Your welfare is not what political leaders have at heart

The video is titled, “PRESS CONFERENCE-EU PARLIAMENT OPPOSES MANDATE AGENDA 30/10/2021. She is dead on, and she has never even heard of Daniel Andrews. People in government, she says, have agendas of their own. Political “elites” could not care less about your personal welfare. Listen to it through. She explains why she will not be commanded to be vaxxed. She is “a free citizen”. No vax mandates.

There is then this worth bearing in mind: Victoria’s plan to keep unvaccinated locked up until 2023 blasted.

The revelation that unvaccinated Victorians could be locked out of key freedoms until 2023 has sparked major controversy, with one expert explaining the big issue with the plan.

While Victoria is planning on dropping almost all of its Covid restrictions when the state hits its 90 per cent double dose vaccination target, Premier Daniel Andrews has warned unvaccinated residents will be barred from extra freedoms “for the entirety of 2022”.

“Whether it’s a bookshop, a shoe shop, a pub, cafe, a restaurant, the MCG, the list goes on and on,” Mr Andrews said last month.

“You will not be able to participate like a fully vaccinated person because you’re not a fully vaccinated person.”

The 90 per cent double dose vaccination target is now expected to be reached on November 18. In comparison, unvaccinated NSW residents are set to be given the same freedoms as fully vaccinated people from December 1.

Personally, I think Andrews is still feeling the humiliation of having overseen the highest number of Covid deaths in Australia. Victoria accounts for 1134 out of 1448 covid deaths across Australia, 78.3% of the total covid death rate. And even still case numbers proliferate in Victoria where they have become near invisible everywhere else.

Andrews thinks he is always the smartest man in the room and here was the absolutely undeniable evidence that he is actually the stupidest and overwhelmingly the most incompetent political leader, certainly in Australia, possibly anywhere in the world. 


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  1. Roger Avatar

    “You will not be able to participate like a fully vaccinated person because you’re not a fully vaccinated person.”

    Early days, but, prompted by the Israeli experience, some scientific studies are now suggesting that the mRNA vaccines may do damage to the immune system, ironically leaving the unvaccinated who develop natural immunity more resistant not only to SARS-CoV 2 but also other virus borne diseases.

    One doesn’t need to be an “anti-vaxxer” to entertain the concern that the rushed covid vaccination program may turn out to be the biggest induced health crisis in modern history.

    Let us hope that is not the case, but if so, I wonder will the likes of Andrews will still be stupidly bleating on about “the science”, as if science were a panacea and not a very human process of trial and error in which there are a great number of unknowns.

  2. Fat Tony Avatar
    Fat Tony

    If you want to know what Andrews is doing, ask yourself what the CCP would want.
    (Hint: “vacant possession” of Australia)

    There is no way Dan XiMan will relinquish control of Viktoria – there are too many skeletons in his closets.

  3. Fair Shake Avatar
    Fair Shake

    Diktator for Life. I for one cherish my new social credit vax score. And would welcome an opportunity to show my loyalty by directing authorities toward my neighbour who I suspect may be unvaxed (but secretly I want his clock-radio as I do not have one ).0

  4. Miss Anthropist Avatar
    Miss Anthropist

    Steve you’re indulging I anthropomorphism.
    Too many Disney movies?
    Things like Andrews are sub-human.
    Happy to clear that up for you.

  5. mizaris Avatar

  6. WolfmanOz (just existing in Melb. now) Avatar
    WolfmanOz (just existing in Melb. now)

    First time I’ve ever seen anything said from the EU Parliament that I agree with.

  7. Ellen of Tasmania Avatar
    Ellen of Tasmania

    Here’s a bit of Putin, to go along with the above:

    “Putin on global trends: From insane cancel culture to ‘reverse racism’. In spite of them, Russia will continue to choose ‘sensible conservatism.’”

    (Goes for just over 6 mins. You’ll have to read the sub-titles unless you understand Russian.)

  8. rickw Avatar

    78.3% of Covid deaths are indeed owned by this complete fucking mong.

    Want to trade freedom and liberty for safety and security? You shall have neither.

    78.3% is the “neither” in hard numbers.

  9. John Bayley Avatar
    John Bayley

    Andrews belongs in jail for the rest of his natural life.
    As do all the other state premiers, their ‘chief scientists’ & the useless PM.

  10. PB Avatar

    Andrews is worse than stupid, he is deeply vindictive and the “unvaccinated” didn’t jump to do what he demanded so they must be paid back. Were there a competent Governor in Victoria maybe something could be done at that level…but….have you even seen her? And Labor? Not only does no one there hold any higher principles, they don’t even know what such principles are. Victoria is looking more and more like a shitty Central American Republic every day.

  11. GreyRanga Avatar

    Scumbag dan andrews thinks he will be protected from the chicken truck.

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