Apartheid Hits Home

I wrote this yesterday: “I broke the law today (Tuesday). Sat in an oft-frequented café – the owner doesn’t check. But I ordered my coffee in a takeaway cup so that I could scarper if I saw the fuzz.”

Today (Wednesday) I was kicked out, albeit with an apology. Only takeaway for me.

Don’t blame him (the owner), but doubt I will ever go back. Being kicked out is not the same as not being allowed in. It gives you a more acute sense of apartheid. I didn’t like it. I wonder what place Australia has become. Paid my taxes. Never robbed a bank or clobbered anyone. Yet, here I am. Excluded from the ordinary activities of life and those given the ‘privilege’ of being included, don’t seem to care a whit.

I saw Alan Jones fawningly interview Dominic Perrottet last night. I think it’s called a soft interview. You know, of the kind CNN would give to Joe Biden or Kamala Harris. Glossed over Covid passports. Certainly, Jones didn’t give any impression of being greatly troubled by them. So disappointing. But he’s vaccinated after all. He’s shared this part of his medical history with us; as have the other Sky News “conservatives.” Thankfully, they have kept other parts of their medical histories to themselves. To be fair, I’m not including Rowan Dean or James Morrow in my despair. I don’t quite know where they stand. I hope with principled conservatives. Surely there are still some principled conservatives left in the media?

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  1. Pommyal Avatar

    Sadly Peter, Alan Jones has turned into Alan Bolt. Despicable,gutless scum. Totally unworthy of any respect. Sad. When you think there’s someone with a skerrick of commonsense and decency they fuck you over. You’ve lost me Jones, you fucking bastard.

  2. a reader Avatar
    a reader

    Dean won’t say publicly either way (a position I support). Morrow has publicly declared he has been but has been more vocal criticising any form of mandate or coercion.

  3. calli Avatar

    We are now 60’s Mississippi.

  4. johanna Avatar

    Being kicked out of a place you have long patronised is indeed very insulting. And while I sympathise with the proprietor’s unwillingness to cop a five grand fine, he could have handled things differently. For example, he could have sat down with you and explained his dilemma, apologised, and respectfully asked you to give his place a miss for the time being, while allowing you to finish your coffee in peace.

    It still would have stung, but not nearly as much as being slung out on your ear.

    Putting businesses in the role of police is a dreadful impost on the owners and their employees. I have no doubt that many of them hate being put in this position, knowing that the full force of the State is lined up against them if they do not comply.

  5. Lee Avatar

    For at least eight years I have been going to a Chinese takeaway near me.
    The owner and his wife (the only people who have ever worked there in that time) know me well by sight, although we have not been formally introduced.
    But that all ended forever about three weeks ago when the guy all of a sudden harangued me for not wearing a mask, even though I haven’t been wearing one for months, including several visits there.
    I tried explaining to the guy about my medical exemption (a concept he didn’t seem to understand or acknowledge), with no luck, and he kept pointing to his “no mask, no entry” sign.
    Finally he said to get a note from my doctor, and I told him I wasn’t required to by law, and I suggested that he do a bit of research instead of parading his ignorance.
    That finally he shut him up. I plonked down the money for the order I had made over the phone, took it, and stormed out.
    My big mistake was not telling him he had lost me as a customer forever.
    Stuff him if he wants to throw away about $200 or so a year by pissing off customers.
    The neighbouring Chinese takeaway, where the owner doesn’t abuse me is the beneficiary.

  6. Cassie of Sydney Avatar
    Cassie of Sydney

    Rita Panahi is with Morrow re. mandates and coercion..they’re both against (as I am and I have been jabbed). Rowan keeps shtum because he’s probably been told to. Who knows…he’s probably been jabbed but it’s his right not to speak of it. To be fair, Sky News is under an enormous amount of pressure. I suspect they’ve asked Dean, Jones et al to keep quiet and not rock the boat. I know it’s cowardice but they’re being watched twenty-four hours a day by the left and activist groups…who want to shut the station down. They were shut down by Youtube in August. Craig Kelly no longer appears on the anything (apart from the adverts for Palmer’s party…which shows that Sky is happy to accept money from an “anti-vaxxer”).

    Andrew Bolt does his usual flip flopping to whatever side the wind blows.

    Sky News isn’t perfect but it’s a helluva lot better than anything else on offer. Without it I’d have nothing to watch.

  7. Baba Avatar

    October 13, 2021 at 3:11 pm
    We are now 60’s Mississippi

    But with shit music.

  8. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    The trouble with Sky News is they are a Murdoch outlet and it’s pretty clear that Lachlan and/or James have been hammering their Australian editors about climate and vaccines. It’s easy to see, since the editorial pieces tend to be drippingly slavish to the woke line, but the opinion pieces are more generally intelligent, varied and nuanced. The Daily Telegraph is even worse than Sky News – I think because they get more attention from on high since they are the largest circulation paper in Australia, whereas Sky News is niche.

    I couldn’t tell you what The Australian is saying. I gave up on even looking at the website about a year ago.

  9. The Beer whisperer Avatar
    The Beer whisperer

    My barber didn’t check for status, but I wouldn’t have put his business at risk. If the fuzz come, I’ll show them and tell them he checked it.

    I give nothing now, except to save someone from a violent criminal act. Fuck em.

  10. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    And so I go the the Sky News website just now. What do I see?

    Melbourne teenager who almost died from COVID-19 shares her horrific ordeal battling the virus, including 15-day ICU stay

    “I’m 17 years old and a Year 11 student and last month, I nearly died from COVID-19,” the teenager told the press conference.

    “At the time I was not eligible for the vaccine and now I wish I was vaccinated before I got COVID.”

    Have a look at the photo.

    There you go, exactly as I said above. Sky News appears to be under incredible pressure from above to run woke lefty propaganda about Covid as well as climate. Clear as day.

  11. Lee Avatar

    Have a look at the photo.

    This sounds terribly judgmental but she looks seriously overweight for her age and apparently quite short height.

  12. calli Avatar

    Lee, possibly pre or even full diabetic.

  13. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    And, Lee, she’s apparently recently discharged from a month in hospital. Most people I know in such circumstances lose quite a lot of weight and have to be fed up afterwards.

  14. Cassie of Sydney Avatar
    Cassie of Sydney

    October 13, 2021 at 6:12 pm
    Have a look at the photo.

    This sounds terribly judgmental but she looks seriously overweight for her age and apparently quite short height.

    Not judgmental at all, she is overweight and being overweight she no doubt has other health problems. At that age I was slim….sporty, played netball and hockey.

  15. Lee Avatar

    I don’t think teenagers and young people should be jabbed, and not just because of one (well, to me anyway) very unfit looking teen’s experience.
    Anyone under 20, or even 30 would be in the extreme low risk group of dying from Covid, or even catching it, especially healthy and fit people.

  16. Lee Avatar

    Not judgmental at all, she is overweight and being overweight she no doubt has other health problems. At that age I was slim….sporty, played netball and hockey.

    I was never, ever a sportsman, but at 17 (and even 23) I was almost as thin as a rake.
    Not (sigh!) now.

  17. Miss Anthropist Avatar
    Miss Anthropist

    The only thing I watch on Sky is outsiders. The whole msm is a crock of shit and I hope this interwebby thing drives them all broke.
    That Peter and Lee ( and anybody else) getting treated the way they have been because of mandates by big brother boils my piss.
    There are many places that I have been thrown out of and haven’t been back to. And I won’t. Not until we are allowed out of the country again anyway.

  18. 132andBush Avatar

    This sounds terribly judgmental but she looks seriously overweight for her age and apparently quite short height.

    It’s a statement of fact.
    She’s obviously obese.

    It’s almost as if the propagandists are taking the piss.

  19. Gary Avatar

    You must only speak the approved words.


    Peter, will you be getting a knock on the door?

  20. shatterzzz Avatar

    Shopped at 4 smaller shops in Fairfield, NSW yesterday .. none asked/checked vax status .. These folk don’t have the Colesworth/Kmart/Big W turnover to luv the Parrot-head rules ..!

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