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  1. how can you lecture others who are on the bones of their arse, asking them to refuse to earn a living if it involves vax passports?

    please, take you time … do all the research …. and then the point to where I did that anywhere except in you imagination.

    and Sancho is off … quicker than Shannon Lush’s panty-hose

    fucking tiresome Sancho

  2. So Matrix.
    Do you want to make a case for or against vaxxed people using a vax passport to access services?
    That is how this bunfight started.
    Where do you stand?
    Is it OK to take advantage of a vax passport?
    Or should they forego that in solidarity with the those who want to refuse the vax?
    Given you claim to have leverage in certain industries, are you going to pull the pin and forego revenue in protest?

  3. And now to outdoor pursuits.
    Oh, wait, there aren’t any.
    I meant Keno at the pub.
    Oh wait, they’ve been closed for months ..
    Ah well, outdoor pursuits in the dark then.
    It’s not cricket. That’s closed too.
    Welcome to the TerrorDome.
    *Rattles spray can*

  4. I fkn laughed about critice of Anzacs last night.

    Hi fk wit Delta A.

    Shirley the ships are congregating off Albany prior to heading to Gallipoli where the fuck head Winston fkd up.

    Which he admitted.

    That is called Leadership and Australia has had fkheads for a considerable time.

    But what would John Howard do?????

    What do you think Delta A???

  5. Sancho, please tell the readers exactly what the fuck you were doing to protest the insane , tyrannical CHO rules in March, 2020.
    If not, then shut the fuck up about what those of us, pointing at self, we’re doing, albeit pathetically, we’re doing.
    Don’t come at me with “where the fuck were you then” dickhead- you weren’t doing shit.
    Take a pew, revolutionary.
    I was protesting in May,2020.
    With video evidence.
    Where TF were you?
    Having a BBQ?

  6. Arkysays:

    October 1, 2021 at 11:08 pm

    Is this true Panzer?
    You with the pigs?
    Not cool.

    Based on what?

  7. funniest thing I personally find is to personally know fkn useless baztards from around the real world.

    go puncha panzer.

  8. Receipts, Sancho
    Or GTFO
    Oh, you don’t have any?
    Because you weren’t doing shit?
    Colour me surprised.
    Don’t ever come at me again, faggot

  9. Sancho, please tell the readers exactly what the fuck you were doing to protest the insane , tyrannical CHO rules in March, 2020.

    Trying to convince as many people as I could that Andrews and Sutton were dangerous pricks.
    Still doing it with various levels of success.
    None of it involved taking “look at moi” selfies.

  10. And now, to Keno.
    Sleep well, sheep.
    Knowing some idiot is out there doing something.
    See you on the keyboards!

  11. None of it involved taking “look at moi” selfies.
    Post a screenshot of a “selfie” I’ve ever put anywhere.
    Or GTFO
    Would you know me if I bumped you on your ass in the street?
    Yes or no?

  12. Listen, I’ll tell you another thing.

    We (my company), are not immune.

    we are just further removed from the first-order effects
    our day is coming too.

    that people cannot see the utter and complete destruction that our Gov’s idiotic policies have wrought, is disturbing.

    that Govt cannot see it, is verging on criminal

  13. Don’t ever come at me again, faggot

    You do seem obsessed with homosexuality.
    Anything you’d like to share?
    You do know Brievik has come out since being in jail, right?
    I wonder if suppressed homosexual urges drive a lot of male violence (or talk of violence in the more insipid cases).

  14. You’re really bad at this, Sancho.
    I feel sorry for you.
    I hope you’re better at “convincing people” whatever that entails …
    I couldn’t even “convince” a girl I was fucking… what’s your secret?

  15. Sancho, how many vaxxes have you had?

    Seventeen I think.
    I think I had the usual round of five when I was a toddler.
    The smallpox one I remember (that’s the scar on the arm right?)
    The polio one, which was that cherry oral one.
    And the tetanus booster when …
    What fucking business is it of yours?
    My body, my choice, remember.

  16. You do seem obsessed with homosexuality.
    No, just yours.
    “I’ve been convincing people since back in the day”
    Lol, you haven’t done shit.
    And you’re embarrassed.
    Or at least you should be.
    It’s not too late.
    Do SOMETHING concrete.
    I’m loading a backpack and getting my running shoes on.
    What else am I gonna do on a Friday night in Yarragrad?
    What are YOU doing?

  17. What fucking business is it of yours?
    Just a question.
    Don’t be so defensive.
    Lol, Transhuman

  18. I hope you’re better at “convincing people” whatever that entails …

    Speaking of which, I know your “mo-fo street talk” shtick fools a few of the geriatrics here, but most see straight through it.

  19. Sancho is my bitch now.
    I like that.
    Don’t think I’ve ever had one here before.
    Hola, Sancho!

  20. I’m loading a backpack and getting my running shoes on.

    Rattle, rattle.
    A bit of graffiti.
    Like 20,000 others in Melbourne.
    That’s really sticking it to the man.
    Make sure the nozzle is pointing the right way.

  21. whats your interest in a fkhead like breivik??

    Ask gunner.
    He reckons Brievik got it right.

  22. Sancho Panzer says:
    October 2, 2021 at 12:11 am

    whats your interest in a fkhead like breivik??

    Ask gunner.
    He reckons Brievik got it right.

    but you FBI sancho are the only one that goes on and on and on about brievik…. and I notice your correction of my original Breivik to your corrected Brievik.

    Thank you FBI

  23. Delta A

    you, and many others, think it fabulous what you are doing.

    I think it is Jones Town.

    fuk off.

  24. rickwsays:
    October 1, 2021 at 10:12 pm

    What happens when you haven’t been recruiting proto fascists into you police force for 20 years:


    Italian Police STAND DOWN In Solidarity With Protesters

    Meanwhile in this now Totalitarian Nation we couldn’t even send this video to police to show them how much the people would support their standing down
    & refusing to follow Illegal Orders, without them arresting us for ‘incitement’ or worse.

  25. Rabzsays:
    October 1, 2021 at 11:13 pm
    Class warfare is a big part of this putsch

    Milts – we grew up in a classless society. We’ve devolved back into one.

    All thanks to our not so beloved nomenklatura.

    It’s what that utter, up-his-own-arse snob, Whitlam was actively recruiting us into when he pushed his/the Communist, “Work Smarter, Not Harder”, ‘Free’ Uni for All, major whack at Societal Breakdown.

    Even before kids left high school they were trashing their parents for being ‘too stupid’ to go to Uni. They were embarrassed by honest, hard working parents.

    Some of us saw way back then, where that was headed.
    When you actually produced things for a living you knew there just weren’t that many “executive” jobs to be had.
    When you worked for the council, you knew there weren’t that many council JOBS to be had.
    When you were a Union Rep, you knew there weren’t that many blood sucking Communist bastards & Fascist f#cks in the country, yet, but by God, Whitlam & his ilk were out there madly grooming generations of them to come.

    Of course, trying to warn people back then that this was a deliberate plan, only got you shouted down as a ‘know nothing, paranoid idiot’ by your ‘betters’, those educated in the Fascist Factories known as University.

  26. As I was just saying –

    “Dot says:
    October 1, 2021 at 11:16 pm

    Sydney Uni – the Economics faculty are dedicated Marxists.

    – and you didn’t need a Uni Education to figure out that they were making our factory workers mostly quietly sedated, tax payer funded, ministry housed ‘churn points’ for the International Drug Industry and creating a boom for the slave industry elsewhere … that’s also here now, but we don’t talk about them.

  27. Rabzsays:
    October 1, 2021 at 11:16 pm
    The bugman class should have been loudly foreseen.

    It wasn’t and we’re now existing through it. Along with their equally sexless drones, the Karens.

    It WAS Rabz.

    It was Foreseen & Fore Warned of, long ago.

    You know what happened to intelligent, educated people who escaped Communist countries to live free in Australia; they took what jobs they were sent to, what they could get, in factories & other labouring work.

    They worked hard & long, did without, saved, bought cheap blocks, worked hard after work, building their families a good house.

    Those houses, built by smart men who were proud to work hard, shared & exchanged labour & skills with other such men also building homes for their families, still hold up better today than ‘Rubber Stamped’ out of working classes people’s entry level, professionally built houses today.

    They all didn’t join the growing bugman classes here to ‘get rich’, but taught their children it was wasn’t worth the ultimate price.

    Sadly, tragically, too many of their children & following generations did get seduced by the ever growing God mocking culture and the belief that it was “smart” to “do whatever it takes” to get “rich”, and here we are.

    In a land of ‘rich’, multi property owning professionals, who don’t want their unjabbed parents seeing their grandchildren and believe it’s perfectly correct that Churches have closed their door, just when people need them the most.

  28. According to SKY Photios has dictated to his parliamentry submissives that Perottett and Kean are to come as a matched pair.
    Will Perottett seek to break the Photios dictatorship – no chance.
    As much as I despise Glad, having Kean as puppet master is an infinitely worse prospect.
    The successful Turnbull/ABC conspiracy to block Abbott’s program to remove the LNP cronies has had national ramifications. Fascist fool Morrisson being but one example.

  29. So Boeing’s UAV ‘s from Toowoomba will be stamped ‘Made in Queensland’.
    She is so inpenetratebly stupid.
    Like all dictators she believes that she will be around for ever, and that the future will conform to her dictates.
    About par for the course for the Boeing morons from my experience. Corporate whores.

  30. “Seig Heil!!”

    Did writing that give you a cheap thrill?

    This place has been getting a bit nasty and I have other things to do.

    Apparently, I’m due for a ‘collaborating female’ 1945-style haircut.

    I didn’t know it was mandatory here to sign up to Riccardo’s latest Edict.

  31. Again, there is that nagging but unanswered question.
    Where was that solidarity in March 2020?

    I am on record (Quadrant, June 2020) publically questioning the proportionality of the governmental responses to a pandemic that I had judged for myself to be no reason to stop my travels in March.

    Proportionality is something worth bearing in mind here too re the vaxx passports, which will die their natural death in a few months, as they must. Most Australians do not want to live by divide and rule and I along with others will be saying that loud and clear in daily activities.

    I will never forget the threat of the 1945 haircut though. That is obscene.

  32. “I didn’t know it was mandatory here to sign up to Riccardo’s latest Edict.”

    Lizzie, it isn’t and I would advise against it.

  33. More than seven decades on the planet, by her own description one of the finest minds of her generation, an academic and scholar ditto, but still can’t spell “publicly.”

    Your stocks have fallen a lot in the last few years, Lizzie. No amount of boasting or twee-ness or sucking up is going to bring them back.

    Next time you mouth obscenities about someone, remember what happened last time.

    I consider my work done.

  34. rickw:

    Yep. There’s no way fucking Dickhead Dan or anyone else is forcing me to get jabbed. This is the line.

    At the start of this episode, I stated the ‘vaccine’ was my hill and I wouldn’t compromise.
    That remains my position.
    Que sera, sera.

  35. Bruce of Newcastlesays:
    October 4, 2021 at 7:39 am

    Every six months forever.
    And anyone can become an unperson for not getting yet another “booster”. Russian roulette anyone?

    Yeah but it’s only 2 weeks to flatten the curve and the Passport isn’t forever, in NSW, at the moment, and so what if WHO & CHO’s said, ‘DON’T Jab Kids!’, now it’s be proud to have your kids Jabbed because all those reports of permanent serious damage done to them, all of them, were just comorbidities, that no one knew they had, until after they were Jabbed, and besides, you best get used to it because soon it will be your perfect little babies getting Jabbed to, if you want to take them anywhere with you, ever …

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