Its about the wind droughts, stupid!

This is a series of pieces in The Australian Spectator over the last few months.

A picture is forming of gross negligence on the part of the meteorologists of the world, headed by the World Meteorological Organization.

It was left to independent wind watchers in Australia to find the wind droughts that severely impact the delivery of power from the registered wind generators connected to the grid.

  1. The first describes the parallel universe situation where the people in one universe think we are having a rapid green transition and the others know that we are not going anywhere fast and it is not going to happen.
  2. The second describes The Voice of wind literacy and the series of studies of wind droughts in Australia, extended periods of little or no wind across the whole of the NEM, the electricity grid of SE Australia.
  3. The third explains the three factors that combine to destroy the sustainability of wind and solar power.
  4. The fourth expands the scope to Europe which is haunted by the spectre of power failure. The question is asked: why was there no warning from the professional meteorologists?
  5. Joining the dots to see the connection between the role of the WMO, the World Meteorological Organization, in the rise of climate alarmism and the ongoing activities of meteorologists around the world in adjusting official temperature records and not noticing wind droughts.

11 responses to “Its about the wind droughts, stupid!”

  1. davefromweewaa Avatar

    Good job Rafe. Doing your bit.
    The best way to hide a conspiracy is to call it a theory!

  2. thefrollickingmole Avatar

    I strongly suspect the “homogenization” of data will mean these wind droughts will be presented as “unpredictable/unprecedented” and blamed on gerbil worming anyway.

    All involved have a reason to do so.

  3. mem Avatar

    It is interesting today at midday Tues 20 June, that there is only 4% wind energy being supplied into the NEM ( 5 eastern states) and if it wasn’t for coal generated power being pumped in from Qld, NSW wouldn’t be able to meet demand. Even Vic with brown coal is importing, as wind is only at 2%. South Australia is running 63% gas and still having to import electricity. Tonight could get really tight after sundown if the wind doesn’t kick in. It’s all hanging in the balance.

  4. Roger Avatar

    Windlab’s controversial project in the Upper Burdekin has been reduced in size by close to 50% due to environmental impact. Apple, which was going to purchase “clean energy” from the plant, has pulled out.

    Two wind projects is southern QLD, including one owned by Twiggy Forrest, have been paused indefinitely, with Forrest’s project reportedly facing a long wait for transmission lines to connect it to the grid.

    Meanwhile, AEMO forecasts “reliability gaps” in QLD’s electricity supply within 4 years (earlier for southern states).

  5. H B Bear Avatar
    H B Bear

    Twiggy and Squadron Energy running square into the laws of physics and economics. Hold onto your wallets.

  6. mem Avatar

    And tonight at 7pm (see my post above re earlier in the day) what do I see? All of a sudden when things get tight in Victoria it finds some gas. Indeed 23% energy in Victoria is now being supplied by gas whilst renewables are only providing 1% (solar and wind together) and good old brown coal is providing the majority at 55%. Vic is also importing 21% from Tas hydro to keep lights .I’m not sure that we, the public, are being kept abreast of the shenanigans being played to orchestrate our fuel supply.

  7. Pogria Avatar

    Brrrrr. I let the dogs out to do their business and to load the wood wagon and the front yard is frozen. 🙁

  8. Pogria Avatar

    oops, wrong thread. Then again, it is a climate/weather thread. 😀

  9. Bluey Avatar

    As I just posted in the OT, china claims they’re building their first commercial thorium reactor. If we’re lucky, that might be our way out. However, with the clowns we have in parliament now I could charitably be described as cynical.

  10. Rafe Champion Avatar
    Rafe Champion

    Yes Mem, at 5.30 yesterday SA was burning diesel as well as gas (which was 72% of its local generation) to send power to Victoria.
    It looked good for SA to be exporting but wind was only 14% of local generation because SA and the rest of SE Australia were in a severe wind drought (CP 8% compared with the average which is 29%.)
    At the same time Tasmania was burning gas to help Victoria where there was almost zero wind power (less than half a per cent of demand) and the CP was 0.4%.

  11. Bushkid Avatar

    Another wind drought coming up over the weekend too, by the look of the surface chart outlook. Probably cold with it, so lots of heating needed over the most populated parts. No excess wind generated electrons to export to Victoria, they’ll be all diesel ones. Any night footy games on? All those lights would draw a bit.

    Seriously though, a nasty system crash is the only thing that is going to bring these idiots to heel, but they’ll still be blaming coal, not their twisted legislation and insistence on the impossible.

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