Rabz’ Radio Show August 2023: Cars

There has always been an intimate link between cars and contemporary music and car stereos (aka sound systems) enable the immediacy of that link.

As the (almost) ultimate freedom machines, cars can enable a young man to impress an aesthetically pleasing young woman in more ways than might be immediately obvious.

However – there is an insidious agenda intended to deny these wondrous freedom machines to the “common people”.

Electric Vehicles are a joke. Expensive, impractical (see the concept of “range anxiety”) and possibly lethal when not in use (another novel concept) our self-declared betters have not been shy about decreeing that the proles will use EVs, bicycles, public transport, or resort to good ol’ walking. Or else.

The Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicle is in danger of extinction if these ridiculous totalitarians have their way. Of course our local pollie corruptocrats are totally on board with this insidious idiocy. Just don’t expect to see them giving up their ICE vehicles any time soon. The plan is to tax, legislate and starve ICE vehicles out of existence.

We must not allow this to happen.

Anyway, not wanting to let the lunacy impede our enjoyment, here’s my two initial song choices for this month:

The most awesome coda in the history of car related songs:

Gary Numan – Cars

Why we love them so much:

The Triffids – Wide open Road

No doubt there’s a whole library of memorable songs that you’re just waiting to post in the comments thread. Incidentally, I’ll be heading off tomorrow on my favourite drive in Oz – the various roads through the Royal National Park, culminating in lunch at the newly refurbished Imperial Hotel in Clifton.

Go for it Cats, you know you want to and may your proverbial gas tanks remain eternally full to the brim! 


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  1. Plasmamortar Avatar

    Danger Zone Kenny Loggins

    Yes, I know it’s used as a top gun reference, but I like playing this when I have the chance to run my Charger.

    Though I don’t hear much over the sound of the triple Webber intake…

    Also, you have to wear aviators while this song plays, otherwise it’s just not right.

  2. Muddy Avatar

    A tenuous link to the theme perhaps, but ‘Barbie Girl’ by Aqua (mmmmmm, Lene!) comes to mind. (Some scenes are of the four band members in a pink convertible).

    It’s a fun, sugary frolic – not to be taken seriously. Life is too full of seriousness though.
    Go plastic!

  3. Louis Litt Avatar
    Louis Litt


    Highest drama – creation – tell Laura I love her

  4. Louis Litt Avatar
    Louis Litt


    Hot sweaty and dusty – euro style
    Golden earring – radar love

  5. Louis Litt Avatar
    Louis Litt


    Ahh – it’s a suburb full of losers,
    Da boss – the north European – gilas do you appreciate what he has done with his small orchestra.

  6. Louis Litt Avatar
    Louis Litt


    Road song by the sensitive Jackson Browne.

  7. Louis Litt Avatar
    Louis Litt


    I can’t imagine this song without a Ute. And a slap in the face, the door being slammed, and da chick getting becoming a legend with her peers.

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