15 thoughts on “Recalling the Black Lives Matter protests in Melbourne last year”

  1. Now let me ponder this for a moment. What were the BLM rallies about exactly? Let me see. Oh yes…POLICE BRUTALITY, you brain dead moron zombies in Big Tech, Big Media and Big Government.

    You are all culpable, every single one of you, if an unarmed protester is badly injured or worse during these paramilitary pantomimes.

  2. Highlighting hypocrisy/double standards is done with the belief that the targets will feel guilt or shame, and thus in the future modify their behaviour, in order to avoid a repetition of that guilt or shame. How’s that working for us? How has it been working for us the past three decades?

    Not everyone is capable of feeling guilt and shame. That much should be obvious. If they don’t have the capacity, how is it we still expect a future behavioural modification? Serious question.

    The reasons for some individuals’ incapacity to experience shame or guilt is a digression, and perhaps even irrelevant. We cannot change another’s brain chemical makeup or life experience. Let’s remain focused on the practical: What IS and ISN’T working.

  3. Yes….but they were progressives…leftists….different rules for them. The hypocrisy is staggering.

  4. Leftists may not feel shame, Muddy.

    But they DO feel discomfort. And the more class enemies that reach positions of power and influence, and enact their agendas (I.E. Employ the Left’s own tactics against them), the more acute the discomfort they feel.

    And they really dislike public displays of dissent against their ideology and Narrative. No matter the numbers.

    As such, the Tradies’ Revolt this week (and all the normies who joined in) was an unforgivable insult. Kinda like walking up to someone in the street, and poking them in the eyes, pulling faces at their children and smarting their dog.

    We need more of it. From the mere announcement of someone who actually believes in the inalienable rights and freedoms of all people (Not just the ones who might be useful for political leverage this week) as head of the Human Rights Commission, to more non-violent gatherings of more fed-up normies in the streets to declare “Freedom!” and “My body, my choice!” And so forth.

    And to then bring the propel legal resolutions to bear when the leftists get so discomfited they try to resort to violence to stop the terrible psychic pains in their heads…

  5. Defund the Police. Make The Victorian police leaner and more efficient. Take away their toys. Put them back in blue. Lock up their hierarchy. Lock up any identifiable as mistreating the public.
    Rearm the citizens.

  6. And they got that level of attendance because they announced (in advance) that no fines would be given or actions taken against attendees.

    I dare Dan to do that tomorrow, and see the turnout.

  7. “Vikpol are complete tossers.”

    Yes, but when it comes to BLM hypocrisy, it isn’t just Vic Police. The NSW police, actually the NSW government, led by Gladslag and others didn’t want to deal with the proposed BLM protest back in that first week of June 2020…….instead they were more than happy to try and turn away from it. It took a furious backlash on talkback radio…led by Alan Jones, Ben Fordham and others…for the NSW government, at the eleventh hour, to try to stop the protest…however a court injunction permitted it. The police that day treated the protestors deferentially, completely different to what happended thirteen months later when ordinary men and women from Sydney’s sprawling western and south-western suburbs took to the streets to protest the destruction of their livelihoods. You know….it’s called “progressive” priorities….so that when people protest because they’re worried about putting food on the table…..they’re BAD….but when progressive fuckwits protest the death of a sleazy thug in an American city twelve thousand miles away….they’re GOOD. The ordinary Sydney men and women in July 2021 who were protesting were a very multicultural lot, yet they were smeared and branded as “boofheads” by the NSW Police Minister…who’s a pig (actually that’s insulting to pigs) named David Elliott and were smeared and branded “selfish” by MSM skanks like Sharri Markson.

    All of this contributes to why I will NEVER EVER vote Liberal again.

  8. Defund the Police. Make The Victorian police leaner and more efficient. Take away their toys. Put them back in blue. Lock up their hierarchy. Lock up any identifiable as mistreating the public.
    Rearm the citizens.

    Oh, yeah … that’s sure gonna happen! That horse bolted a quarter of a century ago …

  9. At this stage, I don’t see VicPol could argue that they are not in violation of paragraph 6(k) of the Victorian Equal Opportunity Act.


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