Projects Pending Approval

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I note the lack of projects in NSW whilst awaiting change in approvals process, where 89 renewable projects are prospective. See

Regards, Bob King. 



2/2/24   VIC Waste to Energy

6/2/24   Pottinger Wind

9/2/24   Sandy Creek Solar, Dunedoo NSW

16/2/24 Victorian Transmission

19/2/24 Gelliondale Wind, Vic

March     Transgrid 8km Mount piper to Wallerawang

22/3/24 House of Reps, enquiry into EVs

15/5/24 South West REZ


29/1/24 Energy Policy Framework in NSW, extended period

31/1/24 Offshore area, Bass Strait, Burnie

31/1/24 VIC Transmission and REZ, $3.5BLN

2/2/24   Greenwashing supplementary submissions

2/2/24   Orderly Exit Management

5/2/24   NSW South West REZ

8/2/24   Aust. Energy Market Commission rule changes

9/2/24   GenCost draft

9/2/24   AEMO’s Draft 2024 Forecasting Assumptions Update

9/2/24 Forecasting Assumptions and Gencost

9/2/24 Draft legislation on climate-related financial disclosures

12/2/24 IPCN Hills of Gold Wind Farm

16/2/24 Draft ISP

24/2/24 Punchs Creek Solar, Toowoomba

22/3/24 House of Reps, EV’s and Batteries

30/3/24 Australia’s new Nature Positive laws

29/1/24 NSW Energy Policy Framework to accelerate approvals benefit sharing, and set wind back 2Km. Overview and submissions

Brief details

More details

Press comment

Other comment

Clean energy investors propose radical rethink of planning rules in NSWNSW’s draft energy framework will add time, cost and another layer of bureaucracy in a state that needs to remove all three, big investors

Freehills legal comment 

To have your say visit:

Of which Wind Energy and noise Guidelines,

Specific wind guidelines

Technical supplement for noise impact assessment est/fapub_pdf/NSW+Planning+Portal+Documents/Draft+Wind+Noise+Technical+Supplement+(1).pdf 

31/1/24 Offshore area, Bass Strait, Burnie

31/1/23 VIC Transmission and REZ proposals



Pin a comment on a map 

2/2/24 Orderly exit management

Details of Energy & Climate Change, submissions to

2/2/24 Greenwashing supplementary submissionsdetails  Submissions

2/2/24 VIC Waste to Energy

Striking the right balance for Waste to Energy in VictoriaHave your say on the proposed regulations and Regulatory Impact Statement for Victoria’s thermal waste to energy cap licensing

5/2/24 NSW South West REZ

6/2/24 Pottinger Wind, Jerilderie NSW,108turbines, 280m high, 750MW, BESS 500MW/2hr details:  submissions

8/2/23 Australian Energy Market Commission, AEMC, rule changes, a) concessional finance for transmission and b) to modify depreciation timing; both to speed up projects

9/2/23 Draft Forecasting Assumptions  2023/24 details submissions 

9/2/24 GenCost draft Report


Submissions to

9/2/24Exposure draft legislation on climate-related financial disclosures to amend Corporations Act and ASIC Act

9/2/24 Sandy Creek Solar, Dunedoo NSW,700MW, BESS 700MW/2hr

12/2/24 IPCN Hills of Gold Wind, Nundle, 64turbines, BESS 100MW, $826M Submission

16/2/24 Victorian Transmission

16/2/23 Draft ISP details  details from Climate Change Authority <>

19/2/24 Gelliondale Wind, 13turbines, BESS, 14kms of access tracks

23/2/24 amendments to Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2006 by Protecting the Spirit of Sea Country Bill 2023 to consult First Nations people 


24/2/24 Punchs Creek, Millmerran, Toowoomba 800MW, BESS250MW/1hr details

Submissions to The Toowoomba Regional Council

March Transgrid 8km Mount Piper to Wallerawang


22/3/23 House of Reps, EV’s and EV Batteries, details

30/3/24 Australia’s new Nature Positive laws,  EPBC Act reform – DCCEEW, to allow faster decisions

15/5/24 South West REZ


William Shackell petition- Will needs another 10,000

15/1/24 Halt Mount Fox BESS



Jan 31st Wed 3pm -4.30 GenCost Draft23-24 Webinar, 


Feb6th Australians For Reliable Energy Ready to March on Canberra 

TWO – NSW project pipeline


Sears Issued

Avonside Solar Dubbo


EV car manufacturing now abandoned by GM, Toyota, and Ford. Hertz is offloading one third of its electric cars.


AEMO release


A new body called Clean Energy Investor Group, CEIG, engaged Freehills to ascertain legal impediments to enable developers faster approval processes in NSW.


IEA releases and Data tracker


Renew Economy have very good interactive maps of batteries, solar, wind, offshore and hydro


The Queensland government’s decision on Glencore’s Surat environmental impact assessment, due by February 2024, would offer an insight into whether carbon capture schemes would be viable in Australia.

ENDS 27/1/24

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  1. Louis Litt Avatar
    Louis Litt

    Question to the scientists on the Catt.
    Would a man made mountain going from west to east 2.5km in height and say 100km in length and built just inside the SA Border with WA cause the cold air mass from the southern ocean to rise and increase rainfall on both sides of the range to green the interior.
    I chose that location as it appears the air mass moving across from WA sinks south at that location.
    Looking forward to the thoughts.

  2. Colonel Crispin Berka Avatar
    Colonel Crispin Berka

    2/2/24 Orderly exit management

    An exit of coal before the completed entry of nuclear will create a situation very far from orderly.

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