Weekday Reading #16

Sohrab Ahmari, The Killer GirlBoss: Sarah Weddington, 1945-2021, The American Conservative

Edward Feser, The still, small voice of Christmas, Feser’s blog

Kevin Donnelly, The Descending Night of Augusto Del Noce, Quadrant Online

eugyppius, Errors, Forced and Otherwise, eugyppius: a plague chronicle

Flat White, Don’t blame Novak Djokovic, Spectator Australia


8 responses to “Weekday Reading #16”

  1. Petros Avatar

    So Novak has had anaphylaxis to multiple vaccines over the years? On another note, should we take bets on when our idiot governments will throw in the towel on their useless Covid containment measures? I saying two months.

  2. Tom Avatar

    Dover, I love the off-Broadway brain food you list here.

  3. WolfmanOz Avatar

    Some excellent reads here !

  4. Cassie of Sydney Avatar
    Cassie of Sydney

    Thanks DB…..I’m a great admirer of Ahmari.

    Kevin Donnelly also has a good piece in todays’ Daily Telegraph called “Old Parliament House fire exposes left-wing hypocrisy – The woke left seems content to shift the blame from those responsible for the burning of Old Parliament House to suit their agenda-seeking misconceptions, writes Kevin Donnelly.”

    Happy to post if others want to read it.

  5. MatrixTransform Avatar

    thanks dover, each one a gem

  6. Winston Smith Avatar

    Dover O’Beach:

    We are witnessing an unprecedented, comprehensive failure of policy, medicine and science. The world will never be the same.

    Should be up on the Liberty Quotes.

  7. Lacky Avatar

    Dover Beach or anyone else –
    just wondering if you recall about 2 months ago
    a link going around twitter that a TGA report or something official showed 77? or 73? kids under 18 in Aus died from adverse affects. Seemed like a huge number. Anyone remember that

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