The Censorship Industrial Complex

An important post by Jo Nova on the Censorship Industrial Complex, an echo of the Military Industrial Complex that grew up after WW2 and an advanced form of the Climate Industrial Complex that spread fake news and started to get serious about censoring dissident voices.


To simplify the message that wind and solar power are unsustainable, focus on three things.

1. The need for continuous input to the grid to meet demand.

2. Nights with little or no wind destroy the continuity of adequate input of wind and solar power.

3. There is no feasible or affordable grid-scale storage to bridge the gaps.

Shellenberger and others write about energy density, the amount of land needed for RE compared with coal and other forms of conventional power but nobody in the street will be bothered with that amount of detail.

As to the cost, the usual suspects appeal to the CSIRO GenCost study to prove that wind and solar are dirt cheap compared with other sources. There are devastating criticisms of the study that nobody in the street will read so try the “hybrid power system” argument, based on the unsustainability of RE (as per the three features).

Because RE is not sustainable, conventional power will have to be kept in reserve for ever – giving us a hybrid power system which has to be more expensive than conventional power alone.

South Australian RE fails again (as usual)

At sunrise this morning SA was importing almost a third of its demand from Victoria because wind was only providing 9% (capacity factor 3%). Local generation was 86% gas.

Across the NEM wind was providing 8% of demand with CP 19%.

13 thoughts on “The Censorship Industrial Complex”

  1. Except that no leftist cause has ever won because its argument is superior – or even makes any sense.

    Leftists win by berating and censoring until the Right folds on one or two seemingly minor points. Then they berate and censor until the Right folds on a few more (slightly less minor) points. And so on and so on.

    There are two approaches to leftist lunacy.

    1) Make all leftists pay the direct price of their claims – ie make all leftists face a 100 per cent income tax or ban them from using petroleum products.

    2) If you’re too timid to do that at least do the opposite of left wing requests. Right wing governments should have cancelled corporate tax on coal mining companies. If leftists complained (which they would, and do anyway) then make it so coal mining workers pay no income tax. Every day, implement a policy that annoys leftists.

  2. To simplify the message that wind and solar power are unsustainable, focus on three things.
    1. The need for continuous input to the grid to meet demand.
    2. Nights with little or no wind destroy the continuity of adequate input of wind and solar power.
    3. There is no feasible or affordable grid-scale storage to bridge the gaps.

    Sorry, Rafe, but I’m not having it. Anyone with a functioning brain and even a modicum of curiosity would already be aware of the points above.

    Ignorance is no excuse. Stupid, ignorant people need to experience the monumental failure of this animist dark ages lunacy first hand, especially those screeching loudest for it. Those being of course, the ignorant illiterate innumerate ahistorical anti-scientific imbeciles that constitute around 91.3% of da yoof.

    Good and hard.

  3. Couple of relevant articles today:

    We Are Living in a World Made for Satire (11 May)

    There are many other public policies that are so astonishingly and dangerously stupid that one could think they are the products of a satirist. For instance, Anthropogenic Catastrophic Global Warming, the idea that increases in atmospheric CO2 caused by humans will destroy the planet before the next century. Like the theater, this claim requires a willing suspension of disbelief in order to accept the incomplete and rigged “science” allegedly proving its claims.

    Similarly California, the mothership of feckless “green” folly, banned the sale of gas-powered automobiles after 2035. What makes these policies reek of satire is that replacing fossil fuels with wind, solar, and other renewables requires a vast and expensive increase in transmission lines and batteries big and reliable enough to store energy for when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow––in a state that can’t keep the lights on during a forest fire.

    ‘Catastrophic situation’: Federal Energy Regulatory Commissioner Christie warns America’s power grid is in big trouble – ‘Threatening our ability to keep the lights on’ (11 May)

    Testifying before the US Senate, FERC Commissioner Mark Christie warns that America’s bulk power grid is in big trouble. Christie: ‘I’m really afraid to say that I think the United States is heading for a very catastrophic situation in terms of reliability — hope it doesn’t happen, but I think were heading for potentially catastrophic consequences.’

    Much the same here, both that government has become satire and that the grid is hanging on by the skin of its teeth. One wonders when the whole house of cards will finally fall over.

  4. What did you expect from our wannabe-God ruling class, which is trying to convince us and themselves that sexual identity is a choice?

    The reason the house of cards is taking so long to collapse is that the news media, which used to be our eyes and ears, is now a willing propaganda factory for every new fad, from renewable energy to the trans movement.

  5. It’s tempting from our perspective to see the censors as progressive leftists equipped with with megaphones of noise and a distraction squirrel factory.
    But consider what a 180 degree switch that would constitute for leftists working in this disinformation industry. They’ve spent 50 years telling us there is no objective truth and that all institutions exist primarily for retaining the power to project and enforce a bourgeois capitalist set of preferences over yadda yadda yadda.
    But as soon as the question of whether men can menstruate, or Dems can rig elections, or Ukraine may not be pure as the driven snow, or SUVs provoke hurricanes, suddenly all talk of political and social power disappears and all the efforts of *their* institutions are just about establishing truth – honest!

    So you can use this apparent contradiction to support one of two hypotheses:
    * The censorship industrial complex is driven more by neocon or military-connected factions with no particular leftist ideology driving it, OR
    * The left doesn’t mind institutions, non-profit or moneymaking, to use power for deception and social control as long they get to make a nickel and support their own bandwagon along the way.

  6. one small addition to the description above about balancing grid demand & supply. The demand & supply balance is vitally important for maintaining the grid frequency very close to operating level of 50 Mhz. Failure to do so will cause the network to collapse as providers disconnect due to the possible damage caused by unstable frequencies. See here for more details.

    Apologies if this repeats what people already know, but the base assumption by the unlearned and incurious is that energy capacity is like a big tank of fuel to be topped up when it gets low. Which, along with tame & incurious media (at best) leaves us facing power blackouts with a year or so in some states

  7. “You can manipulate a person by manipulating a person’s feed. You can tell a person what to believe and maybe tell a person what to do.”

    Yes, I remember when da media told us that Malcolm Frazer was a Right Wing Death Beast. He turned out to be nothing of the sort, in fact he was Malcolm Marshmallow.

  8. Kamela,
    “grid frequency very close to operating level of 50 Mhz. ”

    I hope you meant 50 Hz?
    Although operating generators at 50 MHz would need a lot smaller, different gensets, but impractical.
    Ever wondered why not picked up?

  9. 50 Mhz

    Ever wondered why not picked up?

    because you’d need a 12,000 pole generator rotating at 500,000 rpm ?

  10. RAbz – people walk out or say your full of shit if you talk about energy density, energy output, consistency.
    They bring out new technologies will emerge and don’t care about the failings of solar and wind.
    It’s impossible to get through, they are convinced solar and wind do it.
    Women are the worst they walk out.

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