Rafe’s Roundup 24 July

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Have a look at the way Net Zero is travelling in Europe!

7 responses to “Rafe’s Roundup 24 July”

  1. Fast Bowler Avatar
    Fast Bowler

    Thanks Rafe for finding these snippets and publishing them. Most of us would never have come across these if not for you.

  2. Rafe Champion Avatar

    Thank Fast Bowler, I was a very slow bowler but I wont hold that against you. Some of my best friends were fast bowlers.
    Were you referring to the snippet of Net Zero Watch? That is gripping reading but hardy anyone in Australia realises what is happening over there
    Or was it the Roundup? There is a lot going on and it is hard to chase up the sites one after the other if you don’t have a handy list.

    Talking about things going on, I had better add CPAC, that is getting close.

  3. Fair Shake Avatar
    Fair Shake

    I went to Munich two weeks ago. 34c. So quite warm by anyones standards. Every meeting room, restaurant, hotel was stinking hot. The two hotels I stayed at did not allow you to set your room temp. You could only max out the aircon …which set the room I estimate at 26c. Too hot to get a decent nights sleep. Net Zero will be achieved by not using their Air-conditioners properly. I suspect winter will be the reverse.

    On the positive side I spent quite a bit of time in die beergardens and I felt wunderbar!

  4. Bruce Avatar

    And an interesting China re-evaluation:


    Lessons for EVERYBODY??

  5. Rafe Champion Avatar

    Peter Ziehan is brilliant and he does short-form videos daily that are good for busy people.
    Very good on demography and the flow of goods and services around the world.
    Sadly he accepts warming and thinks that one day wind and solar might work although he is fairly realistic about the problems at present.

  6. Rafe Champion Avatar
    Rafe Champion

    Thanks NFA!

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