Suicidal Power Planning

Has AEMO lost the plot?

How this situation has been allowed to proceed this far is an astounding failure of political leadership and, quite frankly, common sense.

Furthermore, it is a plan to transition our country from a safe, independent, cost effective and reliable NEM to one that exposes us to almost complete dependency on China for equipment supply and the risk of cyber attack. One cannot imagine a worse outcome.

The competency of AEMO and CSIRO’s complicity in this fraud needs urgent investigation. An independent royal commission composed of technical and economic experts is needed to impose accountability. The scale of economic damage already being imposed on all Australians is immense and growing.

The Integrated System Plan produced by the Australian Energy Market Operator is supposed to show the way to the green energy transition. In 2022 a team of independent experts convened by James Taylor, supported by The Energy Realists of Australia, subjected the ISP to forensic analysis. In August this year Claire Lehman reported some serious shortcomings in the plan in The Australian newspaper.

James Taylor has provided a commentary to summarise key points in the reliablity assessment of his team and also Lehmann’s contribution.

Both the commentary and Claire Lehmann’s article are essential (and accessible) reading!

It is hard to find the words to do justice to this situation, surely the worst public policy blunder in our peacetime history. James has done his best:)

Something else to bear in mind. Since 2020 The Energy Realists of Australia sent a series of notes to 800+ state and federal MPs and over a hundred journalists to warn them about the problems and pitfalls with net zero. These were written in layman’s language, backed by fully professional modeling of Snowy2.0 and othe parts of the plan. If you get the opportunity, ask them why they ignored the warnings.


The Reliability Assessment of the AEMO 2022 ISP

Critical commentary by Claire Lehmann

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September 9, 2023 7:51 am

Has AEMO lost the plot?

It’s a farce; hence the absurdity.

Farmer Gez
Farmer Gez
September 9, 2023 8:50 am

I was forced by a transmission line proposal to get to know AEMO.
This quickly led to disgust at their behaviour and a lack of practical knowledge of anything outside the big bubble of transmission planning and an improper focus on big company investment in the ISP.
They are an unabashed player and proponent in the renewable sector when they should be energy source agnostic as an operator and planner working on behalf of the power user.
The CEO Daniel Westerman comes across as an overexcited telemarketer for the renewable product. How is it appropriate that he calls for renewable investment in the system at the exclusion of any other generation source?
The entire organisation is in urgent need of review and should be stripped back to a regulatory role alone.
The conflicts involved with a private not for profit company (60% government owned) being so involved in the corporate/investment sphere were always inappropriate and have directly led to the huge backlash to AEMO’s ‘Big Build’ from landholders and municipalities, who have been quite deliberately locked out of the planning and decision process until the last moment.
AEMO, in their insular arrogance’ decided that a Gerry McGuire “You had me at hello” strategy was best for the common folk on whose land they intent to plant the forest of towers that the renewable corporate sector will harvest through your power bills.
They fortunately have a minister in Bowen, whose rational intellectual skills are minimal, driving a steamroller of government mandatory regulation, hooked up to a gravy train fully loaded with keen corporates hoping to enjoy a taxpayer funded, subsidy driven, free ride with lots of buffet style profits along the journey to 2030.
With a few exceptions, it’s been left to farmers to fight this network of vested interest driven by political desperation.
Fight we will.

September 9, 2023 9:09 am

They know it cant work, thats the point cant make ppl live in 15minute bugfeeders if there are alternatives

September 9, 2023 9:48 am

NEVRER ascribe to “incompetence”, that which is clearly MALICE, especially ‘taxpayer-funded” MALICE.

Roger W
Roger W
September 9, 2023 10:22 am

This is not by mistake. They are the same people who want to destroy the family and our Judeo-Christian society, and who want to divide us by race via The Voice.
They hate Australia and want to destroy us.

September 9, 2023 10:39 am

Sep 9, 2023 9:09 AM
They know it cant work, thats the point

Just some thoughts on a possible scenario. What if there are plans afoot for state governments and ultimately national government to take back ownership of all power supply.This would be justified under a State of Emergency. And behind the scenes there is planning for gas to be the fallback to power generators. (Note that South Australia’s use of gas has increased significantly since becoming the “renewables” state). Victoria is sitting on major gas reserves. Victoria is run by Labor and is the fifedom of Daniel Andrews who is reliant on the Greens as is the federal government. Under a state of emergency gas reserves could be opened up despite the Greens. Result would bring big dollars for state government and big control.

September 9, 2023 10:43 am

The policy is to normalise energy poverty.

I’ve stated previously, my belief we are headed to an energy-based new feudalism (in terms of social structure at least). I cannot yet get my thoughts together to extrapolate upon that, however.

September 9, 2023 1:50 pm

The Upticks are back!!!!!

I want to add 50,000 additional upticks for Farmer Gez’s comment.

I hope we city folk who know and despise these clowns running everything energy related, can stand beside you in the fight.

September 9, 2023 5:14 pm

And the number of troughers who have lost their jobs for the biggest peacetime demolition of wealth, current and future is….???

Rod Stuart
Rod Stuart
September 10, 2023 2:24 pm

It amazes me that in discussing this topic the most important fact of all is often ignored. The entire scheme is built on a foundation of LIES. It is all intended to overcome ‘global warming’ by limiting atmospheric CO2 to change the weather.
a) Lie number 1 : “GLOBAL WARMING”….there is no ‘global warming’.
b) Lie number 2: Atmospheric CO2 is due to combustion….Human activities are unrelated to the proportion of CO2 in the atmosphere
c) Lie number 3: CO2 causes ‘global warming”…….Nonsense, observation reveals it is for the most part unrelated to the weather, and if at all it LAGS a change in temperature.
d) lie number 4: Renewables are “cheaper”. …….Any commoditiy, electricity included, is VALUABLE to a customer when it is 1) Affordable 2) Reliable 3) Secure.
Renewables, including hydro, cannot provide these characteristics and therefore value to the customer. In fact, the requirement for vast tracts of agricultural land for generation and transmission detract from the value to society as a whole. The idea that renewables are inexpensive is total nonsense, as has already been amply demostrated in Europe and elsewhere.

Louis Litt
Louis Litt
September 10, 2023 7:52 pm

Rod stuart

Well done ?, further the start point when this global warming measurement started – the end of an ice age, the measurement of output for sola wind v fossil v nuclear , temp drives co2, higher temp higher evapouration from oceans , history of earth turtle and crockidle skeletons found in antartica.

September 11, 2023 7:04 am

hooked up to a gravy train fully loaded with keen corporates hoping to enjoy a taxpayer funded, subsidy driven, free ride with lots of buffet style profits along the journey to 2030.

Government subsidies are the cause of all our present woes and this will continue until they are no longer offered. Rich investors saw the subsidies as the actual profit from the whole enterprise and have made sure the media doesn’t go there. Even worse, these financial interests made it worthwhile for media to whip up public hysteria by sponsoring climate change alarmism events.

Renewables subsidies are so huge now that they rival defence expenditures if not surpassing them in most countries. Such large amounts of money are then being used to promote governments that will continue throw money at the non-problem.

It’s always about the money.

September 11, 2023 7:55 am

And now the only two wind turbine companies building turbines in Australia are unable to compete with overseas companies. and guess what, they want guaranteed quotas by government which amounts to further subsidies.

September 11, 2023 10:19 am

Maybe instead of thumbs up and down, we could have ticks and crosses. Then the crosses can be ruled invalid…


  1. Vic can’t upkeep it roads, probably the smallest network per head in Oz. From what I’v heard other Gov services…

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