Guest Post: Cassie of Sydney – The Forgotten People

A Bush Burial, Frederick McCubbin, 1890

Over the weekend I heard the news that Scott Morrison is preparing to sign Australia up to zero emissions by 2050. It’s yet another slap in the face, coming after eighteen months of Covid and Morrison’s spineless and craven leadership.  I detest the man.  Once again, we have a situation where the Liberal Party of Australia, whether it be with Section 18C, NSW abortion laws, climate Continue reading “Guest Post: Cassie of Sydney – The Forgotten People”

No Evidence Required? What About Ivermectin?

I know I’ve touched on this topic in a previous post, but as Winston Churchill said:

“If you have an important point to make, don’t try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time – a tremendous whack.”

This is a direct cut and paste from the Therapeutic Goods Regulations:

Source: Therapeutic Goods Regulations 1990 – Part 2D – Provisional determinations for medicine

Part (2) is a new addition to the latest version of the Regulations. Inserted specifically to cater to the new ‘vaccines’…obviously!

You’ll notice that it has removed, amongst other things, the requirement to provide “preliminary clinical data demonstrating that the medicine is likely to provide a major therapeutic advance”, as long as the medicine is designed to treat or prevent COVID-19.

That leaves us with pretty much only one requirement to get Provisional Registration for a COVID vaccine…a plan to collect and provide safety and efficacy data at some point in the next 6 years, after it’s been unleashed on the public.

Unbelievable that such a low bar can be set for something now being effectively made mandatory, but wait…

If there is no longer a need to demonstrate “that the medicine is likely to provide a major therapeutic advance”, why has Ivermectin been banned for treating COVID based on the claim that:

The head of Australia’s pharmaceutical regulator said there is no credible evidence ivermectin works to prevent or treat COVID-19.

ABC Morning Show

Surely someone can provide Professor Skerritt with a plan to collect data over the next 6 years?

To see ourselves as others see us

This is direct from Instapundit in the US. Dan Andrews is as thick and dumb as anyone I have ever seen in politics, but you would hope that there might be others in his government who see the massive damage the Victorian Government is inflicting on the State and on Australia’s good standing among the nations of the world and would do something.


SHOCK VIDEOS: What’s happening to Australia?

The Aussie government insisted afterward that the rioters were the aggressors, even scolding them for urinating on Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance. Is that the truth or just part of the state’s PR effort to keep the balance of popular opinion on the side of lockdowns by demonizing those who resist them?

The most disturbing video circulating today has no violence in it. It’s this scene of police officers in another part of the country interrogating a man in the interest of “public safety” about whether he knows of any protests coming up. I can’t tell if that’s because they’re worried about a riot in their jurisdiction too or if they’re really willing to go this far to prevent people from congregating in public for fear that they’ll spread the virus. Australia has lost very few people to COVID thanks to their lockdown strategy, but they’ve lost other important things in the process.

All the more reason in America to: Thank God for Rednecks.Who else could keep us from turning into Australia?

As bad as things are getting here in the States, we can’t fathom how much worse things would be without these down-home heroes. Sure, they might carry their paranoid anti-government theories a little too far. But their paranoia is far from unfounded, and even if they sometimes over-react, they keep America from falling into the opposite extreme: creeping tyranny, Aussie style. You can’t boil a frogs if he flips out every time you reach for the knob.

Like them, I’d prefer the burdens of liberty to a warm, sterile despotism. And that seems like an old-fashioned, all-American instinct to me. I can’t see Davey Crockett “sheltering in place” because the Department of Public Health asked him to. I can’t see Teddy Roosevelt triple-masking. I can’t see Johnny Cash stanning Dr. Fauci.

So, my apologies to those anti-maskers in Virginia. I rushed to judge you last summer, and that was wrong.  May you continue to resist any whiff of conformism with righteous fury. May you give no quarter to the elite “consensus” of elite “institutions.” And may you never stop being pissed off. It just might save this republic.

Except for certain quarters: College campuses are becoming insane COVID-19 security dystopias.

Guest Post: Muddy – Seeing and Looking

At 10.19 p.m. last night (20th of Sept.) on the Open Thread, twostix provided a link to footage of the recent fracas at CMFEU HQ in Melbourne, prior to the physical damage being done to the façade of the building. It was a brief, but very interesting audio-visual record. What piqued my interest, however, was a 1 Continue reading “Guest Post: Muddy – Seeing and Looking”

Key facts and sources about the “pandemic”

30 facts you NEED to know: Your Covid Cribsheet. Here’s the list but go to the link to see the detail. Most of them you know already, but some you might not.

  1. The survival rate of “Covid” is over 99%.
  2. There has been NO unusual excess mortality.
  3. Covid death” counts are artificially inflated.
  4. The vast majority of covid deaths have serious comorbidities.
  5. Average age of “Covid death” is greater than the average life expectancy.
  6. Covid mortality exactly mirrors the natural mortality curve.
  7. There has been a massive increase in the use of “unlawful” DNRs. [Do not resuscitate orders]
  8. Lockdowns do not prevent the spread of disease.
  9. Lockdowns kill people.
  10. Hospitals were never unusually over-burdened.
  11. PCR tests were not designed to diagnose illness.
  12. PCR Tests have a history of being inaccurate and unreliable.
  13.  The CT values of the PCR tests are too high.
  14. The World Health Organization (Twice) Admitted PCR tests produced false positives.
  15. The scientific basis for Covid tests is questionable.
  16. The majority of Covid infections are “asymptomatic”.
  17. There is very little evidence supporting the alleged danger of “asymptomatic transmission”.
  18. Ventilation is NOT a treatment for respiratory viruses.
  19. Ventilators killed people.
  20. Masks don’t work.
  21. Masks are bad for your health.
  22. Masks are bad for the planet.
  23. Covid “vaccines” are totally unprecedented.
  24. Vaccines do not confer immunity or prevent transmission.
  25. The vaccines were rushed and have unknown longterm effects.
  26. Vaccine manufacturers have been granted legal indemnity should they cause harm.
  27. The EU was preparing “vaccine passports” at least a YEAR before the pandemic began.
  28. A “training exercise” predicted the pandemic just weeks before it started.
  29. Since the beginning of 2020, the Flu has “disappeared”.
  30. The elite have made fortunes during the pandemic.

Covid passports must be date stamped

In the Weekend Australian, Cameron Stewart, known Trump hater, wrote that, “an unvaccinated person is five times likelier to spread the virus.” No source for this definitive assertion. Typical of today’s shoddy journalism. I searched and found the likely source. It is a well-publicised CDC study dated 24 August.

The study’s sample was 43,127 infections which occurred in Los Angeles County during the period from 1 May to 25 July. Using outcomes as at 25 July, the study, among other things, concluded that the rate of infections among the unvaccinated was five times (4.9 actually) the rate among the vaccinated. Incidentally, the study confirmed other studies (from the CDC and Public Health England for example) in concluding that the viral load of the vaccinated and unvaccinated is the same.

Of course, you can’t pass the infection on unless you’re infected. But a first point to make is that this is one very narrow and very specific study. And, as with all studies based on a small sample, it may not be representative and may well have flaws.

Second, account does not appear to be taken of the time since vaccination. A sample of people with an average time of two months since the second jab is likely to give a radically different result than if the average was six months, when the effect of the vaccine will have markedly reduced. So, if Mr Stewart feels safer sitting next to vaccinated people, he’d better ask them how long since they were vaccinated.

Making a sweeping statement, as Stewart does, is entirely inappropriate and ill-founded. Most journalists have become Covid whores. They search around for the fattest wallet. In this case for anything which backs their preconceptions and agendas.  Searching for the truth be damned.