Lake Election Contest: Summary of Case and Result

Here is a pretty detailed rundown of the case presented by Lake and Hobbs’s defence, as well as a summary of the judge’s decision. Worth a look while you have some time on your hands over the holidays.

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  1. Morsie Avatar

    Prevention is better than cure.The GOP need to get off their arses and join the game.
    The Maricopa ballot is so complicated with all the offices up for grabs that there are apparently 20000 separate ballots which all need to be printed on the spot.
    No way any court is going to delve too deeply into that morass.

  2. dopey Avatar

    These American presenters are so full of themselves you give up waiting to hear something of substance.

  3. Gerry Jackson Avatar
    Gerry Jackson

    It was obvious from the beginning that the so-called judge was not going to find in favour of Kari Lake regardless of how much evidence she gave the court.

  4. Petros Avatar

    At least the Brazilians are doing something about their stolen election. The loud mouth, tough guy Americans do nothing.

  5. Zyconoclast Avatar

    Perhaps the missing ingredient is Lakes electronic baseball cards.

  6. Zyconoclast Avatar

    Perhaps the missing ingredient is Lakes electronic baseball cards.

  7. JC Avatar

    Dover, do you realize the combined time of the three vids you’ve posted is close to 5 1/2 hours. Did you listen to all of them?

  8. m0nty Avatar

    A shorter summary:

    Kari Lake’s lawyers tried on some bullshit, but the judge wasn’t buying it, just like all those failed Kraken lawsuits.

    The lawyers involved will probably be sanctioned for wasting the court’s time.

  9. Mantaray Avatar

    monty is correct. How anyone would expect an Arizona judge to find against his / her boss (Hobbs)… “buy it” in the vernacular….is as beyond me as it is for monty.

    The instant it was known that Hobbs was not stepping down / aside as AG while running for governor, the chance of Lake winning became zero. An AG controls elections,and the judiciary; end of story.

  10. custard Avatar

    Hobbs wasn’t the AG, she was the SoS

    Lake has excellent grounds for appeal. This will likely go all the way to the US Supreme Court not just AZ SC.

  11. Mantaray Avatar

    custard. Sorry: my bad.

    As SoS Hobbs had control of the election, while her mates in the state govt had control of all the rest.

    This may go to the SC, but Monty is still correct that Lake had no hope vs Hobbs in Arizona, since it was her (Lake) vs all Hobbs’ mates….

    From Arizona state govt website…..”The Arizona Secretary of State (SOS) is the Chief Election Officer for the state. The Elections Services Division is responsible for certifying state election results, serves as the filing officer for federal, statewide and legislative candidates and statewide ballot measures.”

    Amazing then that it was Lake vs the Chief Election Officer. WTF?

  12. P Avatar

    She is going to appeal this week.

  13. m0nty Avatar

    Projection is not an argument.

    Yes, if you were Arizona SoS then you would rig elections. That is because you don’t have any principles. Doesn’t mean everyone is as unprofessional as you.

  14. DaFisk Avatar

    December 27, 2022 at 9:19 pm
    Dover, do you realize the combined time of the three vids you’ve posted is close to 5 1/2 hours. Did you listen to all of them?

    I think you can save 5 1/2 hours of your life knowing that Kari Lake is not going to become the Governor of Arizona through a court case.

  15. P Avatar

    Fishy Business – Arizona Mandatory Recounts Revealing Significant GOP Gains, Hobbs Sealed Results Until After Her Lawsuit Completed
    December 29, 2022 | Sundance

    Perhaps, just perhaps, this new revelation will assist Mrs. Lake in her appellate case.

  16. Kneel Avatar

    “Lake has excellent grounds for appeal.”

    Indeed – complainant (Lake) called a witness who testified under oath that there was NO chain of custody for over 200,000 ballots that were transported from polling locations to counting centres. Defense (Hobbs and co) produced no documentation to refute that claim, which should have been relatively simple for them to do if such documentation does indeed exist. Given the winning margin was 17,000 votes (or so), and that AZ state law requires said chain of custody, it is quite clear given the facts in evidence that the election is invalid and must be re-run. That the judge ignored this appears to be a significant error and on it’s face reason enough to overturn the decision on appeal.

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