Monica Smit

I had never heard of Monica until now, but have just received this in an email.

If you aren’t aware of Monica Smit yet, you may want to be. Monica started Reignite Democracy Australia (RDA) last year as an individual going live on Facebook. RDA has gone from strength to strength in leaps and bounds since. Perhaps think GetUp, but RDA is nothing at all like GetUp. Monica was arrested 20 days ago on ‘incitement’ charges and has been held in isolation in a rather hardcore Melbourne prison.

RDA has become a threat to Labor (and Liberal) agendas and of the several political prisoners that have been arrested and jailed over the past year, Monica is the first woman (as I understand it). To be granted bail, RDA had to be dismantled. Monica, without a second thought, refused bail and chose to remain in prison and in forced isolation. A new bail hearing will take place on Tuesday I believe. RDA had also been in the process of registering a political party (they might have much more success in remaining a grassroots activist organisation). It reeks of the arrests of political opponents carried out in previous regimes that are supposed to exist somewhere else in a faraway land and not in Australia. 

Her partner, Morgan C Jonas (MCJ Report), is now an established journalist / presenter. His criticism of the Andrews Labor Government (and also the Morrison Government) has made him a prime target. His studio was raided shortly after  Monica’s arrest, and all of his equipment was seized. 

This is the only news report I could find on her: Anti-vaxxer and anti-lockdown activist Monica Smit charged with incitement so she really does exist.

Bail conditions magistrate Luisa Bazzani imposed included barring Ms Smit from publishing anything that could incite breaches of the health orders.

She was also ordered to follow a court-imposed curfew between 7pm and 6am and remove any material that incited opposition to the health officer’s directions within 48 hours.

“I do wish I’d known before we spent all this time on bail that your client was intending to refuse to sign a bail order,” Ms Bazzani said.

At least 4000 people went to the August 21 rally held in the Melbourne CBD, and Ms Smit is alleged to have encouraged people to attend the protests through authoring and transmitting posts on the encrypted Telegram app, prosecutor Anthony Albore told the court.

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  1. rickw Avatar

    Monica Smit is the first of many political prisoners in Victoria.

  2. Miss Anthropist Avatar
    Miss Anthropist

    At first I couldn’t believe this happened in Australia. Then I saw it was in Danostan.
    What a skidmark of a place.
    Leftards. Absolute filth. They brook no opposition.
    I think by now we all are aware that Hitler made all his parties assaults on freedom legal. Australia is becoming the 4th Reich.
    May the closed border to Danostan last a thousand years.

  3. Davey Boy Avatar
    Davey Boy

    Yes VicPol did to Monica what NSWPol are trying to do to Aussie Cossack (who has had an FPO and PSOs slapped on him to enable arbitrary stop&search etc). Both Monica and AC rely (relied in Monica’s case) on live-streaming to thousands, all interactions with the authorities, which said authorities dislike immensely.

  4. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare Avatar
    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    As with the pregnant woman arrested for appproving a lockdown on Facebook, this case is also extremely disturbing. Monica is political prisoner, there is no doubting that. In the old days, Amnesty International would be hot on the case. These days, maybe not. It is the people alone who must speak up.

  5. Cassie of Sydney Avatar
    Cassie of Sydney

    Australia is sick.

  6. MatrixTransform Avatar

    Australia is sick.

    doesn’t need VX’nating … It needs an enema

  7. miltonf Avatar

    Pretty pathetic that people here say it’s in Vicco so fuck them. Similar shit is happening in all states. This is a full on putsch against the people of Australia by all governments and their pubic ‘service’ pals. They have gone feral on us and orders from overseas. Great resets don’t happen on their own you know.

  8. miltonf Avatar

    Pauline Hanson was our first political prisoner and that was in Queensland.

  9. Lee Avatar

    Monica is political prisoner, there is no doubting that. In the old days, Amnesty International would be hot on the case.

    Absolutely correct, Lizzie.
    Amnesty International?
    What a joke; they threw their principles out the window many years.
    They are very selective in who they will defend these days.

  10. Rabz Avatar

    This country disgusts me even more with each passing day.

  11. Roger Avatar

    Monica Smit is the first of many political prisoners in Victoria.

    No pariamentary opposition to speak of, a politicised police force, a compliant if not politically compromised judiciary and public service…Victoria is now best classified politically as an ‘illiberal democracy’, bedfellows with Putin’s Russia and Erdogan’s Turkey among other unsavoury regimes.

    The absence of protest or criticism from federal Labor figures is telling.

  12. Rex Anger Avatar
    Rex Anger

    What a joke; they threw their principles out the window many years.
    They are very selective in who they will defend these days.

    Lee, Amnesty International was always a Communist front organisation. It was originally formed by ex-members of the International Brigades who fought for the Spanish Republicans (USSR-backed socialists) during the Civil War, to get back at the Francoists and get their mates out of Spanish jails.

    They were eventually (and rather unwillingly) shepherded into expanding their remit to non-Communist (albeit mostly left-leaning. Somewhat…) political prisoners when they approached potential backers like the British Labour Party and were told they were too hyper-partisan to be safely supported.

    From Claudio Veliz, one of its founding members (who now lives in Australia. And kinda went off the hard-leftwittery as he matured):

  13. mem Avatar

    The absence of protest or criticism from federal Labor figures is telling.

    Indeed. I used to think Labor stood for peoples’ rights. But now, what do you say. Too busy hoovering climate change grants and initiating divisive crap like BLM and let’s be a transvestite for primary aged kids to care about peoples’ rights. And the Libs likewise, but their behind the scenes henchman (Photopless for short) and wife, own the windfarms and garner pharma money and look after the Party plays, so not a hell of a lot of other places to go for help if you are Ms. Smit. And the media, well they are so grateful to the dosh from Labor and Liberals that no one dares rock the boat. They have become mouths for either party, as long as they pay, and have quite forgot any pretense to independence .So good luck Ms Smit. We are all in lockdown in Victoria and broke and can’t help you out. You may be there for years.

  14. Pat Avatar

    I hope there is a rally up near me soon. I’ll be there and I encourage all “true Australian patriots” to attend as well.

    Is that incitement?

    Prolly not. By Jesus I’d love that stasi prick from vicpol to push me like he was doing, he’ll need more than a mask.

  15. Gab Avatar

    This is Monica being arrested

    The pathetic ”media” in Australia barely covered the story.

    Monica refused bail because she knew it would set a precedence for other journalists trying to report the facts,

  16. Gab Avatar

    Here’s Monica’s mother giving an update Monica’s hearing is on Wednesday this week

  17. Mother Lode Avatar
    Mother Lode

    I assume the left is demonising her as some sort of a crank.

    Perhaps ties to white supremacists. Perhaps a feral anti-vaxxer – in its real sense, not the sense where they were only able to borrow the odium by severing it from its meaning.

    What are they saying?

    Funny how they only dare take on figments to wage their battles. Garage Nazis and anti-vaxxers. But like Oceania and its interminable war against Eastasia/Eurasia there are grand announcements of victories with the occasional sight of miserable prisoners on trucks who you eventually realise are just broken and defeated criminals of Oceania dressed for show.

  18. Rockdoctor Avatar

    Yup ftb one of the reasons I am heading back to work in Queensland. Graduates right now are getting anything from $45-$60ph. After years in the doldrums back to boom rates, wheee… How long will it last dunno but I getting among it while it lasts.

  19. Rockdoctor Avatar

    Wrong fred. Sorry.

  20. Maman Avatar

    Staying sane through all this pandemic madness requires an ‘alter ego’, so when it comes to the manual QR code sign in sheet, or any other place where I have to ‘identify’ myself, it’s: “Monica Smit”

    “We’re all ‘Monica Smit’ now”!

  21. Fair Shake Avatar
    Fair Shake

    The Shovel reports..

    Union claims protests weren’t real tradies: there’s no way they’d all turn up on time.


  22. Old bloke Avatar
    Old bloke

    I had seen Monica Smit in some YouTubes turning up at various protest rallies in the past. She was driving a bus which had uncomplimentary pictures of Dan Andrews on signage on the sides of the bus.

    Don’t make fun of Dan or you will end up in gaol.

  23. Tintarella di Luna Avatar
    Tintarella di Luna

    Monica Smit – Phone: 1800 497 169

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