Despicable or Disastrous. That’s the choice

It’s never been about the Marxist thugs on the left. The Daniel Andrews types. It’s always been about the growing number of rats on the right. The rats have taken over. So now it’s take your pick between the awful and bloody awful. Not giving up, but it’s time to be realistic. Nothing is in sight to right the ship. No white knight. Just Matt Kean(s) and Simon Birmingham(s).

There’s an election in NSW on 25 March. I remember a time when I would have been interested. As it is, despite living in Sydney, I was more interested in the recent Victorian election than I am in this coming one. At least Dan Andrews gives conservatives someone to stick pins in; figuratively speaking of course. Mind you, he revels in it. He knows that his politics are on the right side of history, as the Victorian populace becomes bolshier by the year. They liked being locked up and told what to do by a strongman. The Stockholm syndrome writ large. Once someone like Dan knows that, he can play them like a fiddle. It’s the end of competitive politics in Victoria, at least until Dan decides in his own good time to go.

Who do we have in NSW to stick pins in, figuratively? As a conservative, I tend to stick them into the NSW Treasurer and Energy Minister Matt Kean; aka, Mr Green. But hold on he’s a Lib. That doesn’t work does it? How about NSW Labor leader Chris Minns? How about him?

I simply can’t raise an emotion one way or the other. He seems anodyne to a tee. Now he might be hell on wheels to those who know him. I can’t possibly say. All that I can say is that I have no visceral aversion to him winning. In fact, all of my visceral aversion is to a Liberal government that doesn’t reflect my values. Being betrayed is one thing; being betrayed by one’s own side, to quote The Bard, is sharper than a serpent’s tooth.

Dominic Perrottet made a bad start with me. Confected Covid hysteria was about.

“Once every single person in this state has had the opportunity to be vaccinated then we should open up for everyone… I want to see more unity and not a two-tiered society… It’s not the government’s role to provide freedom.” This is Dominic Perrottet big talking to Joe Hildebrand on 2GB on 24 September 2021, before becoming premier.

Gladys Berejiklian’s date for the unvaccinated to enjoy equality with their vaccinated superiors was 1 December. Perrottet’s first act as premier was to extend that date until 15 December. So much for freedom from a principled “conservative” Catholic. A small thing maybe, but indicative. He recently went along with a woke ban on gay conversion therapy. Really? A ban on people, therapists, priests, providing sought after advice to sexually troubled people. Which part of his conservative principles or Catholic faith does that offend? How is that consistent with freedom?

Where does Perrottet stand on fossil fuels and green energy; on the destruction of NSW’s reliable power; on Liddell coal power station closing in April; on Eraring closing down in August 2025? Reportedly, Perrottet refuses to back Matt Kean’s reconsideration of closing Eraring in 2025, referring to the government’s road map, which charts a path (a yellow brick road) to reliance on renewable energy. Greener than Kean? Who knows?

Look, I have no idea what the man stands for. He says he’s a Catholic. Then why didn’t he attend Cardinal George Pell’s funeral? Cardinal Pell the most senior among Australia’s Catholic clergy. A good man badly wronged. Innocent yet incarcerated by a corrupt Victorian justice system. Yet, Perrottet couldn’t bring himself to attend the service on behalf of fair-minded people in NSW. Craven?

My local NSW member Tim James holds the seat of Willoughby, Gladys’s old seat, for the Libs. He’s conservative minded, I think. How long that will last I don’t know, but I’ll vote for him. Wouldn’t vote for Perrottet; though I am, of course, by voting for James. Such is our system. Friends of my political persuasion often say, hold your nose, the alternative is worse. Yes, it’s bound to be. I agree. It’s the despicable versus the disastrous.

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  1. NFA Avatar

    It’s the despicable versus the disastrous.

    Does your vote get counted anyway?

  2. shatterzzz Avatar

    I’m going for a rude doodle across the lower House & One Nation for the Upper ..
    hadn’t realised but NSW you only have to tick one box each for both Houses .. sooo avoid the donkey vote going elsewhere!

  3. Vicki Avatar

    You have nailed it, Peter.

    Perrottet and his fellow NSW Libs make me nauseous and angry at the same time. Hypocrites and backsliders – all of them. And Kean? How did they extract him from the underworld?

    NSW Labor has a terrible record & I can hardly believe I could vote for them. Yet Minns is not only a personable fellow, but his plans are moderate and seemingly responsible. Spooky for Labor. I will probably vote for his Party – such is the helter/skelter nature of the world we currently inhabit.

    But you are right, Peter – betrayal of “shared”ideals (with a capital “I”!) is not forgivable. Trust is everything in human relations. Ideals and principles are a close second.

  4. Mak Siccar Avatar
    Mak Siccar

    As has been said previously by some wise person, in the Speccie I think – with Liebor you get stabbed in the front, with the Lieborals, you get stabbed in the back.

  5. Christine Avatar

    The Weekend Magazine in The Australian featured an article with attractive pictures of Perrottet (plus family). Once you see a politician go down this ‘celebrity’ path, you can be sure he’s even worse than you thought.

  6. Petros Avatar

    It least vote for PHON or UAP.

  7. Cassie of Sydney Avatar
    Cassie of Sydney

    “Despicable or Disastrous. That’s the choice”

    Peter, I understand completely, however spare a thought for me, I’m in a far worse situation, I don’t have “despicable or disastrous”, I have “sinister” and “evil” because I’m in the ghastly Alex Greenwich’s electorate so I’ll be defacing my lower house ballot. In the upper house though, I’ll vote One Nation. If I was in Tim James’ electorate, I’d vote for him.

    I am very worried that Liberal or Labor will form a minority government and then will have have to depend on support from Greenwich. THIS WILL BE DISASTROUS. He has a lolly bag of far-left, stomach churning demands, euthanasia being one of them, the other will be lowering the age of consent. I regard Greenwich as evil. Greenwich was behind the evil 2019 abortion laws, he’s pushing both euthanasia and consent laws. The thing is that the vile Greenwich has already had too much influence over the last Liberal government, they have been beholden to him since 2019.

    Just a little history lesson on our so called Liberal government here in NSW, in power since March 2011. Apart from some much needed infrastructure spending, which has been a positive for the state, this Liberal government has been noted for its lacklustre, mint green and progressive policies. I have never ever detected any “Liberal values”, in fact it’s been a conga line of disasters from the Liberals doing nothing to rein in ICAC powers to the Liberals forcing through council mergers, despite the opposition of most people, to Baird’s outrageous greyhound ban, when a Liberal premier succumbed/capitulated to the demands of far-left inner-city activists who would never vote Liberal in a heartbeat, to the 2019 despicable and disastrous abortion laws, to the despicable euthanasia laws proposed and being pushed by the evil Greenwich, and to the likes of Kean Green, with the approval of Gladys and Parrothead, orchestrating the destruction of our energy grid.

    Actually, the better word is demonic.

    How can Labor and Minns be any worse?

  8. duncanm Avatar

    Yup – the NSW libs don’t deserve a win. They’ve lost their way, much like the feds. I think the libs in Aus are genuinely on the path to self destruction. There’s no votes in ‘not as bad as option B’.

    It’ll be PHON/ONP then Lib Dem in the legislative council and a donkey vote in the assembly for me. My electorate will has no useful candidates, so I’ll be sketching a large penis or other suitable artwork on that paper.

    Fortunately, NSW runs optional preferential voting, so you can exhaust your vote where you want. Small mercies, and I have hope that this will destroy the two party duopoly at some time in the future.

  9. Chris Avatar

    There’s no votes in ‘not as bad as option B’.

    More importantly there are no principles, either.

  10. Chris Avatar

    NSW Labor has a terrible record & I can hardly believe I could vote for them. Yet Minns is not only a personable fellow, but his plans are moderate and seemingly responsible.

    Ah, another fiscal conservative like John Howard, but nicer.
    That Kevin Rudd is such a NICE man, I will be voting for him for sure!

  11. duncanm Avatar

    but his plans are moderate and seemingly responsible

    so were Albansleazy’s — and look where we are less than a year in.
    Super, the Voice, Franking Credits..

  12. Vicki Avatar

    That Kevin Rudd is such a NICE man, I will be voting for him for sure

    Nothing to do with “nice”at all – in terms of deserving a vote. He just hasn’t (yet) flipped on policies and, indeed, political ideals, that Perrottet has.

    When the day comes, though, I will probably vote for One Nation, given the consistent and insightful leadership of Latham. However, if I am feeling contankerous on the day – I just might vote Labor.

    Sue me.

  13. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    All you can do is lay back and think of England.
    Unfortunately England isn’t any better.
    I’m understanding what ordinary people in the Eastern Bloc went through.

    I may vote for PHON in the state election, if there’s a candidate, since we exhaust. In the Federal election I went the full Artline marker and spoiled it, because I will not let my preferences to go to a net zero cultist.

  14. 132andBush Avatar

    I just might vote Labor.

    Sue me.

    At least you know what you’re getting.

  15. Roger Avatar

    He knows that his politics are on the right side of history, as the Victorian populace becomes bolshier by the year.

    The problem with that approach is that sooner rather than later Victoria will run out of OPM.

    Then the bolshie citizens will have to pay for their electoral sins in the form of higher fees and charges and fines while experiencing a reduced level of the services they expect.

  16. Diogenes Avatar

    Then the bolshie citizens will have to pay for their electoral sins in the form of higher fees and charges and fines while experiencing a reduced level of the services they expect.

    Or so what they did last time, move to Queensland and then move back when Labor is restored.

  17. Perfidious Albino Avatar
    Perfidious Albino

    Burn it down. At least that’s where I got to with the SFL, nationally and in VIC. Once they’ve been out of government, everywhere, for a couple of terms, only then might they start to realise that anti-humanist wokeism isn’t getting them anywhere.

  18. Rabz Avatar

    My candidates in the legislative assembly on March 25:
    The greenfilth
    The gliberals
    Animal justice pardee
    Gliberal democrats
    Sustainable Australia Party – Stop Overdevelopment/Corruption

    The last one is interesting, given I live in Canterbury Bankstown council, which is hideously corrupt and incompetent and the area has been subject to monstrous overdevelopment (BIRM).

    That evil armenian vulture, Beryl Gladyschlocklian fell on her sword due to various dodgy development dealings of (her secret at the time) squeeze, Fathead Maguire. The latter’s dealings with my beloved local council were cited as corrupt by the ICAC.

    But I digress – probably vote informal in the Legislative Assembly and a legitimate vote in the Legislative Assembly.

  19. Rabz Avatar

    a legitimate vote in the Legislative Council, FFS.

  20. H B Bear Avatar
    H B Bear

    As usual, a cock and balls should suffice.

  21. m0nty Avatar

    Thanks for that rambling rant, Abe Simpson.

  22. Cassie of Sydney Avatar
    Cassie of Sydney

    “Thanks for that rambling rant, Abe Simpson.”

    You’re welcome Bart.

  23. a reader Avatar
    a reader

    I guess I’ll vote 1 for LDP in the assembly (she seems a reasonable candidate) and likely leave it at that given my other options are Animal Justice, Greenfilth, Liars and Lieborals. The liars member is absolutely hopeless-not a scintilla of difference between him and the Beryl government over COVID policy, even when his electorate was being destroyed by government regulation.

    Upstairs I’ll mix it up between ONP, LDP and the Lyle Shelton group

  24. Boambee John Avatar
    Boambee John


    Shouldn’t you be over at Phat Pussy, trying to attract new commenters? A three way conversation between you, Steve from Brisbane, and Homer must be really scintillating.

  25. rosie Avatar

    Breaking up over
    jimeon is probably the pinnacle of good reasons.

  26. rosie Avatar

    I just reneged on my no money for beggars rule.
    I initially refused but when I saw the back of his dirty trousers, I changed my mind and called him back.
    He was South East Asian and unlikely to be getting even meagre Portuguese welfare, and here, work is hard to find.

  27. rosie Avatar

    I agree Roger, Victoria is broke and it will come out of our pockets.
    Where else could it come from?

  28. rosie Avatar

    I’m assuming things will continue to get worse until the green bubble bursts.

  29. rosie Avatar

    Wrong thread.

  30. Alamak! Avatar

    Victoria has some relevant history on going broke … perhaps this time let it fail all the way and those who choose to live there can fix it. Or, you know, perhaps the Chinese might pick it up for a few billion and some solar panels.

  31. Ed Case Avatar
    Ed Case

    Give ParrotHead a chance, he’s only been in the job 6 months.

    He didn’t attend Pell’s funeral?

    Neither did I.

    So what?

  32. Tom Avatar

    Were fruitcakes and party-wreckers like Matt Kean and Malcolm Turnbull what young Bob Menzies had in mind when he named his creation the Liberal Party of Australia in the 1940s? After a world war against fascism? What the hell was Menzies thinking?

  33. Gilas Avatar

    How can Labor and Minns be any worse?

    Don’t fret, he’ll find a way.

  34. Lee Avatar

    Thanks for that rambling rant, Abe Simpson.

    Says the “intellectual giant” of the board.


  35. Rabz Avatar

    Give ParrotHead a chance, he’s only been in the job 6 months

    Wrong (again). He’s been premier since 5 October 2021.

  36. Rohan Avatar

    Dissagree with the Diktator being popular in AfDanistan. 37% of the primary vote went to the ALP. In any normal historical vote, up until the last 10 years, that would have resulted in a complete rout. Litterally 0 seats won.

    There is almost no one I know of who likes the Diktator or his policies. Almost everyone I know doesn’t work in the public service, so there is that.

    But the LNP under Guy was a stand-for-Dan gone woke disaster. The real issue is that there are few politicians left in the LNP that started out their working life in the real world. They’re mostly uni grads with degrees in pol-sci or law, thinking they’re experts on everything, so become ministerial staffers or advisors. Later on they’re parachuted into safe seats and then get voted into being party leader.

    NSW is going to reap the whirlwind of that, just like Viktoriastan is currently. Given how badly the delusion has set in the SFL, I think NSW will be facing 2 or 3 election cycles of the sameMarxist policies that Viktoristan is suffering under.

  37. Old Lefty Avatar
    Old Lefty

    I’m not sure about Minns on economics and public administration, but credit where credit is due for voting against Greenwich’s abortion and euthanasia bills. In the New Class fraud that is today’s ALP, that took real courage.

    I treasure the moment after Perrott’s appointment as premier when that leftist ABC twat Michael Rowland was trying to enlist Minns in the hysterical ABC-Fairfax anti-Catholic pile-on over Perrott’s Opus Dei connections. Minns replied to the effect that: you want me to denounce Dominic Perrott for being a practising Catholic? Don’t you know I’m one too?

    I think it was Gray Connolly who observed that Matt Kean would be too left-wing for NSW Labor.

  38. Gerry Jackson Avatar
    Gerry Jackson

    Victorians are not bolshevised they have just been misled because there was no effective resistance to the left by our so-called right-wing, a self-appointed group with the backbone of a jellyfish.

    As for Dan Andrews, he is only in power because the wets, helped by the disgusting shenanigans of the narcissistic Michael Kroger, destroyed the state Liberal Party.

  39. a reader Avatar
    a reader

    NSW Liars do actually have some right-wing credentialled influencers, if not politicians. People like Michael Costa and the now One Nation Tanya Mihailuk keep them in more in line than they do in other places. The state party has been wise to keep loudmouths like Linda Scott, Tanya Plibersek or Stephen Jones away from state politics because those three would spook the electorate. The question really is, who are Minns’ minions? We don’t know so we don’t know who is actually going to pull the strings.

  40. Alamak! Avatar

    Who will pull the strings in a Labor-led NSW post election? The unions, obviously. Politicians are mostly handmaidens to other peoples agendas while spending OPM these days. To quote the OG on this topic: “Deficits don’t matter” – Cheney

  41. LBLoveday Avatar

    at least until Dan decides in his own good time to go

    Or is assassinated.

  42. Pattmclit Avatar

    Unfortunately, drawing a penis or the like on ballot paper only affects the poor person counting the bloody thing.

  43. Oh come on Avatar
    Oh come on

    There’s an issue with the electorate, too. It has been drifting leftward whilst being governed by a nominally conservative bunch of clowns. You want more left? Okay. Here it comes, hard and fast. How ya doing now?

    I’m an accelerationist regarding these matters. If we must be ruled by a leftist regime, let’s have it now and hope the pendulum swings back relatively sooner.

  44. Oh come on Avatar
    Oh come on

    The interesting thing about Dan is that he’s clung to power despite alienating huge swathes of his traditional support base ie. working people in the outer suburbs. They don’t just dislike him – they despise him viscerally. Yet he’s clearly made up more than enough ground amongst the chattering classes.

  45. Heathen Avatar

    A lot of people miss the point of Albanese and Andrews. Both got low primary vote. But in both cases the coalition was worse off. What we are seeing is conservative parties destroyed by ideologues and extremists who don’t accept the rule of democratic politics. Kean is in fact the hope of conservatives because he knows how to win majorities. Liberal politics in every other state is destined for long periods out of government.

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