Rabz’ Radio Show November 2023: Theme? What Theme?

Cats, this is not necessarily a point of zero inspiration. Imposing a “theme” on a Saturday night Radio Show seems unnecessarily restrictive, racist and hoplophobic*.

So there will not be any of that.

On a personal note (again) I’ve been lately listening to above album by Matt Johnson, which essayed themes that were simply not conscious in soft decadent Western minds back in the early Nineties.

“Good Morning, Beautiful” is a track that predicted this bizarre fusion of Western decadence and mohammadenism that we are finding ourselves plunged into, whether we like it or not. Listen out for the “call to prayer” at the beginning, which is strangely seductive – see also its prominent featuring in “Fauda”.

A fantastic album despite (or probably because of) the involvement of various personnel, including the late Sinead O’Connor and the greatest guitarist of his generation, Johnny Marr.

Again, there is no theme, Cats, so get in there and post your favourite songs.

Before Armageddon Days (are here, again) …

*Discriminating against peoples that are just hopeless.

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