Guest post: Bar Beach Swimmer – Vaccine Passports? A ‘new’ Australia awaits

A growing fascism in Australia is becoming evident and alarming.  Based on the new health status controls of vaccine passports for Covid-19 – we can forget what the Prime Minister would prefer to call them, for these are government mandated identity and travel papers – Australia is dangerously close to authoritarian rule.

From media reports there seems to be support for proof of vaccination to obtain service, at least in NSW, where Sydneysiders and some of the regions have endured weeks of harsh lockdowns and even curfews in certain LGAs.

As the old saying goes: “you don’t need to be a rocket scientist” to work out that people want their lives back, to go to work and to socialise as they want, so vaccine passports, it would seem, must come to be.  Perhaps some businesses will follow the government’s lead and deny service to the unvaccinated in order to trade, despite federal and state anti-discrimination legislation outlawing such treatment.  But were it not for government coercion of the populace to be vaccinated, and the continual lockdowns even for a tiny
number of cases, vaccine passports more than likely would not pass the Pub Test.  But if we are to have them, where will vaccine passports lead Australia?

Vaccination passports will lead this country into places and to ideas that will end the notion that we are a western, liberal democracy with equal rights for all.  More than free
movement is at stake here, important as that is.  Also in jeopardy will be equal treatment before the law because access to government offices, including the courts, will be denied citizens who refuse to be vaccinated.

And what will become of Medicare and our insistence on universal health?  Will hospital admissions and access to treatment be decided not because of need but by a tick on a smart phone?  Are Australians ready to accept that along with the end of universal benefits will come the end of the egalitarian Australian character to be replaced by a stratified society of truly second-class citizens?  Moreover, does the risk of a “B” grade citizenship because of vaccination status lead eventually to a “C” and  even to a “D” grade citizenship for other “crimes” against the status apparatus?

And what of taxing the unvaccinated?  If the services that their taxes help to pay for will not be made available to the unvaccinated, or their families, it would seem only reasonable for that money to be retained in their pay-packet to make their own alternate arrangements along with every other part of their civil life if, of course, they can obtain any employment?

Lastly, what of universal suffrage and compulsory voting in this “New” Australia? Will the unvaccinated retain a right to vote?

On reflection, Australia, are you happy to sign up to this?

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  1. A generation ago BOB HAWKE got booed down for his OZ ID card idea .. today the kids & grandkids of those earlier generations are cheering its arrival ….. same game, different name!


    Campbell Newman

    An extract follows. Comments mixed so far.

    The case is closed – Covid is more comparable to influenza and nothing like smallpox. If we had no lockdowns then our overall fatalities would have risen but these statistical ratios would have held. Covid is serious, but these facts do not justify societal upheaval. They do not justify a Jim Crow-style Covid segregation and that is precisely what a Covid vaccine passport will do for many.

  3. The practical challenges, as listed, will see this fall apart.

    But that still leaves us with politicians who thought it a good idea.

  4. Caught a little of channel neins A current affair last night where they were talking about people lining up for pox shots.
    Had one chap who bluntly said when asked why he was getting the shot.

    ‘Because I have to or I wont be able to work”..

    But hey, no pressure, full and informed consent, your body your choice right?

  5. My post from the open thread:

    I believe that Covid won’t kill or harm me, and that vaccines won’t stop the largely harmless ‘rona nor the tyrannical behaviour of governments. That being said, I’ve just had my first vaccination. Here’s why.

    I am currently working in France. Here I am a second class citizen because they have vaccine passports. I have just the workplace, chemist and supermarket available to me. I was supposed to be flying home to Perth this week, however due to the pathetic Premiers and the gormless Prime Minister who have halved flights into Australia, my flight has been delayed three months.

    My mate, also from Perth, has had his flight delayed a few days and is being sent to quarantine in Adelaide. Who knows what McClown will do regarding the border before he flies back home. The dickhead has previously turned Adelaide flights back from Perth airport after someone catches a cold in South Australia while the plane was in flight.

    My wife who is from Sydney, will spend her second Christmas away from me, because last year when I was also working in France (a planned trip), the government wouldn’t let her out of East Germany Australia with me. McClown also wouldn’t let her go to Sydney to visit her son or siblings. Same again this year.

    Despite the mixed messages coming from various politicians around Australia, vaccine passports are coming. The process has already started. If you want to travel in future, you will need one.

    I have faced the fact that we anti-vaccers have lost and have joined the ranks of the weak and gullible.

  6. But that still leaves us with politicians who thought it a good idea.

    Who will continue to revisit this stupid repulsive idea every opportunity they get, unless they are ruthlessly weeded out of public life by the electorate, which simply won’t happen.

    The sole solution is root and branch reform of parliament, the executive and the judiciary, placing extremely strict (i.e. straight jacket like) limits on their ability to pass, implement and “interpret” legislation.

    But only after HOP Time has been implemented.

  7. The practical challenges, as listed, will see this fall apart.

    That famous Australian lethargy will be our greatest asset against this bullshit.

    Their ability to forget the sins of Emperor Dan, will equally allow them to forget why they are doing this crap. It’ll become less about ‘saving lives, and more about something that just creates extra-long lines/delays at the footy.

    Yes, the fact that politicians have proposed it, and that the public outrage appears limited, leaves us in a precarious position ‘moving forward’. Relying on laziness to fend off tyranny is not a long-term strategy.

  8. Here we go:

    Solicitor refused entry to Maroochydore Magistrates Court in QLD for not wearing a mask.

    Has lawful exemption.

    Magistrate threatened to issue an arrest warrant – not sure if it was for him or his client, who also couldn’t enter the court building.

    The warrant would be thrown out of any higher court.

  9. The public service is a powerful magnet for the sexless bugmen class. Here they can unleash their self centred righteousness and overwhelming urge to control and lecture without fear of repercussions.

    Singular bugmen are snowflakes but in swarms they devour everything in their path and convert it all to shit.

  10. people lining up for pox shots.

    That’s another thing I can’t get my mind around.

    – the substances have not been fully tested and as such can be considered experimental
    – the suppliers are indemnified
    – people who may be on multiple medications are being inoculated by doctors and nurses who have no idea of their medical history

    Yet this is all a-okay.

  11. Simples, roger.

    Arrest the magistrate. Charge – gross discrimination leading to denial of justice plus epic stupidity.

  12. Those wearing sunscreen are demanding that everyone wears sunscreen to protect those already wearing it. H/T Babylon Bee.

    This is where we are at

  13. Happy to be a D class citizen. Prolly only be able to get a job as a grave digger. Won’t pay much but I’ll be snowed under with work. Finally be able to meet all those virtuous celebrities. Even if they are dead. Pissing on their graves will be in the job description.

  14. ‘Because I have to or I wont be able to work”..

    This will be me after Thursday morning methinks.

    Will find out then what the Victorian Soviet have planned for harvesting contractors and associated workers.

  15. Jupes,
    I, too, am away from the other half. I may have to move temporarily, which I will do, if he can’t come home.

    We are not getting vaccinated. We have completed our “Australian Immunisation Register Ceasing correspondence and release of information” forms to stop the release of our information to third parties, which includes doctors. Under current legislation, neither can anyone access this information or ask for it.

    From now on we will not be informing anyone what our vaccination status is. If a business asks, we will ask whether it has received advice on privacy and discrimination laws and see where that takes us and them.

    In the case of small business, given the months of no trading that sector has endured, I doubt would any care if a paying customer walked through the door. We’ll see; this must all be tested and tested it will. (And what if a member of a minority group was denied access? Where could that lead a business?) If the government will not change the legislation regarding privacy and discrimination, I will not let it or the business off the hook, if the law allows it.

    The other half’s employer seems not to be going to insist on vaccination – he has received verbal advice from a significant office within HR. And his union will not support it in the sector or for individual employers. If that changes, the other half will be asking for a copy of his employer’s Covid-19 policy and how workers comp will be handled if a major adverse reaction were to occur.

    The three cases against mandatory vaccination to be heard in the NSW Supreme Court beginning 30/9/21 will show the way. Will it be down the gurgler or enacted into legislation?

    Until such time as vaccine passports come into being – legally – once the health orders are rescinded, which they must be, all internal movement cannot be denied. And the federal election is coming up fast and I’m dying for the polling booth official to ask my vaccination status.

    On vaccination for international travel, which is why many people have taken the jab, that will probably not be resolved for a while. The growing number of major side-effects must be a concern, especially jabbing kids. I expect that major cases/class actions on damages will start first in the USA. There’s the Reiner Fuillmich case as well. If Fuillmich wins vaccination passports etc will be blown apart.

    A lot of this is months if not years away and most people will not be able to wait. That is the tragedy. The politicians who have made this happen must be made to pay.

    Finally, best regards to you and yours.

    Ted, “D” class for us too!

  16. Lastly, what of universal suffrage and compulsory voting in this “New” Australia? Will the unvaccinated retain a right to vote?

    That would indicate civil death awaits

  17. Well I am now a citizen of the second class in New South Wales.
    My only regret is that I have but one issue of medals to send back to His Excellency David Hurley.
    The fascists can kiss my arse.

  18. I’m busy making up yellow Stars of David to attach to my outer clothing.

    Perhaps I should turn it into an online business … it may soon become my only source of shekels.

  19. Hugh,
    I am seriously considering the red inverted triangle superimposed over a black triangle as this seems to best indicate my status regarding compulsory treatment, and should not offend or trivialise.

    Red = political, black = asocial

  20. According to the wiki article on camp symbols, although the red inverted triangle is normally associated with the socialists, classic small government liberals are included in the definition.

    The black triangle was used for conscription resisters, as well as the more generally known mentally ill, disabled and work shy.

    When 2 triangles were to be worn to indicate 2 statuses one was left point down and the rotated point up, just like the well known yellow star.

    Had my grand uncles(socialist dockworkers from Hamburg) not decided to accept their conscription, this is the symbology they would have worn at Flosssenberg , which was the alternative given to them by the judge.

  21. Diogenes,
    I’m thinking of walking around with a handbell.
    “Unclean. Unclean”
    Might see if I can get a few of those fake fingers to drop off here and there as well.

  22. I got the jab so I can see my children, grandchildren and my mother. In my estimation that comes pretty close to holding a gun to my head.

    Every politician and bureaucrat who has done this to us should be booed whenever they appear in public from now on, whether on official business or just doing their shopping at their local Colesworth.

  23. Red = political, black = asocial

    we happen to own a “Cricut” vinyl cutter

    these little machines will cut sticky adhesive vinyl similar to what vehicle signage is made from

    I think its time to order a roll of red and a roll of black

  24. If the molecular biologist I quoted earlier (Dr Christina Parks, Cellular and Molecular Biologist explains that the ‘injections’ DO NOT and were never designed to prevent transmissions, only to attenuating symptoms of the alpha variant, which no longer exists. is correct, then does anyone want to think about the implications?
    The vaccines which we ordered and are paying for are useless against the delta version. They are redundant.
    And surely this must have been known early on by the drug companies when the Delta version arrived
    And these vaccines are likely to suppress immunity against the Delta version
    So Australia is pumping people and children full of vaccines that are redundant and reduce immunity to Delta and any future mutations of the bug and do not reduce transmissibility.
    Am I the only one here who sees this as possibly the biggest f3cking mess ever? And the politicians have rolled with it rather than put a halt to it as they are scared of losing face/power.

  25. mem:
    Am I the only one here who sees this as possibly the biggest f3cking mess ever? And the politicians have rolled with it rather than put a halt to it as they are scared of losing face/power

    mem, no you are not. What we all know now, if we didn’t know it before, is that we have a bunch of self-serving arseh*les who deserted their posts long ago and who now prefer to stay under their rocks rather than admit before the people their duplicity.

    They are not patriots. They are dissemblers and rogues and we now see them in full view. If the whole edifice crumbles, so be it. There seems no other way to rebuild the country. I await with impatience the next election.

    Oh, for one righteous leader!

    As Bern would say: never forget what they have done to us.

  26. BBS. Thanks for that. I sometimes think I think too much but more often than not I’m on the ball. Nice to know I’m not alone.


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