Rabz’ Radio Show June 2023 – Favourite Songs

All killer, no filler, Cats.

One of the many things I love about music is its effortless ability to transfer you back to a particular time and place, emphatically triggering memories.

But what exactly are the constituent parts of that rare beast, a favourite song?

To me, the most important aspect (obviously) is the music, rather than the lyrics. “Musical Hooks” are important but ultimately a truly great song will blend both music and vocals into a memorable whole. Vocals can also be an additional instrument instead of just telling a story, see the mighty Liz Fraser, for example.

Song structure remains key as well. A potentially favourite song can be let down by poor structure, especially discordant or unnecessary musical or vocal sections.

A favourite song’s lyrics may be key if they seem to essay a particular situation in the listener’s experience – hence the goodness knows how many songs on attraction, love and heartbreak.

I won’t post my three favourite songs in this thread, as many Cats would already know what they are. This Radio Show is about celebrating and rediscovering our favourites, especially songs we may not have heard for many moons.

This thread’s first song, for example, was alluded to the other evening, as I hadn’t heard it for decades. It is as magical as I remembered – with a remastered audio highlighting the magnificent intro.

World Party – All come true

The second song is all about infatuation and here’s a movie scene that sheds some additional light on its subject matter (I’ll post the audio version later in the evening).

I met you at JC Penny …

So, feel free to post your favourite tunes in the comments, Cats and don’t be hesitant about engaging in some trawling through your archives over the evening.

You just know you want to.

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  1. Alamak! Avatar

    Rabz> don’t know why but that song has a huge optimistic vibe, even though it’s probably just about Lou reed moving from the suburbs to downtown NYC as part of his journey from college literature student to “rock ‘n roll animal”. Always cheers me up …

  2. Fair Shake Avatar
    Fair Shake

    Great selection peeps. Loved ACDC and Metallic in the middle of those melodies. But for me its all about control…Total Control.

  3. eric hinton Avatar
    eric hinton

    OK, my stab at top 3

    Marquee Moon
    Visions of Johanna
    Famous Blue Raincoat

    Thanks Mr DJ, ‘night all.

  4. Rabz Avatar

    Velvet Underground – Rock and Roll

    “Jeannie started shaking to that fine, fine music
    You know, her life was changed by Rock ‘n’ Roll … ”

    I just love Rock and Roll, Cats. 🙂

  5. Rabz Avatar

    Marquee Moon

    An epic. Straight out of CBGB, circa ’77.

    Well chosen, The Hinton.

  6. Rabz Avatar

    A Mann Weil classic as performed by the Damned.

    Naz Nomad and the Nightmares: Kicks 🙂

  7. Louis Litt Avatar
    Louis Litt


    Real emotional pain – Creation – I still weep

  8. Louis Litt Avatar
    Louis Litt

    Real pain – oh how I wail


  9. Louis Litt Avatar
    Louis Litt

    Previous blog on Brunas Springsteenas – he’s not Italyon maaake, he’s a northerner with his sythanies.
    Try side 2 the wild the innocent and the Hindley street shuffle


    Gee I hope this works

  10. Louis Litt Avatar
    Louis Litt

    Brunas captures the suppressed emotions of the urban existentialist proletariat

  11. Pogria Avatar

    Gawd, as Alamak wrote up thread, favourite songs are subjective to time, age, emotion etc.
    Too many favourites to list or link. Anything by Talking Heads.
    Bittersweet Symphony

    And I’d like my son to have this as his ring tone. 😉

  12. Pogria Avatar

    Bad link on the second song. Try this.

  13. Old School Conservative Avatar
    Old School Conservative

    Just got home from Rolling Thunder Vietnam at the State theatre.
    Great music but the lyrics of all those ’60s and 70s “anthems of a generation” were vital at the time and resonate today.

  14. Alamak! Avatar

    better run through the jungle can’t think of any good songs written about recent conflicts in middle east, but this CCR one sure tells the story of being stuck in a scary place fighting for something not quite clear …

  15. WolfmanOz Avatar

    Great post Rabz – helped keep me awake last night watching all those clips before the FA Cup Final started.

  16. Rabz Avatar

    The quick pluck of the strings to commence Gypsy

    Only a true music fan would even have realised that, BB. I dips me lid.

  17. calli Avatar

    Another favourite from ELO. Everything sounds better with a mariachi band. Always puts a smile on my face.

    I love songs about trains too.

  18. Rabz Avatar

    The Buckingham – Trouble extended … 🙂

  19. duncanm Avatar

    June 3, 2023 at 11:51 pm
    Velvet Underground – Sweet Jane

    nah, sorry. This is the definitive version


  20. duncanm Avatar

    Makes me think of warmer days..

    Don Henley – The Boys Of Summer


  21. Rabz Avatar

    There has not been any Bowie on this thread.

    An inexcusable omission that will now be corrected … 🙂

    The Jean Genie – prominently featuring the Ronson, a Rock ‘n’ Legend taken way before his time, Cats … 🙁

  22. duncanm Avatar

    June 4, 2023 at 4:53 pm
    Another favourite from ELO. Everything sounds better with a mariachi band.

    Someone say Mariachi?


  23. duncanm Avatar
  24. Rabz Avatar

    River deep, mountain high

    Featuring two dodgy dinobores, Ike and the Spector.

    Of course it would have been nothin’ without Tina, a true force of nature. 🙂

  25. calli Avatar

    More Bowie. In Australia.

    Let’s Dance!

    Don’t mind if I do.

  26. duncanm Avatar

    Was always enamoured by this Tina Turner tune. Maybe it was the Mad Max theme?

    We Don’t Need Another Hero

  27. duncanm Avatar

    .. and she was still rocking it live at the age of 70 with that incredible voice.


    (don’t be distracted by the leather codpieces)

  28. Steve trickler Avatar
    Steve trickler

    David Bowie:

    0:00 Intro
    0:17 Français
    3:33 Deutsch
    6:57 English

    David Bowie sings Heroes in 3 languages (Wowie Bowie extended Mix) Héros – Helden

  29. Alamak! Avatar

    trickler> snap!

    can never have too many music heroes …

  30. Steve trickler Avatar
    Steve trickler

    Another discovery.

    I haven’t seen this clip before. I was at my Uncle’s wake at the local and a stunning female came around collecting all the glasses. I made the point that she looked like Sade. She had absolutely no idea who I was talking about … true story. I figured if the memory stuck in her mind and she found out, she would be happy with the compliment.

    Audio check = good!

    Sade – Smooth Operator (Official Video), Full HD (Digitally Remastered and Upscaled)

  31. Steve trickler Avatar
    Steve trickler

    A song I came to appreciate when I actually stopped and listened to the lyrics in full. The song describes a very wild night.

    Barry Manilow – Copacabana (At The Copa) (Extended Disco Version)

  32. Rabz Avatar

    Bittersweet Symphony

    Love it, but here’s my favourite Verve Urban Hymn:

    “Oh, come on

    All six and a half minutes of it … 🙂

  33. Steve trickler Avatar
    Steve trickler

    Steve Vai and Ry Cooder battles it against … Steve Vai. Both blokes provided the sounds.

    Vai having to play against himself and f*ck up was fun.

    Guitar Battle Scene from “Crossroads” (1986) | Steve Vai

  34. Steve trickler Avatar
    Steve trickler


    Recorded live at Fillmore Auditorium & Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco (California) el 10 de Marzo 1968

    CREAM Crossroads 1968

  35. Steve trickler Avatar
    Steve trickler

    The opening ten seconds says it all about this song; drugs and addiction. Once you know about it, the song takes on a whole new meaning.

    Martika – Toy Soldiers | Gia

  36. duncanm Avatar

    Check out the absolutely heaving crowd, live at Donington.

    A true head banger.

    ACDC, Thunderstruck

  37. Nelson_Kidd-Players Avatar

    Not sure it’s my favourite, but well worthy of a look for DH fans:


  38. Steve trickler Avatar
    Steve trickler

    This comes with a moving photo montage from the depression era.

    The Boxer Simon And Garfunkel

  39. Steve trickler Avatar
    Steve trickler


    2nd track from “Sleeper Catcher” (1978). Love, love, love this song about a couple reminiscing about the past, with certain music—like Glenn Miller and Cole Porter tunes—reminding them of certain memories.

    Reminiscing” is a 1978 song written by Graeham Goble and performed by Australian rock music group Little River Band. It remains their greatest success in the United States, peaking at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100.

    Little River Band – Reminiscing

  40. Noodles Romanoff Avatar
    Noodles Romanoff

    Piano, sax, trumpet, drums, do wop chicks and a substance enhanced Joe Cocker. It doesn’t get any better.

  41. Noodles Romanoff Avatar
    Noodles Romanoff

    2 weeks and counting in moderation. FFS.

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