These covid vaxxines are dangerous

I can see that anyone who has taken the vaxxine begins from the premise that our governments are trying to do what’s best for us.

Perhaps you should have a look at the video at this link: The Pfizer Inoculations Do More Harm Than Good. It has been put together by the . The “inoculation arm” discussed in the quote below were those who had actually had the Pfizer vaxxine administered. The “placebo arm” was the group that had had a placebo. This is what the video explains.

Pfizer’s own 6 month report data on its COVID-19 inoculation shows that greater illness and death in the inoculation arm than the placebo arm. Plus, poor trial design, missing data, underpowered studies, passive surveillance and more.

That is, the group who were tested by given the experimental vaxxine had more sickness and deaths than among the placebo group!

This video runs for over 38 minutes but it is both comprehensive and gripping. It is a serious attempt to make others understand just how dangerous these vaxxines are.

To have the data explained more briefly you should also go to this, which only takes 18 minutes but you might be put off by the tone of the presenter: Pfizer Vaccine EXPOSED! Less than 1% effective, Did More Harm Than Good, They Knew It and Tricked You. This is what we have.

Pfizer used a math trick to make people believe their vaccine was 95% effective, but the truth is it was 0.8% effective.

That is, it would do you virtually no good at all, assuming it didn’t actually do you harm. What do you have to lose by going to the link?

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  1. Anchor What Avatar
    Anchor What

    Some of us knew this from the start, but we are governed by people of less than the required knowledge and courage.

  2. bemused Avatar

    Why am I not surprised. Approval given after less than a year of testing (when normal vaccines take 10-15 years) and then complete immunity from litigation when it all falls apart (never given previously).

    At least with Big Tobacco, cigarettes weren’t forced onto people and voluntary smokers were able to sue Big Tobacco. Big Parma gets a complete pass. Wonder why?

  3. sfw Avatar

    Hoping that the UAP will use this sort of stuff, none of the political parties seem interested.

  4. Pommyal Avatar

    They’re being ignored and suppressed in their own country. The political, media scum here will do the same. They have to ignore it because it completely demonstrates what a pack of lying, evil bastards they are.

  5. Dot Avatar

    Salty Cracker on the issue of Australia getting ready to pay out up to 600k to 79,000 vaccine injured patients.

  6. Petros Avatar

    My understanding is that the previous vaccine trials for SARS1 and MERS had the same problems. The vaccines wore off and there were abnormal immune responses when the animals were exposed to the virus after immunisation. Human trials weren’t done because of these concerns. Children died in the sixties from vaccine trials for respiratory syncytial virus.

  7. Forest Stylist Avatar
    Forest Stylist

    Some thoughts on society’s reaction to the vax adverse effects:
    1, Government and media do a snow job on adverse vax cases and the whole issue disappears from the public eye
    2, The issue slowly winds its way through the courts with taxpayers picking up a big tab years down the track.
    3, Enough 20 to 50 year old men who were previously well ,get sick and angry. Think fit tradie who now has myocarditus. They form the mob who are coming after those responsible for them getting jabbed – government, media, medicos – the health elites.
    4, The health elites realise the mob are coming for them and clamp down Andrews style for self preservation.
    5, Others?

  8. E.J. Avatar

    Well if you have a spare 3 hours to watch here is the Dr. Robert Malone interview with Joe Rogan. It is

    It will blow your mind.

  9. Aaron Avatar

    Sorry erratic wireless connection.

  10. Kneel Avatar

    “…and then complete immunity from litigation…”

    Were YOU the CEO of such a company, would you put a treatment on the market with a completely unknown risk profile, one that could quite literally bankrupt your multi-billion dollar company? Of course not! And when politicians asked you to, would you say “Only if we have immunity from these unknown risks”? Of course you would. And were you a politician, would you grant such immunity to get the treatment available to the voters, just like so many other countries did? I think you would. And if you were the CEO of that company, and had been granted such immunity, and had the likelyhood of a mandate requiring billions of doses, might you be a little careless with the truth regarding safety, efficiacy etc? It would be hard not to, when your competitors were doing the same and you’d already fudged such numbers before.

    Not saying this is any way a good thing to happen, but pretty predictable, perhaps even inevitable given the political pressure to find a solution to what would normally be a blip but has been amped to the max by grubby politicians and complicit MSM into an “airborne ebola” scale “problem”.

  11. bemused Avatar

    Were YOU the CEO of such a company…And were you a politician…

    No, I wouldn’t. But that means I could never be a rapacious pharma company executive or a miserable politician. In my own capacity, in previous employ, I’ve made very similar decisions rather than bastardise my principles and integrity.

  12. Ed Case Avatar
    Ed Case

    30,305 people died in England within 21 days of having a Covid Vaccination, according to Official Figures released by Public Health Scotland:

  13. Tintarella di Luna Avatar
    Tintarella di Luna

    sorry pommyal I reported your comment at 7:05am instead of liking it — sorry doverbeach don’t waste your time.

  14. Kneel Avatar

    “No, I wouldn’t. But that means I could never be a rapacious pharma company executive or a miserable politician. “

    Well, I don’t have any issue with Big Pharma execs performing their fiduciary duty to protect investors. Nor do I have an issue with them “spinning” the trial results in the executive summary to put them in the best light. Nor even with GovCo granting immunity to get a potential treatment on the market ASAP.

    My problem is with hiding contra-indications data, hiding vaccine injury data and GovCo imposed mandates.
    IMO, it should be “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” – dissemination of as much data as possible to the general community, and the freedom to assess your own risk profile with your trusted medical professional and to then act accordingly.

    Lockdowns and forced closures on GovCo edict are stupid – hairdressers must close, but brothels can stay open? Does it get any sillier than that? Or stupid NY rules that say you must wear a mask when entering a restaurant, but as soon as you sit at the table you can take it off. Stupid squared!

    Good quality information and freedom of choice – that is all I ever wanted or needed. That is all anyone should need. My body, my life, my choice – and I wear the consequences. I might die from the disease, but I also might die from the vax.
    Who are you to decide what either of those risks are worth to me versus my life’s work building a business and supporting myself and those I love?
    Who are you to make me chose between two of my fundamental human rights – the right to earn a living and the right to bodily autonomy?
    Who are you to deny my human right to freedom of movement and to do so with no due process?

    I can screw up my own life just fine by myself – I don’t need any help from anyone for that, let alone from GovCo, who seem to get it wrong even more often than I do (as hard as that may be to believe).

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