SA wind-loser

Wind fails, and fails again

Who would have thought that the wind-leading state would have such expensive power, driving the business community to call for nuclear power so they don’t go broke or move offshore?

MEMO   Dont blow up your coal stations until nuclear power is on tap!

This comes on top of the recent study of long-term trends in wind power production which demonstrates that wind is never going to cut it.

Not so surprising when you realise that they struggle to generate enough power for their own modest needs. Most mornings and evenings they lean on coal power from Victoria. They burn gas every day and occasionally diesel!

Attached are provisional figures from my daily wind-watching at sunrise and sunset this month.

Key points from 34 observations:

SA generating enough wind power to meet local demand.  3 

Exporting power to Victoria . 8  Importing  26

SA generating less than 20% of local demand 13

Burning diesel 2  

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September 20, 2023 7:10 pm

nuclear … could be introduced in little more than five years

In the meantime, enjoy your blackouts and brownouts.

September 20, 2023 8:30 pm

But nuclear is too expensive. Twitter told me.

Robert Sewell
September 23, 2023 11:43 am

The authorities have no intention of dealing with the problem because the outcome of what is happening is what they want.
They want blackouts and brownouts, they want to crash the economy. Because they are Communists. It’s what Communists do – destroy economies so they can take power by controlling the streets.
Germany voted in the Fascists because of the rioting in the cities. 33% voted for them – the rest went along with the decision just to stop the rioting that the Fascists and Communists started.
All over the world, Europe, the US and the Democracies like Australia and Canada, New Zealand and Great Britain, are under threat using the very same techniques revolutionaries have used in the past to gain control.

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