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  1. Struth says:
    March 12, 2022 at 12:53 am

    At least I don’t shit in my hands and clap, then try to hide my mendacious deflections and glass jaw behind a wall of personal slanders.

    Remember Struth, the DeAtH CaMp at Toowoomba was all your own idea.
    Ditto the idea that Dan Andrews was BuIlDiNg one in Victoria on Day One of the covid crisis. Or was it that he AnNoUnCeD one? I don’t know, because you can’t keep your own story straight.

    Be a man and own it, rather than a little bitch constantly trying to pretend you always meant something else.

  2. “Police need to change how they act in Aboriginal communities. Guns are not the way.’’

    This might be a tad radical but .. Don’t break the law(s) might be more effective .. !

  3. “Police need to change how they act in Aboriginal communities. Guns are not the way.’’

    Look, it is obvious that Police and Health Workers can never reach the levels of cultural awareness required for their work, I suggest the government withdraw all such services and leave communities to manage their own affairs, as they know the way to do it.

    Eventually, those who are heartily sick of it will move to the larger towns and those who are happy with lawlessness and chromic illness will remain.

  4. For all of you southerners lauding how wonderful it will be to have Jacinta Price in parliament, I ask – for whom?

    She will be the third aboriginal woman senator for the NT and the fourth aboriginal woman federal representative. The NT has just two senate quotas, Malandirri McCarthy holding one. Veterinarian Sam McMahon the dis endorsed current conservative Senator (who also has aboriginal forebears – but she chooses not to make a thing of it) successfully lobbied with Malandirri for the NT to not lose its second quota due to a fall in population.

    With ALP’s Marion Scrymgour to be elected in Lingiari, we will have our fourth aboriginal lady NT representative, and she is a very able politician, previously having held Ministerial portfolios in the NT ALP Government before this one.

    It might surprise some to know that aboriginal NT is not just a population of unemployed people on communities, in fact I would hazard they are the smaller part of the indigenous population with the majority of aboriginal people in employment of some sort, and at every level, not just park rangers, but doctors (my gynae), nurses, grader drivers, clerks, tradies, all walks.

    It suits the aboriginal industry to keep the communities because that is the road to the river of gold and free money. So they will never, ever be fixed up, so long as there is money available and white man’s guilt to sign the cheque.

    All of it ties back to communities (ghettoes) and nothing will improve until people realise this. It is the existence of the communities themselves that enable this and their legacy is bashed and raped kids and women.

    In fact, the communities all need to be shut down and people move to town – it will be hell for a few years but eventually education and jobs will win out.

    Apart from the sorry communities, the NT is also made up of a variety of business and industry, and all of us need able conservative representation at the federal level. I have great respect for Malandirri and Marion, who are ALP, but I want a strong knowledgeable conservative business and industry voice too and I dont believe Jacinta has that.

    So excuse my cynicism but how exactly Jacinta will make it better for all Territorians? Or will she prove to be a one trick pony?

    Only time will prove me right, (or wrong) but I am concerned Jacinta might prove to be just a black Rosie Batty.

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