Guest Post: Gab – Notes from ‘Dealing with ‘No Jab, No Job’ abuse’

Just to give you an idea of the interest in these no jab, no job issues, around 4,500 people watched live today. (Youtube linked above). There were two speakers and here are some notes:

AFL Solicitors : Tony Nikolic

*AFL has a Telegram page and website is

*Government is imposing mandates and employers are running with them

*Mandates are not law, neither are directions or health orders

*Fairwork Australia says employers and employees are essentially encouraged to work together. On what basis are they saying that? Many people are being told that if they are not jabbed by a certain time, they have no job. That is not working together that is coercion. There are deeper issues – people getting the sack, or being told they will be stood down without pay until they meet certain criteria.

*Go to AFL Telegram or website to see their own templates to use (personalise them for own use)
*Go to the website and search for ”If an employee refuses a direction to be vaccinated” paragraphs.

*In the short amount of time these vaccines have been in Australia (202 days?) there have been 57,000+ adverse reactions. This has been compared to other drugs that can be used to treat COVID. Over 4,217 days that they have been in circulation the highest adverse rate is 2,284 (that’s combined all other drugs that can be used to treat COVID)

*Court Cases coming up re mandatory Vax on 30/9 and 1/10. All evidence is in

*Very encouraging to see other law firms following their lead

*A lot of learning and sharing of information with other law firms – building on each other’s successes

*Serious concerns with evidence from experts and he believes the concerns are quite legitimate

*Re aged care – seems that from the outset it was stitched up. What about health and police forces where directives seem to be different for Government employers?
Different if a Minister gives the director than if a police commissioner does. That is a matter for Fair Work and you should go after that.

*In the world there are more concerns and the vaccine does not stop contagion or transmission – it may help symptoms but Government is locking us down to control it; ie that’s what lockdowns are supposed to do

*Essentially then aged care workers are getting the jab as mandated and instead of controlling COVID they are taking it into the vulnerable

*Aged care and healthcare are vulnerable sectors so sending vaccinated people into these sectors is alarming.

*Construction workers are essentially a part of RedUnion’s claim – construction workers, healthcare, aged care, some police officers.

* The highest risk group is 95-99% survival with comorbidities

*Children survivability is high as it is to a healthy person – COVID is almost nothing to them

*Something has to happen legally but even ultimately people have to exercise their rights – change has to happen socially at community level. People need to stand togetherand they need to know their rights

Jack McGuire – Red Union


*Started 6-7 years ago as the QLD Nurses union. Grown enormously and other states have joined so now that is an Australian Union
They also now run:
Teachers Association (national)
Drivers Association
Doctors also are starting an alternative to AMA. They want to return to the primacy of doctor/patient relationship

*Police are looking at joining up (Qld, Vic & NSW)

*They have a number of actions at the moment and are working on one of the with AFL Solicitors mentioned above

*600-700 are willing to walk off the job at Queensland Uni Gold Coast Hospital

*Queensland Health have no idea who is vaccinated or not. If the Queensland hospital system collapses the Red union/association members will be waiting outside saying they are ready to work (not vaxed). Exciting!

They surveyed 2,000 nurses and 1,300 will have no job. That alone is a catastrophe for Queensland – but there will be more – think about 1,300 for every 2,000 healthcare workers out of work.
Many in Qld health are taking sick leave for burnout and suspected vax reactions. 602 have been coerced into getting the vaccine

*Police have complained the police are definitely letting crimes go / delaying investigations because they are used for protests etc. One policeman reported a rape case that has been put on hold for the 3rd time due to resourcing issues re forensic analysis being diverted to hotel quarantine and 200 police surveyed. (Sounds like the people are winning so don’t let then bluff you)

*Main advice when you are faced with coercion – do not resign! Allow your employer to take the first action. If you resign you don’t have anything / no claim.

Government workers can ask for a risk assessment with regard to impact of COVID-19 on the workforce and a risk assessment of COVID vaccines. Almost none of the sectors mentioned that they represent have not done this. If pushed you can put pressure on your employer.

*Try getting a risk profile of the vaccines – it will differ for different age groups, how does a 90% vaccinated workforce compare to a 50% vaccinated workforce (for example) – they must rationally assess risk. The vaccines do not mitigate the risks entirely because they don’t guarantee non-infection so they are more like PPE (reduce risk) – then what other PPE measures are there?
Rapid antigen testing can eliminate no jab/no job – cost to mitigate HSE is not a good argument. Some of these are more effective than vaccination.

*The Federal Government still states on its website that the vaccines in use are still being tested i.e they are still experimental. See the TGA website.

*They will act for Teachers Australia-wide if they join them

*Because of the importance of these issues – they are bringing people in even though the issue is happening (usually you need to be a member in good standing). Get on board is the message.

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  1. Arky Avatar

    Sorry DB. We must have been posting almost simultaneously.

  2. Ellen of Tasmania Avatar
    Ellen of Tasmania

    Thanks, Gab. Will share this with others. We know a few people whose jobs are on the line.

    There’s also a ‘Nurses Speak Out’ (Australian) group on Telegram which makes for interesting reading. So much we are not being told.

  3. Greg Avatar

    Also ask your employer to accept liability for any adverse effects from the inoculation for the next seven years, as that is the minimum time that most new drugs take to be approved.

  4. Mark M Avatar
    Mark M

    For those who are “fully vaccinated” …

    The masked Joe Biden receives booster, or ‘third’ shot

    The “fully vaccinated” better book that third jab, now, lest they be awarded second class citizenship and their complimentary yellow star.

  5. OldOzzie Avatar

    Hi Team,

    I was a RN in a large city hospital in Victoria.

    Employed April 2020 to work in a Covid isolation facility. Arrived from overseas March 2020. Nursing for past 30 years.

    Started to ask questions re: treatment of covid positive patients can they have Vitamin c and d
    – told no.

    Tried to make the patients isolation as easy as possible.

    Routine swab to be weekly I declined and was threatened with job loss immediately. So I complied when a medical need due to colleague who had been in a ‘hotspot’

    Vaccines started March 2021 not fully informed and no informed consent gained. I was told to ‘shutup’ by my management.

    I am an experienced registered immuniser for many years overseas and completed the university online training in Australia in September 2020. If anyone asked me questions I was told by my management to tell them to speak to another RN.

    I was given 10 days notice to leave the facility to be redeployed as I declined the vaccine. I left and was not redeployed but terminated the day after I left by HR.

    No support from my union ….told me lucky to be in Australia…..lucky to have a job…..lucky to be offered a vaccine…. I have left the union. Also I may have left my nursing career for good due to imminent vaccine mandate.

    Thank you for starting this telegram channel. Thank you to all the nurses working and hanging on to their jobs and speaking out right now. It is traumatising. Be strong for our profession our colleagues and our patients

  6. Mother Lode Avatar
    Mother Lode

    Is there a principle of law which would cover a case of an employer not acting under legal compulsion forcing an employee to take the vaccine where they know the supplier is 100% indemnified thereby takes the risk on themselves.

    If Pfizer or AZ cannot be liable, and neither can the administering doctor, and I suffer complications from the vaccine, would my employer who knowingly forced me to take the risk knowing that I would have no redress from Pf, AZ or a doctor, have to pick up the tab?

    I am sure that if I imported and sold some medication that I knew the manufacturer could not be compelled to give redress for injury then I would have to foot any bills.

  7. Pat Avatar

    Oh Jesus, I have had one hit of astro and have had shortness of breath and the most horrible dreams since. Bad aches and pains as well.
    What happens now?

    Flabbergasted ?

  8. Arky Avatar

    September 28, 2021 at 12:20 pm
    Hi Team,

    I read through those nurse’s comments OO.
    It strikes me how many of the people getting vaxxes are having similar issues that I had through 2020: breathing problems, chest pains, eyesight problems. I’m pretty bloody sure now that I had the Cov. no bloody way do I want these vaxxes.

  9. Fair Shake Avatar
    Fair Shake

    I look after a number of employers. They are not happy about the situation either however if they open up and an employee gets it / transfers it to others then they may be at risk and liable. In socialist Victoria They just want to get their businesses open and running again. The country has been driven down this ridiculous dead end alley and here we are tearing each other apart. Our unfit for office leaders should have made the vax available for all and picked a date to open. If you are not vaxed by that date then it’s your choice. And we move on.

  10. Boambee John Avatar
    Boambee John

    Fair Shake

    If you are not vaxed by that date then it’s your choice. And we move on.

    That they have rejected this approach confirms that they know that the vax is ineffective.

  11. Miss Anthropist Avatar
    Miss Anthropist

    I am not Jesus.
    However he’s probably the only bloke that help you now.

  12. rickw Avatar

    They are not happy about the situation either however if they open up and an employee gets it / transfers it to others then they may be at risk and liable.

    You can count on one had the companies that have said anything about this bout of government idiocy. (Small businesses have said plenty).

  13. dover0beach Avatar

    I look after a number of employers. They are not happy about the situation either however if they open up and an employee gets it / transfers it to others then they may be at risk and liable.

    I think this gets bandied about as a throw away line. Why would the employer not be liable if someone gets it while vaxxed and passes it on to someone else because they all think their bulletproof and ignore social distancing/ mask wearing/ and the like while indoors or fail to isolate when suffering mild symptoms? Given the fact of ‘breakthrough’ cases, if they no longer enforce social distancing and the like, if you apply the same reasoning re vax passports, negligence claims would still arise.

  14. Pat Avatar

    Yes Miss A, I’m praying and sh+@$#ing myself concurrently

  15. Rex Anger Avatar
    Rex Anger

    @ OldOzzie-

    There are some scary stories in that link you presented.

  16. Indolent Avatar

    Muddy posted this Fair Work decision in the open forum but it’s highly relevant here. It turned on issues surrounding an unfair dismissal claim relating to a flu vaccine. The applicant lost the right to appeal the original decision. However, as this case was going no further, the minority commissioner examined the issues surrounding mandating of the Covid vaccine and it would not be happy reading for any employer contemplating enforcing a vaccine mandate.

    Starts at Clause 101 –


  17. Mark M Avatar
    Mark M

    This was a conspiracy theory months ago …

    Fauci revises the definition of “fully vaccinated”

    “For many months now, being “fully vaccinated” meant that you had to have two doses of either Pfizer or MODERNA mRNA vaccine, but now, according to Fauci, your not fully vaccinated unless you get the booster shot.”

    I, for one, would like to welcome all the unvaccinated back on the team.
    Have you woken up yet?

  18. Jay352 Avatar

    Did you ever think that protest time is over and revolution time is nigh? Tyranny cannot be reasoned with.

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