Obligatory ignorance

It is a curious thing that in the midst of a mass vaccination program of heretofore little used en masse vaccine delivery systems that OSHA adopts the following policy:


This left me thinking, what does OSHA’s antipodean relation, WorkSafe Victoria, do in this respect? Does it require employers to notify WorkSafe of any adverse events that occur following the administration of one of the three currently available COVID-19 vaccines or not? It certainly requires that employers notify WorkSafe of an positive cases of COVID among its workers. Looking at an employer’s obligations, it in fact doesn’t require that employers notify WorkSafe of any adverse events among its workers even when the vaccination is administered in the workplace! This is all the more extraordinary because employers in Victoria are being used by the state as its muscle, firstly bombarding them with pleas to vaccinate, then gaslighting them about potential adverse events often with the assistence of DoH personnel, and finally, presenting them with the choices of either getting vaccinated in order to remain at work or standing them down if they do get vaccinated. How that doesn’t violate the requirements of informed consent is still yet to be explained. It does, however, handball the problem of collation of any adverse events, to the Dept. of Health, requiring clinicians to report severe adverse events while the rest is to be left to individual patients themselves. But given the intellectual climate currently pervading the medical profession, which through its official organs, repeats ad nauseam the same lines generated by the government and BigPharma, this is hardly encouraging.

What an extraordinary state of affairs.

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  1. mem Avatar

    I am off to get my jab in a couple of minutes. Despite experiencing anaphylaxis for three other drugs that were deemed safe this year, my GP refused to give me an exemption. I cannot have essential eye surgery without the jab. I am having it against my will. Wish me luck.

  2. Diogenes Avatar

    Good luck !

  3. OldOzzie Avatar

    I cannot have essential eye surgery without the jab. I am having it against my will. Wish me luck.

    mem which State are you in?

    I have Pre Op admissions in December for major surgery early next year – no mention of vaccination status and am at hospital every 3 weeks for Immunotherapy

  4. OldOzzie Avatar

    mem – also have had 4 eye ops over the last year, no problems

  5. bemused Avatar

    It’s not ignorance, it’s intentional so as not to alarm. We have already seen the change in the way hospitalisations and deaths for vaccinated people are being reported. Prior to vaccination, COVID was always the reported cause if anyone was admitted with serious conditions or dying in hospital. Now, with high vaccination rates, it’s always co-morbidities that are the reported cause. There is a serious cover-up going on.

  6. Bruce Avatar

    The official stats on deaths and “injuries” over the next few years are going to be interesting.

    I am predicting the greatest work of Australian fiction, ever.

    Anecdotally, suicides and attempts thereof appear to be up. Depression and hopelessness tend to do that.

    “Iatrogenic” deaths and injuries will also be subject to some “creative writing”.

    But, apparently, it is all in our best interests. Just like every other “solution in search of a problem”.

  7. Miss Anthropist Avatar
    Miss Anthropist

    I would like to think there would be hell to pay over this.
    Not these days. Quislings everywhere.

  8. Tom Avatar

    It doesn’t matter which jurisdiction, political deconstructionists — those fighting reality with Marxist ideology — now effectively run every “expert” body in the Western world. That means “expert” medical or scientific advice is just a political opinion that must not stray from a backward tribal ideology that punishes the poor and makes the rich richer — the exact opposite of what the left stood for in the 20th century.

    The 21st century left is just a billionaires fanboi club as our social structures revert to the 19th century Dickensian nightmare where the rich get richer and everyone can go and get stuffed.

  9. mem Avatar

    I am jabbed and back home. I had to wait for 30 minutes after but no immediate reaction (phew) so told to go home and call an ambulance if problems. Thanks to all at New Cat for your best wishes. It’s quite a risk for me to take anything new so get quite anxious. (Although my last big reaction was with the dye for a cat scan which I’ve had previously and had no ill effects). I am booked in for second jab in two weeks. Re query about which state I live in, I am in Danistan and having the eye surgery after Xmas through private specialist in Melbourne. I could have gone through public system without jab ( I think ) or another specialist maybe, but he did my other eye which needs aligning, so don’t want to change surgeons half way through job.

  10. Rex Anger Avatar
    Rex Anger

    Good Hunting, Mem.

    I am going to have to take it this weekend, so as to be ‘covered’ for the purposes of covering Sneakers’ arse by December 31st…

  11. Kneel Avatar

    “I am going to have to take it this weekend…”

    Join us on the dark side, Rex. You don’t know the power of the dark side. 🙂

    I had my second on sat – it hasn’t affect me (tic,tic,tic).

    Seriously, first Fizzer had NO noticeable effects on me at all.
    Send Fizzer I had a very slightly sore arm on Sunday, that’s all – kind of the typical into the muscle injection pain, but it took a day to appear and is now all but gone.
    At least I didn’t nearly kill myself walking down temp stairs at Qudos Bank Arena this time – I was much more careful (pain is quite a good teacher, is it not?)

  12. Rex Anger Avatar
    Rex Anger

    Join us on the dark side, Rex. You don’t know the power of the dark side

    If I don’t get a red lightsabre and at least 1 legion of proper stormtroopers, the Dark Side sucks and I don’t want it. >:(

    (Blowing up planets is OK, though)

  13. thefrollickingmole Avatar

    Oops wrong fred.

  14. Kneel Avatar

    “Blowing up planets parliament is OK, though”

    FIFY 🙂

  15. Rex Anger Avatar
    Rex Anger

    * Not a Blowing-Up Planet/Parliament/Bus Exhaust Pipes Threat…

  16. PeterW Avatar

    Write down 500 times… “The vaccine does not cause severe side-effects” ???

    Ambos and nurses are reporting that in many cases, what a reasonable person would think were vaxx-reactions, are not being recorded as such because “The. Vaccine. Does. Not. Cause. Severe. Reactions. “

    Health-worker in mid-20s and excellent health, collapses with difficulty breathing within 48hrs of jab. Cause officially recorded as “unknown”.

    It’s like some weird cult.

  17. bobby b Avatar
    bobby b

    Re: USA’s OSHA advisory:

    Biden said he was going to issue a rule mandating the vax. He did not (yet, at least.) Many businesses acted as though he did. The makers of the vaxxes have been shielded from liability for injuries from the vaxxes. If the employers ordered employees to be vaxxed, and it turns out that the vaxxes are injurious, all of that manufacturer-avoided liability is going to slide down on the heads of the employers who mandated harmful vaxxes. The new OSHA ruling keeps the employers from having to make potentially self-incriminating admissions. One hand washing the other, so to speak.

  18. Dianeh Avatar

    I had first AstraZeneca 3 weeks ago. I had a severe headache and neck pain for about 4 days, followed by the headache coming and going ever since. Now I have a virus which may or may not be related to the vaccine. I am working from home and only venture to the supermarket every few days and been no where else.

    What are odds that the virus is a result of the vaccine and not really a virus at all? The nurse said I might get cold like symptoms immediately after the vaccine not three weeks later.

    I ‘chose’ to be vaccinated in preference to the unemployment line. Get it or get out, I was told by HR under direction of head office (a govt dept in Melbourne). No longer allowed to work from home (after previously being forced to wfh for almost all of the last 18 months), although still not allowed in the office due to reduced numbers.

    I don’t even live in Vic. I just work there.

  19. Roger W Avatar
    Roger W

    So, all caving, one by one?
    Someone has to be left to look after the 90%+ of the population that may start exhibiting debilitating signs in a few months or so?
    Can’t promise too much, though, being 73 and disabled, but at least I can sit and say, “I told you so”?

  20. Kneel Avatar

    “So, all caving, one by one?”

    So it would seem – I certainly did.
    Of course, unlike the USA, there is no state where one can move that doesn’t already have (or soon will) the same stupid, illegal and immoral mandates – if there was, I would have already moved.

    For me, the only option now appears to be the ballot box – I am not convinced it will help, but will do it anyway. UAP and PHON at the top, Greens dead last, UniParty only just above the Greens, the rest in between.

  21. Miss Anthropist Avatar
    Miss Anthropist

    No multiple likes for you vaxxies..

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