Month: December 2022

  • Callow Pipedreams ahead? Already here

    I see that Jacinda Ardern is intent on lowering the voting age to sixteen in New Zealand. It’s a developing trend. Let’s face it, nobody remotely believes that the voting age will be restored to twenty-one from where it should never have been lowered. All the impetus, from the left and from the greenies, is…

  • Roundup 4 Dec

    Roundup of Partners and Fellow-Travellers Drop in and see what they are up to! IPA         Climate and energy program  CIS          The Sydney Institute Menzies Research Centre  Mannkal Economics Education Foundation           Advance Australia  Taxpayers Alliance  Australian Institute for Progress Save these dates 15 December at 6.0 Sydney time. Menzies Research Institute webinar forum for representatives of rural communities…

  • Rabz’ Radio Show December 2022: Covers and the Covered

    It’s always “interesting” to discover that a song you may have assumed was written by a certain artist or band turns out to be a cover. A classic example of this is posted below as the first of the intro tracks. Another interesting aspect of covers relates to the lively discussion/arguments/shouting matches that might arise…

  • Mater’s Musings #64: A little hypocrisy, now and then, never hurt anybody

    Then (9 months ago): Now:

  • Open Thread – Weekend 3 Dec 2022

    The Rector’s Garden – Queen of the Lilies, John Atkinson Grimshaw, 1877

  • Meme of the Day #63

  • WolfmanOz at the Movies #47

    Men of Harlech The Battle of Rorke’s Drift between a small British army contingent and a huge army of Zulus in January 1879 was memorably presented in the splendid 1964 film Zulu which depicts how 150 British soldiers successfully held off an army of 4,000 Zulu warriors. The battle followed on after the Battle of…