Is China really threatening to attack Australia with nuclear weapons?

What is one to make of this? Furious China issues bone-chilling warning subs deal could ‘make Australia a potential target for a NUCLEAR strike’.

Chinese state media has warned Australia will become a ‘potential target for a nuclear strike’ after it acquires nuclear-powered submarines.

As part of a new three-way alliance with the UK and US, Australia will be given the technology to build at least eight nuclear-powered – but not nuclear armed – submarines as the West counters China’s growing assertiveness in the Indo-Pacific region.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said the ‘AUKUS’ alliance ‘seriously damages regional peace and stability, intensifies the arms race, and undermines the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.’

There is also this to bear in mind.

China is believed to have between 250 and 350 nuclear weapons, compared to American’s arsenal of 5,800 and Russia’s total of 6,375.

In July satellite photos emerged which appeared to show China building a huge missile silo base in the desert town of Hami, northern Xinjiang province.

Researchers believe the site could expand to 110 silos, which can be filled an intercontinental ballistic missiles armed with nuclear warheads.

Nuclear-POWERED submarines are not a nuclear threat to anyone. They are entirely defensive and can never be anything else. But threatening to aim nuclear weapons at Australia is not the actions of a peaceful neighbour under any circumstances whatsoever.

25 thoughts on “Is China really threatening to attack Australia with nuclear weapons?”

  1. Lovely people the Chicoms.

    We should import another million or so of them, as soon as the current hysteria is over.

  2. I guess you can now say that stuff out loud if you have the chairman of the US joint chiefs in your pocket. The question is: Will Milley still be in charge when the CCP tries on a Taiwan invasion?

  3. Some time ago some one listed the Chinese money and infiltration of Qld. government and the universities . It was frightening then but now with Covid Palachook and the CHO totalitarian extremes their connections to Pfiser their jailing of doctors who prescribe Hydroxychloroquine puts a whole new slant on this one world government that the Universities have been promoting for at least 10 years. The threats delivered with arrogance of the CCP suggest that they have full confidence in their Australian operatives who will enable the take over. And are probably very pleased with the success of the isolating of Australians one from the other. United we stand divided we fall.

  4. PLA Inc has a lot of money tied up in real estate.
    Irradiating the really valuable bits wouldn’t enhance shareholder value.

  5. But threatening to aim nuclear weapons at Australia is not the actions of a peaceful neighbour under any circumstances whatsoever.

    China is the monster the West created.

  6. Fought some of their proxies. We are already infiltrated with their agents of all types now. We have a subservient and compliant population. I’d say why would they bother? We’re stuffed already.

  7. Many of us were saying this for years and years and years.
    Engagement with China has failed.
    The fact that you could walk into any store over the last few decades and see the shelves full of manufactured goods from China and only from China should have had warning bells going off in everyone’s heads.
    For the economists who had all the data and failed to blow the whistle on what was occurring: shame on you all.
    OK, yes, the world was going to globalise.
    We did need to face up to some hard truths.
    But we did not have to gift the whole thing to China. That was not, ever, ever a foregone conclusion. We made that situation. We decided that.
    And it was a stupid, stupid situation to put ourselves in.

  8. The question is: Will Milley still be in charge when the CCP tries on a Taiwan invasion?

    Dickheads like the woke Milley should be swinging from the nearest lamppost for treason.

  9. Roger, exactly. At some stage people would have had to worked out that we were not dealing with an honest player here. Yet here we are.

  10. Engagement with China has failed.

    For the last 30 years whenever something of consequence happened in the world I always asked “What is China doing?” but of course I only raised that question in my family but I was the only one.

    As for Chinese things on the shelves – I have 20 year-old frocks that I still wear and I’ve started checking the labels and yep Made in China – really maddening because I’ve never been a label and only every looked at the size and not anything else

    Never do that now my purchases are either for items made anywhere but China or I’ll just do without.

    Though I would be grateful of some advice as to what brand ladies intimate apparel is made in anywhere but China. things are getting a little desperate at the Lunarscape in that regard -principles can leave one somewhat exposed

  11. It was thought that China would come around to the West’s democratic ways by the “only for thee and not for me” numbnuts who engaged with China on that basis – it is a failed experiment but — they have seen the gazillions to be made and have happily gone along with the China experiment — the oligarch jerks – Jack (Dorsey) Mark (Zuckerberg), and John (Donahoe), Bob (Chapek) and the Demonrats in charge all like China’s way of doing things — a compliant populace under the boot while the money rolls in.

    The oligarchs like China’s way, just like the elites pre-WWII thought Hitler was terrific for business — as long as they make the money that is all that counts and as long as their position is not under threat, individual rights be damned –Jeff Bezos is happy for his staff to pee in a bottle and have no pee-breaks because urinating may be a human need but not a human right in his books.

    A pox on them all. I am rather cranky at the moment.

  12. The oligarchs like China’s way, just like the elites pre-WWII thought Hitler was terrific for business — as long as they make the money

    Yeah, true.
    Only this time around I think we should not sacrifice our young men in a war to pull the chestnuts out of the fire for a bunch of mega rich sociopaths.
    They made China, they can live with it. I’m NEVER going to war against an enemy these bastards made themselves obscenely wealthy off by promoting for years.
    If our elite turds want to reverse the damage by rebuilding our industrial might, I’ll support that.
    I won’t support any off us dying to give these rich turds an extra month or two of comfort before the inevitable.

  13. Just read from Heraclitus.
    “Citizens must fight to defend the law like fighting to hold the city walls”.
    Red China might as well stroll in tight now. Life couldn’t be much worse under them. They might even let us go to funerals.

  14. People can go “Ohhhhh Morrison bought some nuke subs, wow, clap, clap, clap”.
    Only stop for a minute and think just WHY we now need those subs.
    Because for decades these bastards offshored our industries to make themselves rich and China strong.
    Fuck them.
    No young Aussie of any gender should die the brutal, pointless death of a submariner to protect these BASTARDS.

  15. Tinta

    Though I would be grateful of some advice as to what brand ladies intimate apparel is made in anywhere but China. things are getting a little desperate at the Lunarscape in that regard -principles can leave one somewhat exposed

    India and Bangla Desh might be useful sources?

  16. Signing up for Dad’ Army as I write. Get a uniform and a rifle. No bullets so practising shouting “BANG” like Spike Milligan did. You should see fatplod jump when I do it in the street.

  17. 1. They are Communists. Their core belief is that theirs is the superior system and that they are destined to achieve that. Their primary strategy is violence.

    2. They are racists. Far more so than we are. The cultural doctrine of Chinese superiority has been a part of their thinking for a millennium …. which means that all of you are second-class citizens who don’t get to keep anything you like if it is desired by a member of a superior race.

    3. There is nothing in this that is new. They have been hostile for a long time and we have been a potential nuclear target since the Chicoms developed the capacity to send one this far. Only the gullible would believe that this represents some kind of a change in their policy toward us and that they would leave us alone if only we were “neutral”.

    4. Don’t kid yourself that “life couldn’t get any worse”. Few of you have lived in the kind of seriously impoverished economy that we would face if Australia was forced to accept a subservient position as a vassal-state, with the price of our exports and imports being dictated to us.

    ….. and that’s if we are lucky. This is the same Communist Party that drives tanks over protestors and was willing to starve 30,000,000 of its own people to death in just one program. Do you still think you’ll be able to choose your job, negotiate your wage and spend that wage on the products and services of your choice?

    Our governments – State and Federal, are badly in need of some heads-on-pikes reform, but pretending that our current situation is less capable of being remedied that that of those living under CCP overlordship, are deluding themselves.

  18. Arky….
    You need to get out of your echo-chamber.

    We need submarines for the same reason that we built forts with heavy artillery to guard the harbours at Sydney and Melbourne over a century ago.

    The world has been full of Empires for thousands of years. We no more created the Chinese Communist Empire than we created the Napoleonic Empire or the Russian Empire, both of which were reasons for building defences back in the day.

    We need defences – including submarines – because we have a heap of valuable shit and there are evil people out there who will march in and take it if we make it too bloody easy for them.

    You got all hot under the collar when I pointed out that you were apathetic, the other day, but all you are doing is proving me right. You talk in a high-minded fashion about liberty, but you won’t fight to support it.

  19. Arkysays:
    September 18, 2021 at 10:13 am

    Many Aussies lamented the transfer of our manufacturing industries to China, just as we criticised the sale of much of our land -including seaports, for goodness sake!

    But, as we’re shown every day, Government doesn’t care a fig for the opinions of ordinary Aussies.

  20. but you won’t fight to support it.

    How many deployments have you volunteered for over the last 20 years?

  21. Well, Arky and Peter W,

    I was censored on the old cat blog because I volunteered to defend our country.
    Shame that I’m old, but I’ll take a cost with me.

  22. Aw come on Arky. I haven’t volunteered for any deployments in the last 40 odd years.

    I only put my hand up for one, and they didn’t want me.
    That tells you how shit I am.

  23. The idea that we created China is a myth.

    China is very proud. They didn’t care if Russia was the “leader” of Communism. They didn’t care if no one saw them as illegitimate at first. They had nukes and a massive PLA before Nixon or Gough met with their leadership.

    They’re not a threat because we…decided to drop tariffs and cut off companies staffed by entitled unionists making shit products.

    They’re a threat because of communism, nukes and they have bought into the Imperial mandate from heaven.

    They would have industrialised regardless of little Australia’s trade policies.

    We ALWAYS should have had a nuclear deterrent. We have a better standard of living and are morally superior to China, the USSR etc. We have a lot of area and resources and scarce manpower. We have a legal right under international law to nukes anyway as we had tests done here – but as a free (cough cough) country, we simply have a moral right to self defence.


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