Mater’s Bloody Mad #1: They’re coming for the kids!

I have it on good authority that in Victoria (at least), the government is very seriously CONSIDERING introducing a ‘No Jab, No School’ policy for kids down to 12 years old.

Yes, yes, I know, we’ve heard all this before. Not from this source, I haven’t. In my opinion, it does now represent a real threat.

Please note that I emphasised the word ‘considering’, so please, no recriminations if it doesn’t eventuate.

No matter. The very suggestion of it, from those who are armed to force it on the most vulnerable, should send shivers down every thinking adult’s spine. These kids are not in a position to enquire, to research, to give informed consent. We as parents are entrusted to do this on their behalf. But no, what is being suggested is effectively taking that out of our hands.

And for what?

Reference: Australian Government Health Website

As you can see from this graph, throughout the entire 18 months of this ‘pandemic’ only a single person below the age of 19 has died with/of COVID-19.

In fact only 14 people below the age of 50 have died from the nearly 50,000 cases we’ve experienced. Why even come for the under 50’s, let alone the children?

What’s more telling, is the loss of perspective in all this. In 2017 alone (yes, just that single 12 month block), 21 people under 44 years old died from the standard Flu. Covid has been prowling for more than 17 months, and has managed less than 14.


In 2019 (the year before this rock show started), 16 kids between the ages of 1-14 years old died of Influenza and pneumonia. Compare this with a single death in nearly 18 months, and did they enforce a ‘No Jab, No School’ policy effectively removing parental rights and responsibilities? No, of course not. We live with ‘the Flu’.

Reference: ABS: Causes of Death, Australia, 2019

I don’t care how docile, malleable, non-confrontational you may be as parents, grandparents, or even great grandparents, there comes a time when Mama and Papa Bear need to bare their claws in defence of the Cubs.

Whether people want to admit it or not, we really don’t know the long term effects of these vaccines, especially on children. The constant moving of age restrictions, etc, is evidence of the ‘suck-it-and-see’ approach behind their introduction. We seem on the verge of jumping clean over the atrocity of forcing adults to expose themselves to it, in order to work, and are now approaching the twilight zone in which kids are threatened with the removal of what was, only 18 months ago, considered a Human Right.

Reference: Australian Human Rights Commission

I’d be extremely disappointed if this prospect didn’t raise the hackles of even the most stringent adherent of the Church of Dan (though nothing would surprise me nowadays). However, I can promise them, try forcing this on their kids, and there’ll be a great many fathers (and I hope mothers) going straight to punching stations in defence of their children’s rights and futures (NADT).

P.S. As an aside, I’m getting a wee bit tired of being constantly threatened with the removal of services that I am currently forced to pay for.

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  1. calli Avatar

    Mater, you just have to crunch the figures. If the target is 80% vaccinated, the median age of Australians is 37 and there is a significant proportion of the adult cohort that is and will remain vaccine “hesitant”, then they must look at vaccinating teenagers.

    The easiest way to start is with the older pupils – those sitting the HSC. No jab, no exam. Or even simpler, no jab no release of HSC.

    Stick with 80% and the children are snookered.

  2. Mater Avatar

    That gels with what I’m hearing.
    Sad isn’t it, that strict adherence to an arbitrary figure usurps the science of health and data.

  3. rickw Avatar

    What a disgusting country.

  4. Entropy Avatar

    As I recall, wasn’t that teenage boy “with” Covid. As in he actually died of meningococcal infection and they discovered he was also Covid positive.

  5. Mater Avatar

    As I recall, wasn’t that teenage boy “with” Covid. As in he actually died of meningococcal infection and they discovered he was also Covid positive.

    Good pick up, Entropy.
    I didn’t dig into the particular cases. Getting relevant data is hard enough…deliberately, in my opinion.

    You see it in their Epidemiology reports. They have a series of tables and graphs, and when these formats start showing/highlighting obvious issues, which don’t confirm with the narrative, they change for all following reports. Raw numbers became rates, or the age breakdown disappears.

    None of the data is provided in spreadsheets so people can do their own analysis. They really make you work for it.

  6. cuckoo Avatar

    Raw numbers became rates, or the age breakdown disappears.

    My law of numbers in media/govenment is: if they report a raw number, ask for it as a percentage; if they report it as a percentage, ask for the raw number.

  7. cuckoo Avatar

    try forcing this on their kids, and there’ll be a great many fathers (and I hope mothers) going straight to punching stations

    All this will only end when enough of the children of the elites/establishment start suffering from the lockdowns.

  8. Mater Avatar

    My law of numbers in media/govenment is: if they report a raw number, ask for it as a percentage; if they report it as a percentage, ask for the raw number.

    Their favourite is to provide different brackets for age group breakdowns, for different information, so that true comparison and analysis is nearly impossible, without some assumptions or estimates. That opens you up to refutation.
    You’d think 5 or 10 year brackets would be standard, no?
    Not on your nelly!

  9. MatrixTransform Avatar

    Mater, I told the missus yesterday about the Propaganda Art post you made.
    Described it to her.

    She’s has degrees in Lit and Teaching and she’s very creative … suffers from severe Artism, I say.
    Anyway, I thought she’d be interested.

    She ignored the images and after a minute she replied along the lines of …
    … you what, MT … they always end up coming after the kiddies

    When she gets up at the crack of noon, I’ll quiz here and try to find out more

  10. Boambee John Avatar
    Boambee John

    Given that there is virtually no risk for those under 30, the simple way to reach the “target” is to deem everyone under that age to be vaccinated. Allow those who wish to be actually vaccinated, or have their minor children vaccinated, to do so, but do NOT push the vaccine on anyone under 30.

    That would take them a good way towards the “target”, but without exposing the young to the real risk (greater than their Kung Flu risk) of vaccine side effects.

  11. Shy Ted Avatar
    Shy Ted

    “Not guilty, your honour. He was just protecting his kids from the criminals in government, media, big tech and their enablers and enforcers. The jury also recommends that the court’ time is not wasted in future with similar defacto self defense matters. The jury awards the accused and each child $1m to be paid for out of the personal wealth of state politicians.”

  12. johanna Avatar

    As I’ve said before, the rationale for injecting children is that while they are not at risk themselves, they act as vectors to the wider population.

    Risking their health for the Greater Good is apparently OK with our betters.

    I do hope some Mama and Papa Bears rise up in the face of this disgraceful and cynical policy.

  13. Ellen of Tasmania Avatar
    Ellen of Tasmania

    “8.4 Pediatric Use
    Safety and effectiveness of COMIRNATY in individuals 16 through 17 years of age is based on safety and effectiveness data in this age group and in adults [see Adverse Reactions (6) and Clinical Studies

    The safety and effectiveness of COMIRNATY in individuals younger than 16 years of age have not been

    (From package insert for COMIRNATY – Pfizer – vax)

  14. Mater Avatar

    Watch this short video. A Doctor who goes where the evidence takes him, and where it takes him is a scary place. Specifically about that approval.

  15. Slim Cognito Avatar
    Slim Cognito

    I saw a media report yesterday suggesting many teens are set to defy their vaccine hesitant parents and get the jab anyway. We all know how vulnerable kids are to peer pressure. I really hope they can think for themselves and weigh up the risk but the widespread blind belief in climate change in this demographic makes me very nervous. Once the cool kids get the jab the pressure will be intense.

  16. Fat Tony Avatar
    Fat Tony

    Well, if you work on the assumption that they want us all dead, it starts to make sense.

  17. rickw Avatar

    My daughter doesn’t want to get vaccinated of her own accord. She is of the generation that the global fuckwits red pilled.

    If she cannot complete schooling because of what amounts to a type of religious zealotry, how of a gap is there between Dickhead Dan and friends and the Taliban?

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