Scraping by as a vile parasite in society

“Papers Please” – New South Wales Australia Officially Celebrates Their First Day of Apartheid with The Introduction of Two Classes of Citizens

Read the story from the Conservative Treehouse that comes with the heading here. Includes this:

Liberty abandoned under the false guise of security can never be regained.

You will comply…. or you will scrape by as a vile parasite in society.  Yes, THAT is your freedom choice.

“Thus it is that no cruelty whatsoever passes by without impact. Thus it is that we always pay dearly for chasing after what is cheap.”  ~ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Do you think the government will not deploy these new registration papers (vaccine passports) to change the way citizens can behave or engage on other matters?  If so, you are a fool.  Government never gives up control of this scale and significance.

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  1. Plasmamortar Avatar

    The subscription based model for living.

    The first 2 issues were free, the next ones however…

    This only end when we all take up the new profession of ‘butcher’

  2. Mother Lode Avatar
    Mother Lode

    Whatever Perrottet’s opinion might be having spent the this year telling people they have to get vaxxed and trying every trick they can to make people submit, and numbers who did so against their inclination, there was no way they could free the vaxxed and unvaxxed alike. They have to give the vaxxed who were not keen on it in the first place some sort of reward or symbolic victory.

    But if he is not going to make a difference, then why bother with the job in the first place.

    Pull your finger out, Dom.

  3. Ellen of Tasmania Avatar
    Ellen of Tasmania

    Someone (thank you) linked to this talk in the Open Forum:

    Can you listen to anything about ‘rona these days without Australia being mentioned?

    One of the interesting things to watch has been the progression of thought by these doctors and scientists that are speaking out on this issue. Dr. McCullough started talking about early intervention treatments. This talk shows the dangers of the vaxxes and he finishes by saying the behaviour of the government and their ‘bodies’ can only be explained in the light of some other-than-the-virus agenda. (That’s where Aus. gets a mention.)

    Anyway, he is well worth the time to listen to. He’s not JC’s ‘haven’t-studied-it, but trusts the FDA expert’ but, hey, I’m prepared to live with that.

  4. Miss Anthropist Avatar
    Miss Anthropist

    Total rubbish.
    The public have been second class citizens since the Government when totalitarian. There were the elites, such as all Government workers, celebrities, footballers et al. A cluster on the northern beaches was started by diplomats, exempt from all the nuisances the protesters have to suffer.
    So please get it right.
    The unvaxxed are now citizens of the third class.
    So please get it right.
    I’m closing, the fascists may continue to go kiss my arse.

  5. Mark M Avatar
    Mark M

    Meanwhile, in Victoria, cases are 1612 today.

    Can’t blame that on football parties, peaceful, unarmed protesters or “cmfeu infiltrated by evil right wing provocateurs”.

    You could blame it on lockdowns and farce-mask wearing, the preferred CHO advised government way.

  6. duncanm Avatar

    disgusting that the governments have gone through with this.

    More repulsive is the support from a large % of the population. Talk about sleep walking into the showers.

  7. Delta Avatar

    Scraping by as a vile parasite in society

    “Papers Please” – New South Wales Australia Officially Celebrates Their First Day of Apartheid with The Introduction of Two Classes of Citizens

    Indeed – never a truer word. This vax /non-vax issue has split my family right down the center. And here am I now ‘scraping by as a vile parasite in society’ in my own home with my own family some of whom are planning outings over the next few weeks. I am lost for words about the contempt that I have for politicians of all political colours for what they are doing because this dystopia is not over yet, not by a long way. Actually they are despicable and beneath contempt! And never again will I trust any word any of them says about anything. They are disgusting.

    A video “A Killing of the Mind” in a recent newsletter from George Christensen explains the process of conditioning the masses and how this has all been brought about. Small comfort when some of your close family and grandchildren are taken away.

    Where to from here? The end of the video I’ve linked provides some suggestions so that’s for starters. Beyond that, who knows. One thing I’m feeling an anguish and loss at my family ties and personal friendships that have been stolen from me all as part of the grand depopulation program. And before anyone chooses to scoff about a depopulation program, take a look at the list of conspiracy theories on the linked site 2020 versus reality 2021. From all that I’ve read it will only be a matter of time. And if it all goes off according to their plan, my anguish and animosity to our governments will fade into insignificance. If it doesn’t I’d like to see a Nuremberg 2.

  8. Tintarella di Luna Avatar
    Tintarella di Luna

    Well in a zoom meeting with son and daughter-in-law it came to pass that in almost 67 years of life I had it said that they would be uncomfortable with my presence in their home and around their children. Act 1 Scene 4 in King Lear sprang unbidden to mind.

    I am utterly devastated and I have had had to give that statement considerable thought. This evening my thoughts will be crystallised into words at another zoom meeting.

    Tears are no salve for the pain and hurt. The Sunbather fully supports me and I can thank heaven for that small mercy.

  9. johanna Avatar

    Tinta, this is truly evil at work.

    I’m not religious, but like The Divine Agatha, do believe that there is such a thing as evil. No ifs or buts, no excuses, just plain evil. It’s an embarrassing concept for the social engineers who dominate our contemporary discourse.

    It reminds me of homosexual men and women of my acquaintance over the years who were expelled from their families. Whatever happened to ‘love the sinner, hate the sin?’

    Not, I hasten to add, to imply that you have sinned.

    Setting people against each other seems to be woven into the fabric of modern ‘progressive’ movements and their enablers in the State.

    We’re all in this together – as long as you comply and unless you are a member of the nomenklatura.

  10. Gilas Avatar

    I think someone may already have posted similar:

    We’re all in this together

    is the new

    Arbeit macht frei

  11. calli Avatar

    Tears are no salve for the pain and hurt. The Sunbather fully supports me and I can thank heaven for that small mercy.

    I am so sorry for you Tinta. This is wickedness, bald and unashamed. It has been fostered through fear, and we know exactly where that fear came from and how it has been fed.

    You have your beautiful husband as your rock. This is what he was made to do. And it’s a big mercy. Give him an extra dollop in his coffee…he deserves it.

  12. calli Avatar

    Another thing, whatever you do. Don’t be tempted to stop loving. If you find the well running dry, ask for more. The resource is endless and overflowing.

    And when you get the great big portion of extra love, you’ll get a side order of wisdom for that zoom meeting too. The two seem to go together somehow. Speaking from long experience and many…many tears.

  13. Ellen of Tasmania Avatar
    Ellen of Tasmania

    this is truly evil at work.

    Tinta, Delta, Calli and others who are finding this so hard within your families – my heart goes out to you.

    The only thing I can’t understand is how any, any, any, anyone can still think this is about health.

  14. feelthebern Avatar

    Can’t blame that on football parties, peaceful, unarmed protesters or “cmfeu infiltrated by evil right wing provocateurs”.

    Lisa Wilkinson will try.

  15. duncanm Avatar

    Tinta, that’s very sad.

    As others have said – don’t let it become a sore. Look past it. They have been scared by the media and grubbinments.

    I suggest you carefully guide them to the worldwide evidence (UK is probably best) on the impacts on the young (< 20yo), of covid = Basically Zero. Nothing. Nada.

    The risks of non vax are to you and you alone, not anyone in your family.

  16. Tintarella di Luna Avatar
    Tintarella di Luna

    Thanks johanna, calli, Ellen, duncanm and others I really appreciate your kind thoughts and wise words.

  17. Megan Avatar

    Tears are no salve for the pain and hurt.

    I’m in the exact same position, Tinta. Heartbroken doesn’t even begin to describe it. We don’t even get the Zoom conversations.

    An A4 page filled with terror and emotional blackmail delivered us our termination details.

  18. calli Avatar

    Megan, they think they’ve closed the door, but it’s still ajar. That’s your foot in it. Wait. Things will change.

    Children, even old, stiff necked children, know unconditional love. They’ll be back, probably a bit embarrassed or defiant or that toxic mixture of both. That’s when you give them a hug.

  19. Rorschach Avatar

    Arbeit macht frei

    Vaxx macht frei

  20. Arky Avatar

    Screw these children of yours.
    I’m available for adoption.
    Make you wills out appropriately and enjoy emotional- blackmail free access to your new grandchild!

  21. Arky Avatar

    Not you Cali.
    You keep those nano wrigglers away from me.

  22. Hugh Avatar

    It’s the Cathars vs. the Deplorables all over again.

    But the Albigensian heresy of the high middle ages has nothing on this one.

  23. a reader Avatar
    a reader

    I went to see my physiotherapist today. It’s in the same building as a pool. Go in one door and the staff are demanding to see proof of vaccination. Go in the other and they’re not. What separates the potential unwashed from the other folk? a folding metal baricade about a metre tall.

    In NSW you can click and collect your orders from Big W, Kmart, Target whatever if you’re unvaccinated. So you can stand in a doorway and “infect” everyone who walks into or near the store but you can’t go into it where you would probably do a better job of socialist distancing.

    In NSW on Sunday you could to go an outdoor pool, no matter who you are. Today only the vaccinated can. Why? It’s the same chlorinated water with the same density limits

    In NSW on Sunday, a single person was allowed a bubble buddy. It’s a bullshit cruel and unusual system but at least there was a modicum of social contact. As of today it is now illegal for an unvaccinated person to be let into your home and it is illegal for any person to be allowed into a home that an unvaccinated person resides in. So yes, social isolation once more for unvaccinated single people.

    Not medical apartheid? My arse. Logical protection for the “vaccinated?” Pig’s arse. Discriminatory, segregatory practises against a portion of the community? YOu bloody bet ya. And this is a liberal government considered “The Gold Standard.” More like Iron pyrite.

  24. Fat Tony Avatar
    Fat Tony

    Seems like our state governments are going to keep pushing until someone reacts & pushes back violently.

    Then we’ll see the 700 AR15s in use – probably rather indiscriminately…

  25. Shy Ted Avatar
    Shy Ted

    So he’s not the Messiah? Failed his first test. If you fail the first test you can’t pass the second or third.

  26. Tintarella di Luna Avatar
    Tintarella di Luna

    Megan I am so very sorry for what has happened to you and your family. In our meeting I said to my son and daughter-in-law that they are not responsible and that I am not responsible for the fear that has exacerbated their concerns and cause such distress.

    It was not a long conversation but I made it very clear that I would not impose myself on their family or see the grandchildren until I was able to secure an attenuated vaccine that conferred immunity and not an experimental one which did not. I said my decision was based on their concerns that I would transmit the disease and I did not want to be burdened by that responsibility. I said I would continue to have phonecalls, Facetime and Zoom and drop over goodies from time to time but no face2face time. It was then that all that I had argued in our last conversation was re-iterated back to me and on that note it was concluded that I will be visiting tomorrow.

    I hope and wish a similar outcome in time for all who’ve had family fracturing because of the evil mongrels who’ve promoted COVID-porn and polluted our social interactions to the point of hatred — we must never forget who has done this to us, our families and communities. Never forget.

    I am delighted to say that the zoom meeting with son and daughter-in-law concluded with greater clarity and an apology for having used the word “uncomfortable” in our initial discussion. Words are so important.

  27. calli Avatar

    Thanks for letting us know how it went, Tinta. Have a good day tomorrow.

  28. Tintarella di Luna Avatar
    Tintarella di Luna

    Thanks calli I feel so much better I am really looking a wreck – it doesn’t help that I cut my own hair it’s the “cropped-by-a -goat” look – tomorrow thank you God for tomorrow.

  29. Megan Avatar

    Thanks Tinta, glad it’s a better end to the day for you and your family. Long may that continue.

    This has fractured our resolve somewhat but I simply cannot take the risks associated with the current crop of vaccines on offer.

    It is more that they are afraid that they will transmit C19 to us because the grandies will bring it home from school and we are unprotected. They want us to not go anywhere at all until we are vaxxed . It’s purely fear driven but it’s become irrational with the complete inability to hear anything that we have to say on the matter. The guilt was laid on with a trowel. I’m torn between sadness and fury.

    I will get over it. At the moment I’m still trying to make meaning from it.

  30. Tintarella di Luna Avatar
    Tintarella di Luna

    Hi Megan the gist of our conversation was exactly the same that they are afraid for me in my unvaxxed state I yold tgem again thatI sm not afraid because i am healthyand am on a regimen if prophylactics and that fear is nit going to ruin my life

  31. shatterzzz Avatar

    After being refused entry into the local swimming pool on Monday after swimming there last Saturday I contacted Fairfield Council to ask why .. the answer was complying with the NSW gummint rules for 10 October .. My reply to Council …
    Now that FCC has, wholeheartedly, embraced the APARTHEID decree of the NSW gummint (without resident consultation) will that include ALL services & entry to Council facilities?
    Will we be required to purchase our own “yellow stars” for clothing and the property (to make vilification easier) or will Council be supplying them?
    Will ALL FCC public facilities have “V” & “unV”  signage or separate entrances? ..
     So many changes not enough information .. it’s a worry & getting it wrong might be embarrassing .. sarc …
    Addressing these important facets of “our” new life will allow “US” who opted for “Freedom of Choice” to better understand that we are now UNDERMENSCHEN
    in the new, compulsory, order of life in Fairfield ……

  32. srr Avatar

    Crossie says:
    October 11, 2021 at 7:40 pm

    Indeed. As we look around, who can we trust? All ,major “leadership” groups, politicians, public “servants”, doctors, nurses, academics, media, religious leaders, how many of them have stood up and simply said “This is wrong”?

    Boa bee John, I also wonder how did we get here so quickly.

    Because everyone who dared say, ‘Watch out, you can’t trust these bastards, they’re bullshitters with another agenda.’, got shouted down as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ and all the, now proven to be sound, warnings, went mostly unheeded.

    Now keep that in mind and just skip to the last 5 1/2 minutes of this – then watch the whole thing again and share it everywhere –

    Oct 2 2021 Peter McCullough MD – “The VXs are not safe”
    Pandemic Debate Published October 5, 2021

  33. srr Avatar

    SHOCKING: Whistleblowers claim elderly patients in a US Care Home were “chemically restrained” and forced to take Covid Vaccine, leading to their deaths

    The whistleblowers told Project Veritas that facility caretakers allegedly lie to residents about vaccines and “chemically restrain” the residents to force them to submit to the Covid-19 vaccines.

    Two Healthcare Insiders at Aegis Living Blow Whistle on Alleged Elder Abuse and Medical Fraud
    Project Veritas

  34. a reader Avatar
    a reader

    I thought it might be a way to prove the idiocy of this if vaccinated people get their certificate printed on a sheet of A1 paper and then unroll it like a scroll and don’t go past the checking person (thereby holding every one up) until they have it neatly rolled again for the next performance

  35. PeterW Avatar

    You are not free… you are just on a longer leash.

    Freedom is when their hand is no longer on the other end, ready to yank you back.

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