Where to from here?

Catallaxy is dead. Long live Catallaxy. We mourn the loss of the old establishment as we would that of an dear old friend. But nothing can be done to revive what is now lost. We must look forward and keep what was good in the old, while improving where we can and must. But this isn’t merely about the Cat, it is also about where we stand, culturally and politically, now, in 2021. It is no longer 2003. Much has happened in the intervening years that has left much of the Right estranged on positions on matters of culture and politics, that only a decade ago were beyond question. That is no longer the case. The old Right consensus is dead, it is good that it died because much of it was false, but we have yet no firm grasp on what is to replace it, only intimations. Onward we go.

49 thoughts on “Where to from here?”

  1. Okay.

    I just want somewhere where trolls socks and spammers aren’t running amok and people like Rafe and C L are willing to post their articles.

  2. While I agree with Ragu, these teething issues may require some time to deal with – How does everyone define ‘free’ speech? Are there degrees of free speech? Is free speech like altruism; a myth? – so a fallback option would not hurt. Hopefully we’ll eventually get our unique community back: beautifully imperfect.

  3. Good luck Dover.
    I think it’s a good idea to have options.

    Discord strikes the wrong tone altogether for me.

  4. Discord was giving me serious ADHD mental fritzing. This looks promising. And if we can keep the complete mental cases from spewing their highly deranged nonsense around, all the better.

    Well done, DB.

  5. Dover, I haven’t got the hang of navigating here yet, so I have come in on a link from M0nt’s Clone 2 site, which I like. I can’t go back to Adam’s site while Bird is running amok. I’m dropping in here just to register my interest. Fragmenting the old Cat commenters is emerging as an issue. How can we address that? Do we need to?

  6. Checking in, Dover.
    Thinking of writing a post myself. Would it be welcome here? Are you at that stage yet?

  7. The instant messaging service in Discord has a great deal of appeal to supplement a blog. I’m not sold on it as a replacement for the Cat, but as an adjunct to it (to better facilitate personal contact), it has a certain amount of appeal.

  8. Discord has its uses but I knew some or many would find it irritating. It is a good adjunct to whatever prevails though, as Mater suggested earlier.

  9. Could it be that several Cat sites may persist, with each having its own forté? While it would involve travel, it may help to keep sites less cluttered?

  10. Hi Dover. I just followed the referral from substack. What’s the name of the Discord channel, or how may I otherwise find it?

  11. Maybe a mini-tutorial for the Discord challenged? I’ve registered and validated but it keeps insisting I validate again…so I’ve not been able to see Discordant Cats or participate. I gave up after validation attempt three.

  12. Apologies, autocorrupt renamed me after the Montecito Douchesse and I hit go whilst attempting to fix it.

    The joy of modern communication.

  13. DB thank you for your efforts. I just hope things can be sorted without splitting the cat community. Is this part of your old site?

  14. DB thanks for your efforts. I just hope the cat community stays together in some form. Is this site part of your original from years ago?

  15. Thanks for setting this up Dover.

    I do like the block function on Discord, is it available here?

  16. No probs. I will look to see if that function or something like it is available as a plugin. It will stave off a lot of complaints about this or that commenter.

  17. Cats,old and new, may enjoy this blog of Modern Heretic & especially the founding statement.

    I will post it also on the surrogate websites because it is such a poignant call-to-arms.

    ModernHeretic (@ModernHeretic3) / Twitter

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