Mater’s Musings #26: “Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows”

Amongst the many, varied and wonderous symptoms of Covid-19, we see an aligning of opinion between myself and Waleed Aly. I assure you, truly unprecedented…another one racked up to the pandemic.

Credit where credit is due.

In my book, they don’t come much lower than Waleed. However, maybe, just maybe, he’s raised himself up onto his elbows, and let his fellow ‘The Project’ hosts slide underneath.

I know, right? Well, here it is. Judge for yourself.

In keeping with the theory that a broken clock is right TWICE a day, he’s been pretty strong on his objections to allowing employers to dictate health decisions, even to the point of being cut off midstream by his producers.

Waleed Aly cut off by The Project producers in COVID vaccine rant

Strange times can bring strange bedfellows. Clive may even benefit from this theory, come the next election.

We do live in interesting times.

12 responses to “Mater’s Musings #26: “Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows””

  1. MatrixTransform Avatar

    on the next episode of The Project expect Waleed to say something like, “We are Borg”

  2. Perfidious Albino Avatar
    Perfidious Albino

    POV: you’re a high profile media personality and influencer, you’re also an academic and take yourself pretty seriously, you’re ostensibly one of the permanent ‘talent’ on a prime time, network ‘news’ and current affairs show.

    Midstream, on a controversial topic you feel passionate about, the producer shuts you down live to air. What do you do?

    If you have any real integrity you resign, at a minimum the price of you not leaving is the opportunity to make your case live on air the next night and a public, contractual undertaking never to cut you off again.

    Or, you’re actually just a paid shill they occasionally allow to say something controversial to boost ratings, controlled opposition, at best.

  3. Wally Dalí Avatar
    Wally Dalí

    He’s got lady hands.

  4. duncanm Avatar

    Never listen to the prat, but he is exactly on point for both clips.

    Good on him for taking a stand.

  5. Arky Avatar

    He’s just another collectivist shit who isn’t upset about the imposition of mandates on the people, simply upset that the mandate isn’t the same as the one he would impose.
    i.e: there is no PRINCIPLE involved at all.
    The principle Wahlid, isn’t that politicians should consider the health advice as part of a basket of other concerns, but that there are some decisions that no government has a right to take on behalf of individuals.
    Because they are neither capable of, nor desiring of, taking into account all the factors that concern each and every individual.

  6. Salvatore, Understaffed & Overworked Martyr to Border Closure Avatar
    Salvatore, Understaffed & Overworked Martyr to Border Closure

    His first allegiance is not to common sense, it is to the ROP.

    The religion of no-name is anti-jab.

  7. Lee Avatar

    For once I agree with Aly.

  8. parde Avatar

    now I will have to watch him,to see if he has the courage of his cinvictions,or he is just upping the ratings.

  9. Bar Beach Swimmer Avatar
    Bar Beach Swimmer

    When all of this started last year, I made a comment on the Old Cat regarding the coming to the fore of the faceless people – the health bureaucrats. “Who were they, and what right did they have to tell citizens in a democracy what they will and will not be allowed to do?”, I asked. “Where was their election manifesto to peruse before completing my voting papers?”, I wanted to know.

    At the time, I pointed out that it is up to politicians – our leaders(?) – to garner advice from various advisors and departmental heads and then, in Cabinet, make a decision on behalf of the people, which later on, at the next election the electorate would evaluate.

    I also wrote to the PM to point out that Brendan Murphy, at the time the CMO, had no power to tell me what I was going to be allowed to do or not do.

    I’m pleased to see that Aly has court up.

    And I’m with Perfidious Albino on him taking a real stand and resigning after being cut off for his alternate opinion to the other opinionistas on The Project.

  10. Miss Anthropist Avatar
    Miss Anthropist

    Don’t want a bar of him.
    Loathsome individual.

  11. Bar Beach Swimmer Avatar
    Bar Beach Swimmer


  12. Brushcutter Avatar

    This one surprised me

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