minerals’, cobalt etc. I would say that I wouldn’t want to use any product that had child or slave labour involved, not to mention the environmental damage it caused it many places. I said all products like these needed an audit in the mining, processing and manufacture of the batteries, solar panels etc and we as a nation shouldn’t buy them without assurance that they were properly produced.

    All I got from the crowd was generally silence, they didn’t want to know about it, mush less talk about it. The Greens candidate went bright red with anger when I first spoke, he refused to speak to me again the entire campaign. People don’t want to know about things that don’t hold with their semi religious views.

  10. thefrollickingmole Avatar

    Can we refer to wind turbines as eco slave crucifixes yet??
    However, cobalt owes its current visibility to its increasing use in low-carbon technologies, also known as green technologies (renewable energies and rechargeable batteries): it is found notably in the magnets of wind turbines, but also and above all in the cathodes of lithium-ion batteries and nickel metal hydride batteries used in electric or hybrid vehicles

    Kambalda is the hot spot in Oz for the stuff.

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