Energy News

Wind and solar, brown scum

The picture below shows unreliable energy as a thin, dirty brown scum on top of all the other cleaner and cheaper energy sources.

A comprehensive account of the failure of the Energiewende, the so-called green energy dream, not new, just a very good piece for people who want a single source.

Jo Nova reports on the latest developments in Scotland

While British people can’t afford to warm their own homes in winter some Scottish wind turbines are being rotated and de-iced with warmth from diesel generators which also leaked some 4,000L of diesel. Since this was due to a cabling fault, presumably the other shivering wind turbines are maintained with mains power?

Return of Audrey Zibelman to haunt us

A team of high profile energy experts has been put together to guide the reboot of Victoria’s State Electricity Commission as a publicly owned utility charged with leading the state’s push to 95 per cent renewables by 2035.

 The expert advisory panel for the new SEC, announced on Tuesday, includes former Australian Energy Market Operator CEO Audrey Zibelman, ClimateWorks Centre CEO Anna Skarbek, and Australia’s former chief scientist Alan Finkel.

Good news on the wind industry, losing money hand over fist.

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February 8, 2023 7:32 pm

Scottish wind turbines are being rotated and de-iced with warmth from diesel generators

drove to Sydney recently
bank of turbines near Goulburn were turning tuning turning but, it was a very still day.

dunno what the minimum wind velocity that is required to turn one
but that day, not a blade of grass was moving

did I read something recently about Brinell hardening of bearings in wind turbines?
why, yes I did

they wouldn’t keep them spinning just because it looks good.
would they?

Robert Sewell
February 8, 2023 7:54 pm


They wouldn’t keep them spinning just because it looks good.
Would they?

No, of course not.
Maybe. A little.
(BTW the capitals stockpile is getting a bit large. Would you mind using some to HELP OUT?)

February 8, 2023 8:13 pm

the capitals stockpile is getting a bit large

never! (mostly because it gives JC the shits)

when I write with a pencil, I always write in all-caps

it does look like hieroglyphics and only I can understand it but I swear its the same language we are speaking here

Robert Sewell
February 9, 2023 7:57 am

Fair Enuff!

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