The Agenda is in plain sight

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  1. Roger Avatar

    Germans have long had a cultural death wish.

    A visit to the tv streaming service responsible sheds no further light atm.

  2. Buccaneer Avatar

    I note that the socialist left does not believe in volunteerism, perhaps this is why.

  3. Tintarella di Luna Avatar
    Tintarella di Luna


  4. shatterzzz Avatar

    Soooo .. what’s the behind-the-scenes thinking on this?
    Got an email this morning from the bank (CBA) customers making cash DEPOSITS will, in future, be required to show proof of ID ..

  5. dopey Avatar

    Forget the Ukraine. Give Germany to Putin and get it over with.

  6. Frogger Avatar

    I support this and even more of it. It’s ab evolutionary filter. This is actually a great way to reduce the population of leftists over time. Leftism is a clear genetic dead end. Shame it might take decades, but if you fall for the crap you should deservedly breed yourself out of existence. LOL

  7. calli Avatar

    I don’t understand what they’re trying to say.

    Breastfeeding bad?
    Babies bad?
    Toddlers bad?
    Women bad?
    Sitting looking at the camera bad?

    And by “bad” what the hell does “climate killer” mean? How can you kill the climate?

    Skywhale makes more sense.

  8. Turnip Avatar

    I just see boobs.

  9. shatterzzz Avatar

    Sorry, the post on the bank email .. wrong thread .. duuuh .. slinks orf ..!

  10. bemused Avatar

    When every climate worrier ditches everything that requires resources that they decry, then I might take notice of their wailing. Lead from the front, not from behind.

  11. Roger Avatar

    I don’t understand what they’re trying to say.

    Babies bad, I’d suggest.

  12. dopey Avatar

    Despots of the past had to work hard at brainwashing. They would look on in awe at how easy it is now.

  13. Miss Anthropist Avatar
    Miss Anthropist

    The kind of thing that makes you thankful you are not literate in German.
    Or understand their psyche.

  14. Roger Avatar

    A visit to the tv streaming service responsible sheds no further light atm.

    OK…it’s a long running current affairs program comparable to 4 Corners.

    The climate is one of their obsessions.

    Depopulation one of the answers considered.

    I’m thinking they’re not asking the large German Turkish community to make the sacrifice. As I said above – they have a cultural death wish.

  15. miltonf Avatar

    Which is why I’m glad I didn’t by a VW.

  16. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    They have gone insane. That’s obvious to anyone who sees such misanthropic madness.

    What’s even worse is the real world data nothing much is happening in climate, just the usual variations.

  17. Cool-Snoopy Avatar

    It’s what they all think … here is the English version.
    Watch the chilling opening to BBC’s UTOPIA, 2014 Season-2, Ep-6:

  18. Bruce Avatar

    Well, we are approaching a century since the last time they went “insane”…..

  19. duncanm Avatar

    At first glance, that makes me feel ill.

    BUT… what’s missing from the top half of the poster?

    The footer says something along the lines of ‘What makes us tick. Reports from Europe’

    So I had hope that it was a stock shock new headline to a criticism of the climate catastrophists.

    But no.. that is the entire ad apart from the model’s face.

  20. Bruce in WA Avatar
    Bruce in WA

    It’s what they all think … here is the English version.

    I couldn’t watch that … or I would have needed a new computer.

  21. H B Bear Avatar
    H B Bear

    From the pen of Mutti Merkel, copywriter.

  22. bemused Avatar

    Nothing much to do with the topic at hand, but it’s so good:

  23. Cassie of Sydney Avatar
    Cassie of Sydney


    1. Imported millions of people from third world shitholes because of an ageing population.
    2. Those millions of people from third world shitholes adhere to a particular nasty and brutal religious ideology.
    3. That nasty, brutal and misogynistic religious ideology encourages, actually demands, that women have lots of children.
    4. That nasty and brutal religious ideology has zero time for climate change and environmental issues.

    It won’t be the ethnic German woman, with her one or two children, who is the “climate killer”.

    Germany has long been a fucked up country but it’s clear it has a death wish…but that death wish won’t come from “climate change”.

  24. grumpy Avatar

    I’ll believe it’s a crisis when the people telling me it’s a crisis start acting like it’s a crisis.

  25. Rabz Avatar

    To paraphrase Cassie – that nasty, brutal misogynistic and racist idiotology holds the same views on people of the Hebrew faith as the nazis did.

  26. rosie Avatar

    Exact Cassie.
    Some gullible secularised young women and men will fall for this.
    The women will have a crisis as they hit forty.
    Meanwhile imports (and committed Christians) will have as many children as they please.
    Though this thinking isn’t new, it’s just more public.
    What did they call it?
    The population bomb?

  27. rosie Avatar

    How many times in history has there been movements that embrace root yourself stupid but don’t have babies?
    Which reminds me I watched that doco about the baba something with the fleet of rollers.
    Then read about them.
    In their four years with a population of 10,000 mostlt young people not a single baby was born in that community. Many adherents were convinced to be sterilised, though the documentary makers never interviewed any of those people.

  28. rosie Avatar

    All these people want to deny the natural order.
    So superior, so special.

  29. Thefrollickingmole Avatar

    The correct action is to offer them a pre tied hemp rope noose and politely say “ you first”.

  30. Roger Avatar

    The kind of thing that makes you thankful you are not literate in German.
    Or understand their psyche.

    Think of this…

    You’re not yet a united country for 50 years and you start a world war.

    You lose that war (fighting on two fronts in Europe almost predestines such a result), but then spend 20 years stewing over how you were “stabbed in the back” by a certain ethnic minority, which is a self-justifying fantasy.

    Then you start a second world war, in the midst of which you try to exterminate said minority by way of retribution.

    Given this, it’s no wonder Germans are conflicted about their history.

    But they also have a tendency to swing between extremes. And so the Aryan master race ,within two generations, becomes a people with a death wish, currently rationalised as out of concern for the climate.

  31. Wally Dalí Avatar
    Wally Dalí

    I don’t understand what they’re trying to say.

    Babies bad, I’d suggest.

    *White babies bad.

  32. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    Roger – Germans have a really anal aspect which can be fun or very bad, depending. In “Most Secret War” by R.V. Jones is an account of the Dieppe raid. One of the aims of the raid was to examine the Wurzburg radar dish at Pourville on the cliffs opposite Dover. They captured it and examined it. The dish was so perfect the British boffins thought it had to be more than just a radar and decided it might be a secret death ray. The dish was precise within millimetres. Much better than it needed to be. Must be a secret use.

    But no, all it was was Germans being German. They built it so precisely because that was how they did everything.

    Which is another reason why they lost.

  33. MatrixTransform Avatar

    customers making cash DEPOSITS will, in future, be required to show proof of ID

    lemme guess … you’ll need a digital ID

  34. Anchor What Avatar
    Anchor What


  35. bemused Avatar


    Agenda is now the accepted form for either singular or plural.

  36. Indolent Avatar

    I don’t understand what they’re trying to say.

    It couldn’t be clearer. PEOPLE are bad. They are the cause of all the ills of the world. It’s basically eugenicism.

  37. Mantaray Avatar

    Ok, so all I see is “You can fool some of the people some of the time, and all of the people some of the time”
    Something commented upon 160 years ago is somehow a surprise?

    What about “there’s a sucker born every minute”. Geez, I’m wondering what PT was getting at.

    Could just as easily quote Liberace who noted, when told his piano-playing ability did not justify his multi-million dollar earnings, “I’m gonna be crying about this all the way to the bank”

    FFS. There have always been crazy people who want to believe stuff. Salem Witch trials, anyone? Crypto Currencies, anyone else?

  38. Mantaray Avatar

    Shoulda been “some of the people all of the time”

  39. Buccaneer Avatar

    Agendumb, what’s planned for a meeting of Climate 200

  40. That Jo Avatar
    That Jo

    I’d love to see this poster with a black mother, or muesli mother.

    Same for that Utopia clip.

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