Why so keen?

Why are so many Australian’s so keen to be part of a medical trial? A question for the ages, right?

The answer is simple: they probably don’t know they are.

Let’s start with the mother of all lies from our very own Health Department.

Reference: Department of Health

What utter bullshit!

A ‘Full Assessment’ (as most people would understand it) would result in a ‘Full Approval’ – not a shortcut Provisional Approval.

As for, “This is the same process as any vaccine approved in this country”, I’m left speechless that they think they can get away with such lies. This is almost ‘Actionable’.

Let’s go to our noble Health Minister:

Reference: Australian Broadcasting Corporation

There’s that ‘Full and Thorough’ bullshit again.

Hint Greg: you are either lying or being lied to. Either way, get a grip of it and start telling the truth to those who pay you. Start understanding the risk involved before allowing mandated vaccinations to continue.

And as for our fearless Press:

Reference: The Guardian

Dear God, “Full Approval”! Another outright lie. The weasel words around Emergency Approvals is just the gravy on top. I guess you can’t inform your readers that our Provisional Approval is the equivalent of their Emergency Approval if you’ve just told them that the vaccines have Full Approval.

Wonder no more why a good portion of the populace are calling the hesitant “Anti-Vaxxers”, “Anti-Science” and other assorted goodies. They have no idea what’s going on, by design. Those who they should be able to trust, are just outright lying to them.

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  1. The issue, after the questions posed for the purported vaccines, is this old one of labelling. To become an “anti-vaxxer” one has only to ask a question. It is outrageous. I continue to await the arrival of the Novavax offering.

    To think that the same people—the federal minister, the TGA and others—continue to outlaw Ivermectin. The examples of various Indian states, notably Uttar Pradesh, as well as the belated one of South Africa point to the essential role in controlling this miserable virus. But not in Australia. Why? Because it is not used in “developed countries”.

    Some time ago someone called this denial of Ivermectin a “crime against humanity”. Initially I thought that hyperbolic, but no longer.

  2. The TGA were so thorough they didn’t know that the vaccine barely works, doesn’t stop transmission, or hospitalisation, wears off after 3-6 months and can’t deal with mutations.

    Other than all that they know everything there is to know about it (that the summary data that Pfizer and Astra permit them to see tells them).

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  3. Why so keen?

    A manufactured and carefully orchestrated tsunami of fear that has swept many, good and bad, along in its path.

    As the cost has been borne unequally nationwide, we also have big time winners and losers. The winners can crow about how the pandemic has brought them nothing but good and will gobble up their “hard earned freedoms” with nary a thought to the suffering of others.

    It all plays to deep seated flaws.

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  4. Australians have become altogether too trusting of authority just at the time when the authorities are proving themselves to be utterly untrustworthy.

    But behind this phenomenon is the disturbing desire to be kept “safe” at, seemingly, any cost, from a perceived danger that has been magnified many times over. The media has been the chief liar in this regard, putting profit ahead of their duty to inform in an honest, accurate and unbiased manner.

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  5. They may have been thorough with examining the data that was presented to them – and which they accepted – in the same manner that I can thoroughly hand clean my paper-clips-in-the-shape-of-extinct-Australian-marsupials collection (all one of them).

    If even the definition of a vaccine can be rejigged, everything else can be redefined also.

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  6. The TGA were so thorough they didn’t know that the vaccine barely works, doesn’t stop transmission, or hospitalisation, wears off after 3-6 months and can’t deal with mutations.

    Other than all that they know everything there is to know about it (that the summary data that Pfizer and Astra permit them to see tells them).


    I also have this in mind when people talk about the ‘gold standard’, randomized, double-blind studies. So good none of them actually picked this up.

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  7. The federal health departments own website confirms they are Provisionally approved…
    How vaccines are approved
    The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approves vaccines for use in Australia after a careful evaluation process.

    The COVID-19 vaccines have provisional approval. This means they can be legally used in Australia because the need for early access outweighs the risks. The manufacturers continue to collect data on vaccine safety and efficacy and will apply for full approval later.

    The TGA also continuously monitors vaccine safety and side effects.

    Leads to here.
    What is the provisional approval pathway?
    The provisional approval pathway is a process that allows for temporary registration of promising new medicines and vaccines where the need for early access outweighs the risks.

    It is anticipated that sponsors of COVID-19 vaccines will apply to the TGA for registration using the provisional approval pathway. This approach is consistent with the mechanisms being used by other international regulators to assess and evaluate COVID-19 vaccine applications.

    The provisional pathway is only one of a number of pathways that a sponsor may use to apply for the approval of a vaccine. This page will be updated if a different approval process is used. It’s also important to note that an evaluation under the provisional pathway is still a full review*, and the TGA does not have a mechanism for emergency use authorisations.

    Once the TGA delegate has approved a vaccine for registration, it is included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) as a provisionally registered medicine and available to be administered by health professionals.

    The provisional registration is for an initial period of two years, with the option to apply for up to two extensions, up to a maximum of six years.

    Sponsors may apply for full registration when there is more clinical data to confirm the safety of the vaccine.**

    The provisional approval pathway consists of five steps: provisional determination, pre-market registration, the provisional registration period, extension of provisional registration and transition to full registration.

    *So every other drug application is needlessly held up for years because????
    ** But hang on, its the same process, you said as much just a paragraph before.

    The days of assuming government is making innocent boo-boos is long gone.
    If they misspeak or appear to have missed something then Ill just assume its for a malicious reason and save time.

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  8. The TGA fully approved Tamiflu, Vioxx and many many others.

    All fine! Until they weren’t.

    They do as they’re told by the local government and international organisations and otherwise follow the lead of the FDA and MHRA.

    Don’t expect the courts to help you if it damages you either, not matter what the actual real science – as opposed to the company summary data provided for approval five years earlier, says then.

    In pharma the only safeguard that exists is your own skepticism.

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  9. I also have this in mind when people talk about the ‘gold standard’, randomized, double-blind studies. So good none of them actually picked this up.

    The ugly truth is they all knew. They knew it very early on, they’ve just done that thing they all dreamed about doing in a ‘disaster’ scenario ‘the people can’t handle the truth!’ and decided that the ends (jabs in all arms because Pandemic!) justify the means of not telling anyone the truth that the vaccines shithouse.

    We can demonstrably see that in Australia as despite the entire world being well into the ‘booster’ phase, our authorities are still pretending that two “jabs” is fine. They have made a conscious decision to not tell people because they know people will walk away.

    So it’s political from the get-go.

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  10. The days of assuming government is making innocent boo-boos is long gone.
    If they misspeak or appear to have missed something then Ill just assume its for a malicious reason and save time.

    Always. Another thing I keep in mind now also when the claim that “Its more often a stuff-up rather than a conspiracy” is raised? The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled is to convince people he doesn’t exist.

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  11. Australians have a vastly inflated view of ourselves in the world.

    Think of Belarus.

    That’s what Pfizer thinks of us, as a market and player. We got what we were told we’d get, on the conditions that we were given set out by them. The TGA got what it was allowed to have, which is the guarded and bullshit summary data that it always gets, it’s not allowed to share huge chunks of that with the population.

    There’s also the matter of this at play like never before. Not only do you have the companies gunning for you, you have the entire political apparatus, the media, social media, and the mob if your independent research shows anything other than miracle cure.

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  12. It’s actually a political trial not a medical one.

    I would agree in part, but it’s much much more than that. For starters, there’s a huge amount of information in this message from Martin Geddes Everything you wanted to know about this genocide……but were too afraid to ask! that explains a lot.

    And I recommend taking a close look at a recent study from Germany Why are people dying after getting the Covid vaccine? Pathologists now have answers. Scroll down to the tissue slides which show and explain all the foreign bodies that have been found by the experienced pathologists and show the damage being done! It’s actually quite frightening that the injections are so lethal with as I see it death being the ultimate objective. The only conclusions are as outlined by Geddes and anyone or anybody including politicians that goes along with the vaccine being safe (and necessary blah blah) is complicit in criminal activity.

    Having seen what is in these injections and outcomes (adverse effects – blood clots, heart disease, pulmonary disease, death to mention just a few) I am terrified at any prospect of being injected. I think more will be revealed before the true Wizards of Oz appear from behind their curtain, although the thugs in positions of power across the Western World have shown their colours and now just act with impunity and in unison with each other. Much has been said by Geddes.

    The end game here will not be pretty. And oh yes, my son is a manager in a major financial institution and in his team of 10, 2 have had serious adverse effects from the vax one of whom was hospitalised with myocarditis. How’s that as a gift from your employer when you’re in your twenties?

    Back to the topic – Why so keen? This video may explain. MASS PSYCHOSIS – How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL.

    And oh yes – had a haircut the other day. Went to a suburban barber shop that I know that’s out of the way and I just asked the barber if he could cut my hair. All done, no questions, no paperwork zilch. The politicians that have imposed this dystopia are beneath contempt and we need Nuremberg 2.

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  13. The British Medical Journal thought there were conspiracies after the 2009 “Swine Flu”, calli, it did an entire investigative series into them.

    WHO and the pandemic flu “conspiracies”Key scientists advising the World Health Organization on planning for an influenza pandemic had done paid work for pharmaceutical firms that stood to gain from the guidance they wrote. These conflicts of interest have never been publicly disclosed by WHO. Deborah Cohen and Philip Carter investigate

    Already WHO’s handling of the pandemic has led to an unprecedented number of reviews and inquiries by organisations including the Council of Europe, European Parliament, and WHO itself, following allegations of industry influence. Dr Chan has dismissed these as “conspiracies,”

    The inquiry by British MP Paul Flynn for the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly—published last week—was critical. It said that decision making around the A/H1N1 crisis has been lacking in transparency. It pointed to distortion of priorities of public health services, a waste of huge sums of public money, provocation of unjustified fear, and the creation of health risks through vaccines and medications which might not have been sufficiently tested before being authorised in fast-track procedures. “These results need to be critically examined by public health authorities at all levels with a view to rebuilding public confidence in their decisions,” it said.

    If you read the whole thing, everything just makes sense, this is the absolute killshot:

    There was no scientific basis for the WHO’s estimate of 2 billion for likely H1N1 cases, and we knew little about the benefits and harms of the vaccination. The WHO maintained this 2 billion estimate even after the winter season in Australia and New Zealand showed that only about one to two out of 1000 people were infected. Last but not least, it changed the very definition of a pandemic.”WHO for years had defined pandemics as out-breaks causing “enormous numbers of deaths and illness” but in early May 2009 it removed this phrase—describing a measure of severity—from
    the definition.

    Last but not least, it changed the very definition of a pandemic.”WHO for years had defined pandemics as out-breaks causing “enormous numbers of deaths and illness” but in early May 2009 it removed this phrase—describing a measure of severity—from the definition.

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  14. Still puzzled about why people talk about these shots as vaccines.
    In the traditionally accepted sense of the word, they are not.
    You can still catch covid and still pass covid on, even if you are double shot + booster.
    Think about the smallpox vaccine – a true vaccine. Once you were vaccinated, you could not catch smallpox or pass it on. That is how smallpox was officially wiped out.
    There are many other worries regarding these shots – and they all relate to how they work – or, it seems increasingly to be the case, don’t work (look at Israel) but one thing they are not is vaccines..

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  15. That is how smallpox was officially wiped out.

    Not quite. The only reason we could eradicate smallpox is because it had no animal reservoirs. You cannot eradicate a virus if it has animal reservoirs whatever the efficacy of a vaccine.

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  16. Well, husband just refused entry to Harvey Normans because no vax certificate.

    I have decided that Australians are too hedonistic to care about the value of freedom. The current population, as a whole, also does not have the mettle.

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  17. On 20 August 2021, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), part of the Department of Health, granted provisional approval to GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Australia Pty Ltd for its COVID-19 treatment-sotrovimab (XEVUDY)-making it the second COVID-19 treatment to receive regulatory approval in Australia. Australia is the first OECD country to issue a formal regulatory approval for sotrovimab (XEVUDY).

    Sotrovimab (XEVUDY), a monoclonal antibody treatment, is provisionally approved and included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) for the treatment of adults and adolescents (aged 12 years and over and weighing at least 40 kg) with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) who do not require initiation of oxygen due to COVID-19 and who are at increased risk of progression to hospitalisation or death.

    Sotrovimab (XEVUDY) has been shown to reduce hospitalisation or death in patients with mild-to-moderate COVID-19 who do not require supplemental oxygen and are at high risk of progression to severe disease.

    Australians can be confident that the TGA’s review process of sotrovimab (XEVUDY) was rigorous. The decision to provisionally approve this treatment was also informed by expert advice from the Advisory Committee on Medicines (ACM), an independent committee with expertise in scientific, medical and clinical fields including consumer representation.


    When sotrovimab was provisionally approved the results of a clinical trial (COMET-ICE) had not been published in a peer-reviewed journal. This trial randomised unvaccinated patients with confirmed infection who were at high risk of complications. Risk factors included asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic kidney disease and diabetes. An interim analysis reported that COVID-19 had progressed in 3/291 patients infused with sotrovimab and 21/292 given a placebo. The five patients who subsequently needed intensive care were all from the placebo group.1

    The data considered by the Therapeutic Goods Administration included 528 patients given sotrovimab and 529 given placebo. Approximately 20% of these patients were over 65 years old. The infusion was given within five days of the onset of symptoms. A large difference emerged between the two groups and the trial stopped recruiting new patients. By day 29, 6% of the patients in the placebo group had died or been admitted to hospital compared with 1% of the sotrovimab group. Two people in the placebo group died.

    So 1 Trial run by maker GlaxoSmithKline and TGA approves, but Ivermectin for COVID-19: real-time meta analysis of 63 studies and Thugs Goons Administration bans Doctors in Australia from prescribing Ivermectin – TGA = Criminals

    https://c19early.com/ and https://ivmmeta.com/

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  18. Here are extracts from an official UK Government report.

    “UKHSA monitors the proportion of the population with antibodies to COVID-19 by testing samples provided by healthy adult blood donors aged 17 years and older, supplied by the NHS Blood and Transplant (NHS BT collection). This is important in helping to understand the extent of spread of COVID-19 infection (including asymptomatic infection) in the population and the impact of the vaccine programme…
    Nucleoprotein (Roche N) assays only detect post-infection antibodies, whereas spike (Roche S) assays will detect both post-infection antibodies and vaccine-induced antibodies…
    In this report, we present the results using a 4-weekly average, of testing samples up to 24 September 2021, which takes account of the age and geographical distribution of the English population. Overall, the proportion of the population with antibodies using the Roche N and Roche S assays respectively were 19.0% and 98.0% for the period 30 August to 24 September (weeks 35 to 38) (Figure 3)…
    Roche S seropositivity increased first in donors aged 70 to 84 and has plateaued since week 13, reaching 99.2% in weeks 35 to 38. Seropositivity has also plateaued since week 16 for those aged 60 to 69 reaching 98.7% in weeks 35 to 38.”

    If you look at the graph on page 23 you can see that the data demonstrate that the combination of natural and “vaccine” immunity has been at 95%+ for 6 months for those over 50 and the other graphs for younger groups follow the same trajectory.
    So why the continued drive to have everyone get a shot? It can’t be to protect the community. They demonstrate with their own figures that that has long been achieved.

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  19. Victoria has reported 2,179 locally-acquired cases of coronavirus in the 24 hours to midnight on Thursday, and six Covid-related deaths.

    NSW has recorded 399 new local cases in the 24 hours to 8pm on Thursday, with four deaths.

    The deaths take the state’s toll for the current outbreak to 131 – adding to 820 deaths of people with Covid in 2020.

    Friday’s 2,179 cases are down slightly on Thursday’s record 2297 cases, and compare with 1571 cases reported on Wednesday, 1466 on Tuesday, 1612 on Monday, 1890 on Sunday, the previous record of 1965 cases on Saturday, and 1838 last Friday.

    There are currently 21,324 active cases. As of Thursday, there had been 59,710 Covid cases confirmed in Victoria since the pandemic began.

    There were 704 people in Victorian hospitals on Thursday with coronavirus, including 147 in intensive care, of whom 100 were on ventilators.

    This compares with 705 people in hospital on Wednesday, including 146 in intensive care, of whom 92 were on ventilators.

    The latest cases come after 73,942 tests were processed on Thursday, down from a record 82,762 on Wednesday, the previous record of 79,200 on Tuesday, 68,509 on Monday, 73,138 on Sunday, 74,105 on Saturday, 73,443 on Friday, and 77,554 last Thursday.

    According to latest commonwealth figures, 87.15 per cent of Victorians aged 16 and over had received at least a first dose of Covid vaccine as of Wednesday — including 0.45 per cent of the group who had a first jab that day.

    The full vaccination rate for Victoria is at 62.65 per cent, including 1.16 per cent who had their second dose on Wednesday.

    Victoria is currently on track to reach its 70 per cent double vaccination target on October 22 – four days ahead of the Andrews government roadmap date of October 26.

    Based on the current rate of second doses, Victoria will reach 80 per cent full vaccination on November 1 – also four days ahead of schedule.

    Despite the surge in case numbers, Premier Daniel Andrews on Thursday pledged to stick with his road map out of lockdown, which will see restrictions eased from late next week when the 70 per cent target is reached.

    The vow comes amid much lower rates of hospitalisation than forecast in Burnet Institute modelling on which the road map is based, and much lower rates than those experienced at the peak of the NSW Delta cluster early last month, due to higher vaccination rates.

    The current outbreak emerged just over 10 weeks ago, amid short-lived celebrations of a zero case day on August 4 – the day before the state’s sixth lockdown was announced.

    Perhaps I am dumb or stupid – can anyone explain why Dictator Dan is opening VictoriaStan with this level of cases

    Despite the surge in case numbers, Premier Daniel Andrews on Thursday pledged to stick with his road map out of lockdown, which will see restrictions eased from late next week when the 70 per cent target is reached.

    Why in the Heck did Dictator Dan lockdown VictoriaStan in the first place when he is going to open on these figures???

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  20. Vickisays:
    October 15, 2021 at 11:32 am
    Well, husband just refused entry to Harvey Normans because no vax certificate.

    I’ll add them to my ‘never in my life buy from’ list

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  21. thefrollickingmolesays:
    October 15, 2021 at 10:53 am
    116 deaths from Moderna. Many thousands of (mostly minor) side effects.

    from the TGA database, Pfizer/COMIRNATY..
    Adverse event following immunisation – 35 deaths
    Dyspnoea – 22
    Cerebrovascular accident – 16
    Cardiac arrest – 14
    Gastrointestinal disorders – 13

    Now I do understand this may be mostly correlation (not causation), but somehow, ALL of these reports have nothing to do with the vax, and the TGA’s weekly surveillance report only mentions some minor myocarditis/pericarditis.

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  22. Nuance and complexity have been reduced to messaging suitable for a retarded four year old.
    Which appears to be fine with that vast swathe of the population
    happy with ‘Where can I get the shot?’
    ‘How is it possible to give informed consent?’ isn’t something they care to think about.

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  23. From Jo Nova Blog


    October 14, 2021 at 7:22 pm · Reply
    Today was to be my last at work (AusPost) as I refused to get vaccinated and was going on forced annual leave, then today they reversed on the mandate stating that all commonwealth employees don’t have to comply with state mandates and so I’m allowed back on site tomorrow, could have been partly due to the emails we sent to top levels that clearly outlined the laws and rights being broken as well as the fact they are legally liable for any injuries from the vaccines they forced upon its employees.

    We were almost made second class citizens in our own country due to a madman’s bluff.

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  24. Victoria has reported 2,179 locally-acquired cases of coronavirus in the 24 hours to midnight on Thursday, and six Covid-related deaths.

    NSW has recorded 399 new local cases in the 24 hours to 8pm on Thursday, with four deaths.

    Hey old aussie. The question here what PCR cycle rate is each state using. You can be certain that Danistan is using a higher rate to keep the fear levels high.

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  25. What utter bullshit!

    That’s exactly how I too would describe those claims by the Department of Health.

    Greg Hunt stood in Parliament and clearly stated that the “vaccines” were experimental, and that those who took them were partaking in the world’s largest experiment.

    That’s on the record in Hansard, he can’t walk that back now.

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  26. Roger W says:
    October 15, 2021 at 11:49 am
    Here are extracts from an official UK Government report.

    Roche nucleoprotein (N) and Roche spike (S) antibody assays

    So there is an assay… well who knew?

    Hi Doc, gimme one the Roche assay thingos

    If I have no anti-bodies then maybe, I will consent to a jab

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  27. Re the daily covid deaths that we are told about every day (and remembering they are deaths with rather than from covid).
    The numbers are usually, say, 6 NSW, 10 Victoria, 1 Queensland etc.
    Every day, in Australia, some 450 people die (over 160,000 a year), yet to rely on the MSM and the various State Governments, some 430-440 of these deaths are of no importance. Indeed, many people might assume we had abolished death, apart from those cases with covid.
    A strange world we live in.

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  28. This lack of understanding comes down to a lack of facts.

    Just as the term anti-vaxxer has been pressed into service to deride people who actually are not anti-vaxxers but instead merely apprehensive of these vaccines – and to refer to these people correctly would raise questions some people want kept unasked – so the expression ‘fully approved’ is being prostituted by vaxx pimps.

    In the US they have Fox, and when Fox tugged its forelock to the Swamp in November last year they suffered a drop in ratings and deserted their ecological niche swiftly filled other news outlets such as NewsMax, and so severe that they had to scramble back to recover their audience.

    We have Sky, but sadly it is a pale shadow. Nor do we have such pugnacious presenters. And I think they are not well supported by researchers – when was the last time you were really astonished by a revelation on sky except salacious details for the scandal du jour?

    The ABC is the behemoth in the room. Every lefty talking point resounds across the land.

    And it does not help that we do not have fiery politicians. The left don’t need them because they have the ABC and the J’ism schools. The right needs fighters: loud, unabashed, and pugnacious. Instead they are like termites, small and blind, scurrying about the internal issues of the nest and even when they leave the nest into the wide open their world is limited to a small envelope only a few millimeters larger than them. And when a trail of them is stomped on or a part of the nest smashed the dead are left dead and new ones scurry up to re-fill the gap or re-build the rampart but absolutely nothing more.

    How often have we seen Liberal politicians brought down by the Australian Bolshevik Collective. There might be a slight murmur of indignation but the dead is soon forgotten and others fill their place and they go back to clambering about inside their nest on countless uncomprehending errands. The ABC is able to kick the nest again and again and again, taking a toll on the nest, and but its blind, sterile, fidgety little denizens carry on in their tiny little worlds. They have the power to take the ABC on, but they can’t even imagine it.

    So our presenters are as mild as the topics they cover, our politicians small and in the thrall of focus groups and gelded staffers, and our media entrepreneurs content with the status quo.

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  29. It’s anyone but Trump carried to the nth degree.
    Our politicians and their advisors are not the sharpest carrots in the bunch. They consistently never fail to disappoint.
    They double down on stupidity because they all lean to the left.
    Mater your lucky to have had a civil discussion. Mine end in vituperative phrases of “filthy fascist sea hunts”, fucking Nazi sea hunts” etc.
    I’m amazed the doctorsI see put up with me. However they do set me off with the pressure to have a frankenvax.
    I’ve lost enough mates shortly after they have been injected with these untried untested untrustworthy drugs.
    Vaxxers can kiss my arse. Gutless quislings.

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  30. All of the doctors rely on the government and unqualified bureaucrats for their licences. I’ve heard that any doctor that makes too much noise about the vaccine side effects can be investigated by the health dept to see if they are worthy enough to keep their practicing licence. Under this regime you can forget about the oath!

  31. I am dividing everyone I know into a mental list of those who know, and those who do not wish to know.

    It’s a good way to go.
    There’s not point engaging with people who aren’t curious about it all.
    Unless they are gorgeous & you want to have adult relations with them.

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  32. Mater, your grasp of the data & pointing out the inconsistencies some of best I’ve seen.
    I reckon one day it needs to be put into bite size videos to explain to the masses what they’ve done to us.

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  33. “A manufactured and carefully orchestrated tsunami of fear that has swept many, good and bad, along in its path.”

    I believe it is a combination of things that got us here.

    They knew it was a bio-weapon – they couldn’t tell us for fear of starting a nuclear war with the “worlds factory”.

    They thought it was (or they might release, accidentally or on purpose) the nipah based bio-weapon the same lab is working on – which is 80% fatal vs SARS-COV2 if around 1% or so.

    The media love the fear – “if it bleeds, it leads” – making things worse, not better.

    The leftists in control of the institutions change the meaning of words – eg, Miriam’s changed “anti-vaxxer” from “against all vaccines” to also include “against mandatory vaccination” – for their own perceived benefit.

    Pollies may have been “gotten at” with the Pegasus “no click” phone virus, and threatened with the exposure of their own graft and corruption, whether illegal or just immoral.

    It’s impossible to back down now, without looking like an idiot (or so they think).

    The contract for the vaxes specifies “no treatments allowed” – they caved instantly, instead of exposing them publicly.

    They’re not stupid, but they think you are.

    The entire uniparty needs to pay for this at the ballot box – certainly, I for one will be voting UAP and
    PHON, never uniparty again. Ever.

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