Clauser versus The Daleks

Nobel Prize winner John Clauser was cancelled by the International Monetary Fund. The IMF is a woke imitation of its former self, as are all international bodies these days. Clauser got his prize for work on quantum entanglement. As I understand it, this is when electrons come together and then forever act as one however distant they become. Romantic really. I read about it in a well-known book about quantum mechanics by a chap named Manjit Kumar. For the most part, he might as well have written it in Hindi. Though, apparently, it was written for laymen, and I grudgingly suppose laywomen. C’mon how many laywomen bought the book? Probably meant for Mensa members, whatever their sex.

In any event, I think we can safely conclude that Dr Clauser is intelligent and a pretty good scientist to boot, even if Dr Flannery knows more about rainfall and dams and such, and Greta can get lots angrier about the climate. Anyway, he’s turned his considerable mind to the topic of “climate change.” And, having so turned his mind, he believes the current “consensus” view is bunkum. To quote him, ”a dangerous corruption of science.” Hence his cancellation. Ye shall not speak heresy and go unpunished.

I’ve also written about this in Quadrant Online this week (which you can read here if you wish). I might also write about it in The-Pipeline. I think it’s worth covering multiple times, in different ways, before it becomes stale news and the powers that be succeed in exterminating it as they do with any dissenting opinion. A great silencing is their not-so-secret weapon of choice.

Clauser developed his own computer model to compare with the IPCC models. Most people don’t understand models. They think they are akin to mumbo-jumbo. They’re right. Models consist of a series of equations (lamely) purporting to mirror the real world. The IPCC modellers, who obviously confer, find a simple correlation between CO2 and temperature and then jump to the conclusion that they have become preprogrammed (brainwashed) to jump to. Correlation ain’t causation pleaded the bishop after swooning when the skimpily-dressed actress entered the room.

Now, I don’t have much faith in any model of complex real life. Thus Clauser’s model is probably a crock. However, he puts cumulus clouds into his model and builds the hypothesis that such clouds act as a thermostat keeping the earth’s temperature within bounds. Warming produces evaporation from the oceans which, in turn, forms cumulus clouds, which reflect about 90% of sunlight back into space. Viola! Clauser suggests that the effects of clouds dwarf any “radiative forcing” due to increased CO2 in the atmosphere. The role of CO2 is “negligible by comparison,” he says.

Wouldn’t you think the IPCC modellers, searching for the truth as scientists should, would make a beeline to Clauser’s place to investigate this Nobel Prize winner’s starkly different modelling results. Results which, if right, overturn the prevailing paradigm. A Thomas Khun revolutionary moment in their working lifetimes. Of course, this mistakes the mindset of scientists. For the most part, they cling onto outdated theories on which they have built their careers and reputations and studiously exterminate counter views. It wasn’t so much the Pope and his inner circle of cardinals who resisted Galileo’s entreaties. It was the scientific establishment whose reputation was at stake. Nothing’s changed. Except this time the prevailing false science is upturning, impoverishing and darkening the world.

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July 30, 2023 12:29 am

Love the choice of ‘Dalek’ in the title.
‘Exterminate, exterminate!’
The Daleks, from memory, never pretended to be what they weren’t, however.
Which is one of the reasons why these Gretaleks have made so much ground: They have cunningly disguised themselves as human, and utilised human psychology, principally FEAR. Even more intelligently, they positioned – without active opposition – a subset of humans as Daleks. Threats. Enemies to be feared, therefore never to be listened to or engaged with.

The Gretaleks have identified, demonised, & marginalised an enemy, upon whom they have projected their own pathologies.

Fear is the key. Argue (against) the fear, and then follow with facts.
Beginning with facts will not puncture the fabric of fear, as well-meaning one’s intentions might be.
Reveal the Gretaleks for what they are.

Rod Stuart
Rod Stuart
July 30, 2023 7:49 am

John Clauser is not alone in recognising the effect of clouds on Earthly temperatures.
Witness Jasper Kirby and the CLOUD experiment at CERN in 2014.
Granted, the experiment showed that cosmic rays can induce clouds, and the Clauser hypothesis suggests that the unique propreties of H2O are ressponsible for a self-governing mechanism.

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