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Objections to wind and solar facilities

The rising tide of protest against the loss of forests and farmland is strangely not reflected in a large number of people putting their hands up to lodge official submissions objecting to the proposals when they are listed for review prior to a decision on their approval.

Bob King puts in hours every Saturday to go through all the proposals that are on the table across Australia. He visits the relevant website in each jurisdiction to extract the details and send out a weekly email to a small list of people, calling for objections.

The most recent circular is below. It is a remarkable piece of work and you can see what it takes a full day to produce it.

We want to make that list of possible objectors larger.

We don’t need hundreds of objections to each project, 50 is the threshold number to trigger another stage of review before the project is approved.

It is not difficult to lodge objections after you have visited the portal in your home state to establish an identity on the site with basic information about yourself. After that you just need to indicate which proposal you are addressing and indicate your objections which are mostly standard things, expressed in different ways so they are not obviously coming from one person?

There are only a handful of new submissions turning  up each week so there might be only one a week for your jurisdiction, although of course at any given time there will probably be several in play due to the period between the time they are advertised and the time when submissions close.

If you would like to help out, please send your email address to Bob King

[email protected]


The latest list



16/10/23?Oven Mountain PHES, Armidale

16/10/23 Silver City compressed air

10/10/23 VIC/SA Capacity Scheme $10Bln

25/10/23 Oxley Solar, Armidale – IPC

11/10/23 Sea Dragon Offshore, VIC. HUGE


Now??????  NSW reviews its Wind Guidelines

15/9/23?  Liverpool Range Wind approved without consultation

25/9/23   St. Patrick Plains Wind Farm

25/9/23   Green Hydrogen, Townsville

28/9/23   Bellambi Solar & BESS, Gulgong

29/9/23   Senate Residential Electrification

1/10/23   Community engagement review

3/10/23   ACCU carbon farming

10/10/23 Humelink $3.3Bln extended period

16/10/23 Illawarra Offshore Wind Zone

20/10/23 Senate Duty of Care to next generation from climate

30/11/23 South Australia, Climate Conversations


NOW   NSW Wind Guideline Review

….. current review of the NSW Wind Energy Guidelines…., which includes the NSW Wind Energy Noise Assessment Bulletin…by Matthew Riley 
Director, Energy and Resources Policy, NSW department of Planning and Environment

15/9/23   Liverpool Range Wind Farm, MODIFICATIONS, Increased height, reduce turbine from 267 to 220, modified again to 185 turbines, and reduced tip height to 215m

Modifications approved without public consultation.

25/9/23 St. Patrick Plains Wind Farm, Tas Central Highlands, 47 Turbines, 300MW

Details  St Patricks Plains Wind Farm Pty Ltd, St Patricks Plains Wind Farm, Central Highlands Tasmania | EPA Tasmania

 [email protected]

25/9/23 EGH2 Green Hydrogen, Townsville, 17.6MW electrolyser to produce 333kg/hr

28/9/23 Bellambi Solar Gulgong, 200MW and BESS, 200MW/2hr,

29/9/23 Senate Residential Electrification

1/10/23 5pm BOWEN’S Community Engagement Review

details, survey and submission at or post to Community Engagement Review Taskforce GPO Box 3090 Canberra ACT 2601

3/10/23 Australian Carbon Credit Units, ACCU, carbon farming review 


Details Independent Review of Australian Carbon Credit Units: Key Findings and Recommendations

Email submissions to[email protected], or at ‘have your say’

10/10/23 VIC/SA Capacity Scheme $10Bln, including workbook examples of payment mechanisms

10/10/23 extended Humelink. $3.3BLN, 680km of 500kV lines, substations Wagga to Tumut & Snowy then to both the Vic Border and to Bannaby near Marulan. 425pages from Transgrid.

11/10/23 Seadragon Offshore Wind, ninety mile beach VIC, 150 turbines, 1.5GW, HUGE, connects to Latrobe Valley, This assessment is for Victorian waters, being those up to 3n. Miles.

also details at

16/10/23 Illawarra Offshore Wind Zone, 30Km x 45km, Wombarra to Gerringong,

16/10/23 Oven Mountain PHES, 900MW,

16/10/23 Silver City Compressed Air, 900MW,

20/10/23 Senate Climate Change Amendment Bill 2023 (Duty of Care and Intergenerational Climate Equity) for scope one, two or three emissions. Senate

25/10/23 5pm, Oxley Solar, Armidale, 215MW, BESS 50MW/1hr Independent Planning Commission

30/11/23 South Australia, Climate Conversation



open  Port Stephens

open Port Stephens

Open till 5/10/23 Stop Illawarra Offshore windfarm

open till 12/10/23 – Illawarra offshore

Open – till 12/10/23 – No Offshore Turbines

Open – till 5/10/23 Offshore Zone Port MacDonnell S.A.



The only operating commercial Carbon Capture plant in the world in Norway was turned off this week as being too expensive to run. GenCost July 2023 envisages CCS utilisation in all gas and coal pathways!


Chris Bowen cancelled Kyoto protocol Australian carbon credits, worth $700M. 


“We’ll never have to work another day in our lives” said by a Goulburn farmer anticipating transmission line payments after a group had coordinated in designing its pathway through their properties.

FOUR – methane revisited

“Methane is an irrelevant green house gas”, 21/9/22,

and 24/1/23 “Do agricultural emissions of green house gases Affect Climate”



Request for sears

Euston Wind Farm, Willandra Lakes near Mildura, 96Turbines of 7.2MW, 38,567ha, 275m high, BESS 500MW/4hr

Maules Creek Solar, Narrabri, 100MW, +BESS

Deniliquin East BESS, 100MW

NSW Secretary’s Environmental Requirements (SEARS), now issued for 

Jeremiah Wind, Gundagai, 65Turbines, 300M high, + BESS


EPBC Decision – Gundary Solar, West Wyalong – not a controlled action


No economic or environmental benefits from EV’s


15/9/23 Undergrounding of NSW transmission line to be sent again to NSW Parliament enquiry, chaired by Cate Faehrmann MLC. ref.  [email protected]


Straight talking from Property Rights Australia


Peta Credlin reveals nuclear is 45 times cheaper than Bowen’s renewables 


Chris Ulmann on renewables 38:22 to 47:47


Will Happer on Sky News, 10min,


Woolsthorpe Wind Farm , 15/9/23, Willatook to reduce the number of turbines from 20 to 13 and increase their height from 168 to 230 metres. Such convoluted language, presumably approved.


$1Bln additional expenditure now needed in Victoria to rectify ‘voltage system strength’ 

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September 26, 2023 7:29 am

Thank you for this information. We were not aware , for example, of the Gulgong proposal. And importantly, we are astonished at the number of proposals afoot.

The comment of one Goulborn farmer re the profitability of surrendering their property is instructive. The farmer needs to talk to some Crookwell farmers who are faced with these inoperative old turbines which, at the end of their lives, cannot be removed from the property & affect resale value .

September 26, 2023 8:36 am

I drive through the Windmills every time I go to Crookwell via Goulburn. Vile things. Scary also as they are so colossal, if they were to explode, as they are known to, there would be a lot of people hurt, not just livestock. They are close to the road and for the gullible, there are viewing platforms where you can picnic. groan.

  1. It’s a mail gaze of power because its a Mail gaze of power… PETER VAN ONSELEN: Deformed pets, three-eyed fish…

Oh, you think that, do you? Care to put it on record?x