The Real Deplorables in 2023

It would be hard to imagine a government being quite as inept as was the Albanese government in 2023. The man himself, globetrotter extraordinaire, showed how inadequate he was during the referendum debate. It wasn’t just the racist proposition itself; he was entirely hopeless in making the case. To boot, his Aboriginal Affairs minister Linda Burney was as hapless as he was hopeless. But none of it ended there.

While Treasurer Jim Chalmers disinterestedly observes the economy from afar – rising interest rates, inflation and government overspending have nothing to do with me – the Employment minister Tony Burke has been busy devising way in which labour laws can further erode productivity. However, he can be consoled by the fact that whatever damage ensues from his efforts, it will be as nothing compared with the destruction wreaked by Energy minister Chris Bowen.

Bowen is intent on bringing down all, and then the remnants, of Australia’s affordable and reliable system of generating electricity. He will brook no inference in his quixotic mission to save the planet; even at the cost of sending Australia broke, Argentina style. The wild glint in his eyes betrays his transcendental conviction. Think of Rasputin for a similar look; and be afraid, very.

Apart from presiding over ruinous immigration levels, Immigration minister Andrew Giles was complicit in the shemozzle which saw dangerous terrorists and criminals released from custody. He formed part of a trio of les incompetents. Home Affairs minister Clare O’Neil and Attorney General Mark Dreyfus completed the incapable three. But fear not three stooges, there are those even less able and much more deplorable than you.

Foreign Affairs minister Penny Wong and Defence minister Richard Marles slither into mind. The first for selling Israel down the river in both her biased commentary on the Gaza War and in overseeing an act of gross immorality in backing a UN resolution giving victory to Hamas. And the second of the two for cravenly refusing an American request to send a warship to the Red Sea to help protect commercial shipping.

Both the vote at the UN and the refusal to send a ship are incomprehensible. They are pusillanimous, backstabbing, ratting. I can’t for the moment think of another suitable adjective which quite describes how they have disgraced Australia on the international stage and betrayed our principal ally and protector.

You might be able to think of other abysmal failures. For the life of me I can’t think of any triumphs. And I want to because Christmas is a time of good will and cheer. Will the New Year be better, I wonder? For Australia’s sake, if not for Albanese’s, we better hope that it is.

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  1. Aaron Avatar

    Don’t forget Gallagher and her lies.

  2. mareeS Avatar

    Pathetic little weed, Luigi, in a desert of Labor. They have disgraced Australia.

  3. Mooka Avatar

    The problem we have is that just over 50% of the people are still going to vote for them.
    They are an absolute sh.t show and are destroying our future and still there are people who will gladly vote them back in.

  4. miltonf Avatar

    The problem we have is that just over 50% of the people are still going to vote for them.

    how do you know that?

  5. lotocoti Avatar

    Send a warship into an active zone?
    Over Christmas?
    All the Defence recruitment advertising is about a favourable work/life balance.
    No one said anything about standing into danger.

  6. Entropy Avatar

    Milton, the Albanese government would be returned if there was an election tomorrow: newspoll. It would rely on green and teal party preferences.

  7. Roger Avatar

    It would be hard to imagine a government being quite as inept as was the Albanese government in 2023.

    Inept is too kind.

    They’re vandals.

    A warm up act for the Labor-Teal-Green government that will follow thanks to a truly inept Opposition.

  8. Mother Lode Avatar
    Mother Lode

    I think we are being a bit hard on the ‘sending a ship’ decision.

    Having seen the recruiting posters and from them gleaning what sort of people they are attracting and what mission the ADF has, that being putting women and minorities in expensive equipment with the promise they can benefit themselves, and being able to arrange their duty roster so they can get home to the kids, then sending these people anywhere dangerous, anywhere they will sacrifice their own benefit for others, or missing time with the kids, then I cannot see how it could be possible to send our assets because they have our personnel.

  9. Boxcar Avatar

    Somewhere I read that our ships have no drone capability.
    If true that’s a very goog reason, butI don’t know which government to point my finger at

  10. Mother Lode Avatar
    Mother Lode

    If an election were held tomorrow that would mean an election without a campaign.

    Campaigns change perceptions and opinions. Fortunes wax and wane week-to-week.

    Dutton would be in a position of presenting detailed policy and poking fingers in Labor detailed policy promises – and vice versa, but Dutton, like all opposition leaders, has rightly not given too much detail because it can be used as a distraction.

    Newspoll’s numbers between elections do not signify the same thing as during elections.

  11. Mother Lode Avatar
    Mother Lode


    Wrong thread.

  12. Old Lefty Avatar
    Old Lefty

    Actually, Mooka, only 32 per cent of the electorate voted for them last time.

    Not sure about the Teals. They’ll play up Dutton Derangement Syndrome for all it’s worth, but Albo may have cruelled their pitch by going after high superannuation balances. In the bien pensant Teal universe, sacrifices are for the bogans, rednecks and proles to make, not themselves.

  13. Ceres Avatar

    Yes, I am afraid of these despots steering the country into ruination. I don’t give a jot for one man’s job -Albanese. He’ll sail off into the sunset on superannuation which makes most of our eyes water. Nor all the other handful of useless Ministers laughing as they check their super when they may be forced to depart. They’ll be more than fine. It’s the rest of us who see what’s happening and suffer same as those cheering for Labor rabble, like turkeys for Christmas.

  14. Forester Avatar

    Had a quick look at ‘Tallyroom’ and the overtly socialist parties won 45.75% of the vote.

    Add in the socialist factions of the Liberal party and others and you’d get 50% of the vote being for socialism.

  15. Mantaray Avatar

    Lotsa crying on this blog…..lotsa tedious leftist plants,I guess…

    The ease with which the ALP/Greens/Teals/ Big Biz/Big Sport/ Big Church/Big Everything Else aggregate turd-pile was defeated at the recent racist referendum is already ignored ON THIS THREAD? Why’s that?.

    Facts are that we know FOR CERTAIN that fascism (see the turd-pile mentioned above), when it’s called out, can be thrashed, so why the defeatist moaning, New Cat readers?

    VDutton’s doing them slowly. So why not support him, FFS?

  16. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha Avatar
    Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    To boot, his Aboriginal Affairs minister Linda Burney was as hapless as he was hopeless.

    I’m battling to recall a less competent Minister.

  17. shatterzzz Avatar

    I’m battling to recall a less competent Minister.

    Black-out Blow-in, Luv-is-in-the-air Burka, plenty wrong, Luigi & the rest of the, current, pardy cabinet ……. lotza competition on offer …

  18. jupes Avatar

    VDutton’s doing them slowly. So why not support him, FFS?

    Because he is the leader of an extreme left party. He may be doing Labor slowly, however that’s exactly what he will do to us as well. Net Zero FFS!

  19. davefromweewaa Avatar

    No list of Labor incompetence is complete without Tanya! Live exports, wild caught barramundi and taking water away from production to send out to sea!

  20. Enyaw Avatar

    Labour Politicians… I don’t know what they are on ..but, I do know, they are ALL on it . imo.

  21. Rabz Avatar

    Don’t forget Teats Peanuthead, presiding over that budget killing monster, the NDIS, which his recent ridiculous “review” will do absolutely nothing to address.

    Then there’s his tawdry personal life including the fact that he’s been having an affair for the last year. Which of course, the stupid useless incompetent incurious braindead lamestream meeja has been complicit in covering up.

    The worst federal government in my lifetime by a country mile. They are so bad, I simply can’t see them lasting more than one term, although the damage they’ll have done in that time will be irreparable – especially given that the gliberals will refuse point blank to even pretend to undo any of it.

  22. Simon Morgan Avatar
    Simon Morgan

    The reason Albanese and Burney were so hopeless at selling the Voice to s is because there wasn’t sufficient lipstick to put on that pig of an idea.

    Nobody could have sold that godawful idea to anyone of sound mind.

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