The Lawson & Thomas show

Book here.

Mark Lawson, a versatile writer and fellow traveller with energy realism, has put together a book on the dismantling of the power grid.

Those who want to buy the book Dark Ages, the looming destruction of the Australian power grid  can follow the link.

There will be a launch & lunch in Melbourne, with veteran debunker, part-time clown and anti-woke campaigner Tony Thomas to rev up the party.

The date is Friday, April 28 12AM-2PM, for those who can make it.

Il Gambero, 166 Lygon St, Carlton VIC 3053

Mark deals in detail with the issue of wind droughts and how an all-renewables network cannot deliver reliable supply. Storage is not an option, despite the silly talk about big batteries.

But for the moment there is no getting rid of the obsession with wind generators and solar power plants.

They may go for gas so electricity will be horrifically expensive but there may be just enough of it – with rolling brownouts – to save the grid from collapsing, which would usher in a new Dark Age:)

It you are worried about this, then move to Tasmania or start hoarding wood and animal dung for the time when home generators are outlawed or we run out of diesel.


6 thoughts on “The Lawson & Thomas show”

  1. Coming to Australia.

    Get put on a wound vacuum after cancer surgery get sent home and living with 4on 4off load shedding.

  2. Minsays:
    April 17, 2023 at 7:58 pm
    Hi Min. All being well I’ll be there. You’ll spot me. I’m of the female variety and will probably stand out like the proverbial as not many women seem interested in getting their heads around this power debacle.

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