Weekday Reading #14

Patrick J. Deneen, Progressive Pessimism, The Postliberal Order

Christopher Caldwell, France on the Verge of Civil War: The rise of Éric Zemmour, Claremont Review of Books

Marsall Auerback, The West must stay out of Ukraine, UnHerd

el gato malo, is original antigenic sin starting to dominate covid? Bad Cattitude

Laura Dodsworth, “Masks were to soften you up for Plan B” Laura’s Substack

Sohrab Ahmari, Goodbye, Gotham, The American Conservative

Joseph E. Davis, All Pathology, All the Time, The New Atlantis

5 thoughts on “Weekday Reading #14”

  1. Laura Dodsworth, “Masks were to soften you up for Plan B” Laura’s Substack

    “Robert Higgs talks about the ‘ratchet effect’ in his book Crisis and Leviathan whereby the state expands in response to a crisis and then doesn’t recede afterwards to its former level.”

    Perfect illustration – the Commonwealth arrogated income tax powers to itself during WWII citing the “war emergency”. 80 years later they haven’t rescinded them and the Canberra Leviathan has arisen on the back of that move.

  2. Stop it Dover.
    When Sinc’s Cat went to pixel heaven, Mrs OSC was delighted. No more hours spent by me reading, lurking, responding, following up, and generally enjoying The Cat.
    Now – it’s worse for her. Time spent on Cactivities has exponentially increased. Weekday readings, art appreciation, musing with Mater: it never ends.
    Ease up mate.

  3. What do I need to do to get a thread of doom about fractional reserve banking?

    take a second mortgage on your muse


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