Rafe’s Roundup 13 March

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If you want to buy from the reading list, be sure to log onto Amazon.au or you may find the books are unavailable.

Energy Information Package

This provides basic information to explain why the net zero obsession is futile and also environmental disaster at the same time. It is like ineffective and damaging chemotherapy for the planet. There are two short videos by Mark Mills to explain what net zero can’t be ahieved, three pieces from The Spectator to explain what is going wrong in Australia, a massive survey of the environmental impact worldwide and some graphic and moving pictures of damage by wind facilities in the forests of north Queensland. Finally a short and entertaining introduction to nuclear power by a great character Stuart Ballantyne. Watch it first!

The Spectator series

First, introducing The Iron Triangle of Power Supply to demonstrate why wind power will not work with existing storage technology. Then the two worlds of perception, one where we are accelerating the exit from coal and the other where we will be in the dark when we close another couple of coal power stations. And the critical importance of wind literacy. Wind droughts have been recognized in Australia for a long time but defective advice (neglecting the droughts) resulted in the worst policy blunder in our history. This is connecting subsidised and mandated intermittent wind and solar power to the grid.

Keep the coal fires burning!

People may recall the sentimental World War I song about keeping the home fires burning. The theme of keeping coal first burning has become topical as both the major parties in NSW have realised that we need to keep Liddell and Eraring burning to avert blackouts!

Now our hearts are yearning for the good old days when we had the cheapest power in the world and we only had blackouts when the trade unionists in the state electricity authorities took time off to remind us who had the real power in the country.

And a reminder to check out Quadrant on Line. Good stuff!

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March 13, 2023 3:08 pm

Thank you Rafe.

Your a Champion!

Robert Sewell
March 14, 2023 9:11 pm

Rafe, I get your email and mostly don’t have much to say here.
Doesn’t mean you don’t get read – I often post your stuff on my FB page.
Without attribution, of course. I like to make people think I’m smarter than I am.

  1. Good rant from the Rev: Glastonbury baby, left wing hypocrite rant https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqkzRfCK9oM

  2. I gave it up aged 80 after a not very long or difficult trip on an Icelandic pony. They have…

  3. Appalling to see my old Alma Mater brought down to such a low. Mark Scott was a disastrous apoointment.

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