Open Thread – Weekend 3 Sept 2021

The Course of Empire-Destruction, Thomas Cole, 1836

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  1. Sancho Panzer Avatar
    Sancho Panzer

    Peter Bundy.
    Banana hunter.
    Got outed.

  2. FlyingPigs Avatar

    Joan Baez The Night They Drove old Dixie Down with lyrics

  3. Knuckle Dragger Avatar
    Knuckle Dragger

    Oh righto.

    NOW JC’s ‘Ted’ nickname makes more sense.

    A manly flounce, or a –

    Wait. Forget that last bit. Not necessary.

  4. Rabz Avatar

    Hey, Beryl Gladyschlocklian – the PayBack! 🙂

  5. FlyingPigs Avatar

    Trump actually protested the removal of The Robert E Lee statue.

    Isn’t it time that the racist criminal Democrat Party of America were shut down?

  6. Gab Avatar

    The asshole’s at the TGS have now banned GP’s from prescribing Ivermectin for Covid! This is insane and criminal. They are tightening the noose!

    Meanwhile, there is a doctor in India being charged with mass murder for covering up the information about ivermectin. And over there the government is giving residents free ivermectin – a cheap alternative to save lives. How evil that we can’t get it here.

  7. Rabz Avatar

    Isn’t it time that the racist criminal Democrat Party of America were shut down?

    Decades ago would have sufficed.

    But yeah, no the Jacobins among us continue to run rampant.

  8. Gab Avatar


    The assholes at the TGA …

  9. dover0beach Avatar

    Marieke Hardy
    This is utterly fucked. She’s leaving people to die.
    Quote Tweet
    Patricia Karvelas
    · 12h
    NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian says the state’s daily 11:00am COVID-19 press conferences will stop from Monday. I think that’s regrettable for democracy #Covidnsw

    followed by

    Marieke Hardy
    As deaths rise – something that this nation is still completely emotionally unprepared for – a good, compassionate leader makes themselves visible and a consistent point of nurture. By ducking out of sight she is allowing a state of confused, terrified people to grieve alone

    ‘A consistent point of nurture’; the state of this country.

  10. FlyingPigs Avatar

    Isn’t it time that the racist criminal Democrat Party of America were shut down?

    and refused all contact with Australia?

  11. Dot Avatar

    Peeples, Mario van Peeples.

    I’m on Their Sheeple’s Secret Service.


    The Leather Laydee and the Graveyard of the Kalashnikovs.

    Hello, lurverly laydees!

    No Mr van Peeples, I expect you to star in a cheap exploitation thriller and be shunned at Hollywood parties.

    No Ree Row. The fortune cookie is going to crack for you (green knockout gas shoots Ree Row in the face).

  12. Rex Anger Avatar
    Rex Anger

    Thor would go quietly into the night if it wasn’t for Rex, Higgins, Carpe, Peter Bundy … and now you.

    Indeed… 😉

  13. Sancho Panzer Avatar
    Sancho Panzer

    A manly flounce, or a –

    Ah, no.
    The other one.
    The three whimpering threats followed by an unconvincing door slam.

  14. Dot Avatar

    She’s leaving people to die.

    Yes. 90 year olds with terminal cancer, already dying in hospices.

    What a tragedy. Cut down in their prime.

  15. Dot Avatar

    As deaths rise

    Australia actually had no cases for a few months in 2020 IIRC.

  16. Rex Anger Avatar
    Rex Anger

    No Ree Row. The fortune cookie is going to crack for you (green knockout gas shoots Ree Row in the face).

    That one made me snort.

    Now I’m anxiously awaiting a reboot of Agents of WD40…

  17. Sancho Panzer Avatar
    Sancho Panzer

    Jee-zus Dot.
    Are you at egg’s place?

  18. Bruce in WA Avatar
    Bruce in WA

    Hey Bruce in WA! Spent my day picking olives and putting them into soak using the method you recommended last year on Dead Cat. Last years were such a hit, I’ve been under pressure to repeat the process.
    I did hold back a kilo of ripe black olives to salt cure them outside Portugese style. Planning to flavour them with fennel and lime when done and bottled in about three weeks.
    Just wanted to say thanks for making what I previously thought was a difficult job, so easy and successful.

    Excellent news. I did about 8 kilos this year. Haven’t tried the Portuguese style yet … let me know how you go, please. I’ve been busy with limoncello, pickled onions and tomato chilli jam. Well, stops me throwing bricks through the TV …

  19. FlyingPigs Avatar

    The destructive forces in Australia are not Australians.

    They are Globalists.

  20. FlyingPigs Avatar

    If you are a supposed Australian and have not been exposed to Covid-19 since 2019 then you live in a wombat burrow.

    It is just bullshit to think you have not been exposed.

  21. Rabz Avatar

    Pigs – I copped a full dose of it February last year. Enuff.

  22. FlyingPigs Avatar

    Rabz says:
    September 10, 2021 at 11:45 pm

    Pigs – I copped a full dose of it February last year. Enuff.

    same time as you… February 2020.

  23. Gab Avatar

    Australia actually had no cases for a few months in 2020 IIRC.

    Yes and the cases began to rise in direct proportion to rising jab rates. Funny about that.

  24. Rabz Avatar

    Good Evening, Colonel Waldheim … 🙂

    Let’s talk about some “common ground“, I tells ya!

  25. FlyingPigs Avatar


    I can’t wait until PCR tests are compulsorily taken by shoving a stick up the arse of the supposed vaccinated.

    After all. How will you know if the vaccine is still effective?

    PM and Premiers should surely lead the way on ABC.

  26. P Avatar

    Merewether West. My mum came from there.
    She was the eldest of five and the day she turned 14yrs her mother told her that she must not go to school anymore but stay at home and help with the household. My mum objected and after seeing an ad for a shop assistant in the paper, applied to Krempins’ seed shop for the job by walking, not having the tram fare, many miles in the early hours of the morning and finding herself third in the queue. But, she got the job. Her mother agreed that so long as she could do all her household duties before going to work then it could be so.

    My mum went to night school during her years at Krempins to obtain admission as a trainee nurse at a hospital. During the depression years this was difficult. Admission to training as a RN was mainly for those who could only work if they pursued a profession. Nursing and Teaching were such professions.

    My mum fortunately was asked by a good customer what she wished to do in life and she replied that she was going to night school in order to gain admittance to a hospital to train as a nurse. The customer told her to leave it to him as he was on the board of Wallsend hospital. And so it happened.

    She commenced her training as nurse in May 1932, with one other Joan Truscott who remained her friend till Joan’s death a couple of years before my mum who died at 89yrs.

  27. FlyingPigs Avatar

    Nah Rabz

    the best musical composition from Lou Reed is what scum Australian politicians are imposing on us

    Lou Reed – Walk on the Wild Side (audio)

  28. FlyingPigs Avatar

    New York – Lou Reed (Full Album) (Live)

  29. MatrixTransform Avatar

    which means we’ll be awash with unlimited energy.

    we’ll need to wash of the old bullshit before we enjoy a hot tub of the new bullshit

  30. win Avatar

    The TGA has banned Ivermectin for dying Covid patients so that people with Scabies can stop the itch. If a doctor in India can be charged with m urder for hiding information into a life saving drug we should be doing it here as well.

  31. win Avatar

    TGA bureaucrat Prof John Skerritt and yes folks worked for Victorian government.

  32. rosie Avatar

    No doctor in India has been charged with murder over ivermectin.
    ‘The Indian bar association’ which is a a private entity served a legal notice in May claiming she made misleading statements on social media.

  33. srr Avatar

    New Polling Indicates Conservative Party Support Lowest since 2019 Election
    By Rory Cranstoun
    10th Sep at 02:50 pm
    New polling data from YouGov has revealed that support for the Conservative government under the leadership of Boris Johnson has fallen to levels unseen since the 2019 election, with Sir Kier Starmer’s Labour party taking a two-point lead.

    The poll, which comes after the Conservatives’ decision on Tuesday to raise taxes on workers, employers, and investors to support the National Health Service (NHS), saw the party’s support slump five points to 33%, with Labour gaining one point and taking the lead at 35%.

    The announcement of a highly controversial 1.25 percentage point increase on national insurance tax broke one of the Prime Minister’s six 2019 election “guarantees” and angered some Tory members. The policy, which some critics are predicting could be disastrous for the party, has undermined the Conservatives’ image of favouring small Government and low taxation.

    Speaking on the results of the poll, Anthony Wells, political research director at YouGov, said that people should “be cautious of leaping to too many conclusions from a single poll.”

    “But, it looks as if the government may have sacrificed their reputation for low taxes amongst Tory voters without actually getting much credit for helping the NHS.”

    Meanwhile, Oliver Dowden, the culture minister, downplayed the results of the poll.

    “Opinion polls come and go, what the government is doing is taking the long-term decisions in the national interest. In the end electorates reward governments who are willing to make difficult decisions in order to protect the national interest.”

  34. srr Avatar

    Winston Churchill’s Namesake Charity Changes Name and Disassociates from the Wartime PM
    A charity formerly known as “The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust” has changed its name to the “Churchill Fellowship” and removed all images of the former Prime Minister from its website. It later restored one of the images after both media and public backlash.
    By Josh Ferme
    9th Sep at 08:00 pm

  35. srr Avatar

    The Podcast of the Lotus Eaters #217

    Carl and Josh discuss Google’s leaked anti-racism training, the “decolonisation” of Britain, and how the EU’s lead Brexit negotiator has admitted that Britain was right about Brexit.

  36. srr Avatar

    Boris’s Diversity Hires

    Sep 10, 2021
    The Podcast of the Lotus Eaters

    Cristian T
    8 hours ago (edited)
    Why the Conservatives funding leftists?
    Answer: Conservatives in Name Only. They’re not Conservatives !!

    6 hours ago (edited)
    Conservatism is progressivism, but driving the speed limit- Michael Malice

    Stop voting for conservatives, they don’t care about shrinking the government

  37. sfw Avatar

    My dad sometimes had a dig at mum about here family. Dad was in the police and thought of his side as being in a better class than mums battler parents. Mums dad had done three months for sheep stealing around 1930. I started researching our families when came along, found out that all dads side, men and women were all transported here in the 1830’s, got their tickets and like many then changed their names and moved to Melbourne. Turns out our family name is really Metcalf, told mum and dad, mum was delighted, however dad seemed remarkably uninterested, if I ever bring it up he just changes the subject.

    Turns out on one of mums branches there’s an ancestor who was with Bill in 1066, took over English estates and the family was quite wealthy and influential till the late 1700’s, then our branch wandered off to relative poverty and eventually Australia with the Hentys at Portland. Dad wasn’t interested in that either.

  38. Boambee John Avatar
    Boambee John

    September 10, 2021 at 11:51 pm
    Australia actually had no cases for a few months in 2020 IIRC.

    Yes and the cases began to rise in direct proportion to rising jab rates. Funny about that.

    As also happened in India.

  39. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare Avatar
    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Needless to say, none of the titles came down to me, much to the dissapointment of my two sons.

    lol, Roger. Hairy and I went back to the manor house near Colchester where my ancient family lived on arrival in England in the early 1600’s, with names of deceased family members, including sad ones of children, on the walls of the family Church (eleventh century) next door. It now belongs to the National Trust. We found records at the Church and later on a website that my uncle, my father’s younger brother whom I never knew, was married there (his second marriage, late in life and that he claimed ‘the ancient title and Arms’ of Count, which the website said he owns but ‘does not use’ in England.

    This was when my father was still well and truly alive! Conveniently for his family, he had disappeared into the wilds of Australia in the last months of the Second World War (there’s a story there too). It was clear that his brother in the meantime had done very well in India and then Britain, and obviously sought to rise above his current less-than-middle-class origins for a new and very ‘social’ wedding. He’s dead now and so is his new wife of that marriage. Funnily enough, he was the spitting image of my father. Poor old dad, the ‘real’ Count it seems, was thoroughly dispensible by that time; he’d lost touch and they didn’t really want to know him. He died as a hermit living in a caravan only at the last moved by Big Sis into a nursing home. I only saw my paternal grandparents once, as a four year old child.

    Both apparently lived to a ripe old age so I am hoping they at least gifted me that. 🙂

  40. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare Avatar
    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    My brother, who would have had a claim to the title, died last year. His son I suppose could still stake a claim to it, but he shows no interest whatsoever in family history. A lad from the Shire, he is happily married, has two sons of his own plus a daughter, and lives a thoroughly Aussie life in a project home, with two cars, a boat and a caravan. What need has he of title, indeed. He is king in his own castle.

  41. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare Avatar
    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Mums dad had done three months for sheep stealing around 1930.

    lol, sfw. Sheep stealing has a long heritage in the annals of time. During the Victorian period in my lineage there were two brothers. Both were noted sheep stealers, for they were butchers. Both came before the Assizes in the 1830’s and the younger brother got transported to Tasmania, where records advised he ‘be kept away from sheep’ as he stole them there too. My direct ancestor, the older brother, got off. He was stealing on an industrial scale and would thus have implicated too many important fingers in that pie had he been convicted. Such is life and how far do great families also fall.

  42. Winston Smith Avatar


    The Biden administration is preparing to sue Texas over its new law banning most abortions, people familiar with the matter said, an action that would set off a federal-state clash at a time when the future of abortion rights becomes an ever-more-pressing question before the courts.

    I bet there are a lot of people wondering just what the Hell has cheated its way into the White House. I can’t at the moment think of one Leader in Christendom who isn’t drunk on the power they have seized.

  43. Muddy Avatar

    I just read JC’s post of 5:26p.m. yesterday from the WSJ, and have to admit that I started to tear up a little. In such selfless acts does nobility shine.

  44. Roger Avatar

    What need has he of title, indeed. He is king in his own castle.


    The motto of one line of my Scottish ancestors is sola vitus nobilitat.

  45. twostix Avatar

    This lawyer doesn’t seem very good. Highly paid I bet.

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