The more we are vaxxed the more cases there are

Other than demonstrating once again what a complete liar he is, never mind how grossly incompetent, why would this be: Daniel Andrews baulks at releasing Covid-19 lockdown advice?

The Andrews government is refusing to say whether it will comply with orders from Victoria’s privacy watchdog to release documents detailing the basis for the state’s lockdown in February.

The Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner on Tuesday ordered the government to release 176 Health Department documents detailing the advice that guided the government’s ­decision to enforce a stage four lockdown on February 1….

Victorian opposition upper house leader David Davis, who has been fighting for the release of documents underpinning all six lockdowns, said Victorians had a right to know why they had been forced to stay home.

“If your business has been slammed shut, you’re entitled to know why,” Mr Davis said.

“If you can’t see your loved ones in hospital, you’re entitled to see the advice on which those ­decisions have been made.”

Mr Davis said the refusal to ­release the advice would call into questions the government’s credibility.

Meanwhile, as shown at the link, Covid numbers in Victoria are ballooning even as more people are getting the vax, following a trend found across the world. See Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States for the details.

At the country-level, there appears to be no discernable relationship between percentage of population fully vaccinated and new COVID-19 cases in the last 7 days. In fact, the trend line suggests a marginally positive association such that countries with higher percentage of population fully vaccinated have higher COVID-19 cases per 1 million people.

They are going to have to find new sets of lies to explain just how incompetent our governments have been.

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  1. Kneel Avatar

    We also have the right to know how much we paid for the vaxes, and under what terms – it’s public (taxpayer!) money being spent with a private company after all.

    So I have asked Commonwealth Health Department for copies of the vax contracts, but after waiting several weeks for a reply, all I got was the usual “fluff” response about how good there are and where to arrange getting one, which was totally unresponsive to the actual request. I replied telling them so, and they have acknowledged receipt, so I will await their next reply, which will no doubt be along the lines of “not available due to trade secrets” or similar, but I will push them as hard as I can to get the actual contracts, even if with some redactions, and even if that means submitting an FOI request through another means/contact.

  2. Megan Avatar

    Predictable response from Mr I Don’t Recall.

    The corner he has painted himself into is shrinking rapidly and he will require his outstandingly oilest skill set to slither up the wall to comparative safety.

    Let’s see just how good he is at eeling. He’s pretty crap at humaning.

  3. Timothy Neilson Avatar
    Timothy Neilson

    On the bright side, there’s a government entity which isn’t acting as Maximum Leader’s catamite.
    Likewise when the Court knocked down Maximum Leader’s ban on news choppers broadcasting aerial views of VicPol surrounding the protesters.
    We’re in dire straits for sure, but have hope – the march through the institutions isn’t complete yet.

  4. bemused Avatar

    Given that Chairman Dan answers to no one and believes that he has unlimited powers under the ’emergency powers legislation’, perhaps he also believes that he can remain as leader for life until the virus is eliminated?

  5. Roger Avatar

    Meanwhile, as shown at the link, Covid numbers in Victoria are ballooning even as more people are getting the vax, following a trend found across the world.

    Inevitable given the inefficiency of the vaccines and formerly locked down populations not having acquired antibody protection through infection with what is, for most people, a mild virus.

    We live in the stupidest of times.

  6. Mak Siccar Avatar
    Mak Siccar

    And the unflushable t*rd Andrews is now forecasting mandatory booster shots. What a megalomaniac.

  7. HD Avatar

    Here’s a summary of a recent US, Wisconsin based confirming studies in Vietnam, Israel, the UK and other places, showing that post infection, vaccinated shed virus at the same or at higher concentrations as unvaccinated persons.

    Pandemic of the unvaccinated huh (?) Rather pandemic caused by the vaccinated. The article makes the relevant observation that:

    “…the unvaccinated that catch the virus are more likely to be at home in bed with symptoms, while the vaccinated that catch the virus are more likely to have no symptoms and hence continue their daily routine unknowingly spreading the virus”.

  8. Vicki Avatar

    Well, this is what poor Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, the internationally acclaimed virologist, has been (futilely) claiming would happen when you “blanket”vaccinate populations in a pandemic.

    In fact, he argues that not only will you see a rejuvenation of the virus, you will see more virulent variants, an evolutionary development that he says is predictable. This is the phenomenon of Antibody-Dependent Enhancement, which was famously studied when farmyard chooks were vaccinated en masse after the spread of Marek’s disease. The chooks died in huge quantities & it took some time before the industry recovered.

  9. Tom Avatar

    If you have a problem, asking the government to fix it will make the problem worse.

    Apart from the gullibility and venality of our politicians, the major problem with government is the utter incompetence of the public service. Without key performance indicators requiring the public service to aspire to private sector efficiencies, the opposite occurs: incompetence that means the cost of services provided by the public sector is two to five times the cost of services provided by the private sector.

    That means the very best case scenario is that at least 50% of our taxes are wasted because they pay for services the private sector could provide for half the cost or better.

    Now look at how the Victorian health bureaucracy – fronted by political activists like Brett Sutton – has handled Kung Flu: it has made up its response as it goes along — hard lockdowns that haven’t controlled the number of Kung Flu infections, but instead have increased them, all the while with the political frontman, Daniel Andrews, assuring the public that the opposite is occurring. No wonder they’re fighting the release of the public service advice that justified the lockdowns.

    This ludicrous scenario has been allowed to play out virtually without scrutiny or opposition because of the supine indifference and incuriosity of journalists, 90%+ of whom barrack for the left side of politics. In Australia, that means they are barracking for the lockdown-happy state Labor governments of Victoria, Queensland and WA and against the LNP federal government in Canberra.

    The state governments of Victoria, Queensland and WA have had virtually zero media scrutiny and scrutiny of the NSW and federal governments has been uniformly hostile – because the media is tribal and the level of scrutiny of a government depends on which tribe the government represents.

    The popular myth is that we’re progressing as a species, but we’re regressing because the white ants in our midst have convinced us to forget everything we’ve learned about life on earth in the past 2000 years. Our civilisation has become irrational, tribal and dumbed down. It’s as if The Enlightenment never happened.

  10. Mak Siccar Avatar
    Mak Siccar

    Had Mak Siccar been the benevolent dictator at the time of the outbreak, the first action would have been to implement this …$File/w-AHMPPI-2019.PDF

  11. Mother Lode Avatar
    Mother Lode

    I remember years ago seeing an episode of ‘Australia, You’re Standing In It’. In it there was a funny skit (with Ron Quantock! if you can believe it) where he was explaining how things work in TV – a person writes something into a script and when he comes back the thing is done. If the script says ‘so-and-so picks up a cup of coffee’ -lo and behold, there will be a up of coffee on the table.

    He tested it by writing on the script in front of him ‘Ron gets roast beef sandwich from top of shelf’ then standing up and reaching on top of the shelf and, sure enough, there is a sandwich there.

    This is how Dan Andrews seems to think. If he writes something, or gets someone else to write something, then the thing will happen as with a script.

    And it is a closer parallel than even just that. In the Ron Quantock sketch he opens the sandwich and takes a great big bite, only for his face to droop in disappointment – it was peanut butter. And when Dan Andrews writes one of his ideas down…

  12. bemused Avatar

    And when Dan Andrews writes one of his ideas down…

    He’s capable of independent thought?

  13. Judge Dredd Avatar
    Judge Dredd

    The Covid vaccine is useless or most likely worse than useless.
    It seems that a vaccine that still allows you to catch it and spread it can actually be worse at spreading the virus and creating variants that are more deadly (at least to those that are vaccinated).
    Just look how well countries like Singapore are doing. Deaths may not be skyrocketing, but certainly the vaccine does absolutely nothing in stopping the spread, and looks like it helps to spread it

  14. rickw Avatar

    Idiocracy was a documentary on Victoria.

  15. jupes Avatar

    Our civilisation has become irrational, tribal and dumbed down.

    No doubt. I would say it reached its peak in 1969 and has been in decline since. Slowly at first but accellerating very quickly now.

  16. bemused Avatar

    Idiocracy was a documentary on Victoria.

    People keep hanging shit on Victorians, but try living down here where just having a break from exercising is met with extreme prejudice: Just one of many, many, cases where unreasonable force is applied to innocent people and to send a message to all that even inadvertently defying the Great Dictator will be have severe repercussions.

  17. WolfmanOz (just existing in Melb. now) Avatar
    WolfmanOz (just existing in Melb. now)

    I remember years ago seeing an episode of ‘Australia, You’re Standing In It’. In it there was a funny skit (with Ron Quantock! if you can believe it)

    Ah Rod (not Ron) Quantock . . . a name from the past who I very nearly KO’d.

    It was at a Grand Final breakfast where he was the main comedian . . . and once he started he spent almost his entire time mocking me in one way or another . . . It wasn’t very funny and I found it quite humiliating (and I was a guest).

    Near the end I simply got up, walked over to him, and quietly whispered in his ear (and very menacingly):

    “If you make one more joke at my expense or anyone else here, I will personally skull-fuck you that you will never want to perform again” . . . or words to that effect.

    Since then I have always had an utter contempt for this germ of a human being.

  18. John Bayley Avatar
    John Bayley

    Deaths may not be skyrocketing


    The coming northern winter is going to be very, very interesting on that front.

    Scotland is already showing a ‘puzzling’ (to ‘experts’) 30% increase in overall mortality compared to the 5-year average.

    Germany apparently is currently 10% up.

    Energy prices across the EU are going through the roof, too, so the peasants will be shivering at home without sufficient heating, which will exacerbate the problem.

    It’s a good thing that the unvaxxed are now to be barred even from shopping for food, as they are in Hesse (Germany), because if they just starve & freeze to death, it will distract from the increasingly obvious failure of the ‘vaccine’ campaign.

    Dan Andrews is no doubt going to want to emulate this ‘success’.

    People keep hanging shit on Victorians

    Unfairly. The fact is, there is no Australian state that’s any better. And please, do note, once again, that it does not matter which party is in power.

    I used to think the politicians and top public ‘servants’ responsible for this should be tried and put in jail for several decades.

    Now I think they should just be hanged from the nearest lamp post.

  19. Kneel Avatar

    “Now I think they should just be hanged from the nearest lamp post.”

    How very generous of you.
    I would think that slicing their guts open, hanging their entrails on a fence, and then inviting the birds to a feast would be more appropriate – plenty of time for them to contemplate exactly where they went wrong.
    Too far?

  20. John Bayley Avatar
    John Bayley

    Kneel, I see you are on the same page as I am.
    I just wanted to keep it toned down in case my comment were seen as a death threat and deleted.
    So yeah, you’re right on the money.
    Although, on second thought, when birds try to eat cane toads, they do get poisoned.
    Not fair to the birds.

  21. Fat Tony Avatar
    Fat Tony

    Crucifixion – and let the birds have a bit of a peck if they want….

  22. Eyrie Avatar

    “Now I think they should just be hanged from the nearest lamp post.”
    Crucifixion – and let the birds have a bit of a peck if they want….

    What about impaling?

  23. Eyrie Avatar

    Or is that “beyond the pale” ?

  24. Mak Siccar Avatar
    Mak Siccar

    Although, on second thought, when birds try to eat cane toads, they do get poisoned.

    Not quite true. Some (crows as I recall) have learned to flip them over and eat their bellies.

  25. PeterW Avatar

    With respect, I live just north of the Murray, and I am damned glad that I do not live in Vicghanistan…. or at the very least, in Melbourne.
    The lockdowns have been less lengthy and the last time I was in Vic and watching everyone -everywhere – in masks, I was wondering whether there had been some mass-outbreak of which I was unaware.

    Ok, the fundamental differences may not be great – sheep in a bigger paddock are still sheep, and can be mustered by the farmer at whim – but still they exist.

  26. Kneel Avatar

    “Crucifixion – and let the birds have a bit of a peck if they want….”

    “Crucifixion or freedom? Crucifixion? – line on the left, one cross each. Next!”

    “What about impaling?”

    There was one where they hung you upside down, then cut you in half slowly starting at the groin. Upside down so you don’t bleed out too fast, apparently.

    Yes, we truly are a savage and violent species, and history certainly has plenty of examples of how to kill people very, very slowly and painfully. No need to ignore history, what? No matter how nasty you think you are, there is almost certainly an example of someone who is much worse, somewhere in history.

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