11 thoughts on “Defending liberal values”

  1. Democrats trolling the Christian Right again. Obama started with the tranny for every toilet so they could fulminate over that while his cronies got on with stealing everything not bolted down. Presumably the Biden crew are unscrewing the remaining fittings and loading them into a truck for sale as scrap metal while we worry about a small outbreak of pup play in the office.

    That being said, those two look like a pair of sad pricks.

  2. Sick-making indeed, Miss A.

    Most liberal “values” involve not only homosexuality, but sexual access to children.

    Liberals have the depravity market covered.

  3. It’s all about distraction. While mum and dad are scared about their little Rachael being screwed by a tranny in the bisexual loo, they’re not exactly concentrating on the fact that Biden is pushing up the price of energy deliberately to justify a transition to the Green New Deal. Nor do they twig that by pushing up oil and gas prices and cutting back supply in the USA Biden and his puppeteers are actually funding Putin’s so-called war on the Ukraine. Oh and now the Lib Democrats will blame the higher prices on Putin. But gee whiz, the Green New deal and Carbon trading will now become equitable, whatever that means. Well it means the WEF and the big boys will gain even more power and control.

  4. My dog wold not be fooled. He’s only interested in what’s between the legs.

    Yep. To have access to the girls’ dunny they gotta pass the ‘Croc Dundee test.’

  5. The liberals/left embrace the upside down and will call virtues vices and vices as virtues.
    The thing is they want to force that on to everyone else as the wicked need company to feel as though they are doing the right thing and they need to squash all truth so they don’t have to face the light.


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