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  1. Mums dad had done three months for sheep stealing around 1930.

    lol, sfw. Sheep stealing has a long heritage in the annals of time. During the Victorian period in my lineage there were two brothers. Both were noted sheep stealers, for they were butchers. Both came before the Assizes in the 1830’s and the younger brother got transported to Tasmania, where records advised he ‘be kept away from sheep’ as he stole them there too. My direct ancestor, the older brother, got off. He was stealing on an industrial scale and would thus have implicated too many important fingers in that pie had he been convicted. Such is life and how far do great families also fall.

  2. Feelthebern:

    The Biden administration is preparing to sue Texas over its new law banning most abortions, people familiar with the matter said, an action that would set off a federal-state clash at a time when the future of abortion rights becomes an ever-more-pressing question before the courts.

    I bet there are a lot of people wondering just what the Hell has cheated its way into the White House. I can’t at the moment think of one Leader in Christendom who isn’t drunk on the power they have seized.

  3. I just read JC’s post of 5:26p.m. yesterday from the WSJ, and have to admit that I started to tear up a little. In such selfless acts does nobility shine.

  4. What need has he of title, indeed. He is king in his own castle.


    The motto of one line of my Scottish ancestors is sola vitus nobilitat.

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