If you think she is just a joke you are missing the point

I have suspected for a long time that the American government, nominally under Joe Biden, is not only trying to subvert our civilisation, but they are doing it in a way so that no one can be of any doubt that it is entirely intentional. The point of Orwell’s 1984 was to ensure that we would be aware of efforts by government to undermine our freedoms while we weren’t looking. Now it is all done right before our eyes, not only with no effort made to hide what they are doing, but done in such a way that no one can be in any doubt that what is being done is deliberate. Even the meme below is too subtle for most of the left:

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So this is what they have done to rub our noses in it. This was part of a presentation by Tucker Carlson. In its own way they have allowed this bit of her history to be widely distributed because it will help to diminish the reality of just how serious this issue is. Can someone this inane really be a threat to the rest of us? And the answer most certainly is that it is a major change in how we are governed and these people are just as serious about their aims as Lenin was in 1917. 

Or for a a bit more detail:

To repeat. In many ways to have such an apparent lightweight as the agency head is done to divert attention away from just how serious this effort is to undermine free speech and community discussion of major issues. Sure she’s a dill, but why is that almost all we are discussing? Why isn’t the issue that anyone at all has been appointed to such a position?

A Farewell to Sharma

Good article in Quadrant On-Line about the contest in Wentworth.

The photo of Allegra Da Big Spender with her mother, sister and baby grand piano is a perfect illustration of the modern wealthy “liberal” green, totally disconnected from the need to struggle to put food on the table, clothes on the body and a roof overhead.”

Boambee John

Yes, I’ve just read it. I disagree with the writer about “holding his nose” and voting for Sharma. No, I can’t in good conscience do that, not after Sharma crossed the floor. It is clear to me that Sharma doesn’t have a Menzian Liberal bone in his body. I’m now resigned to Allegra Da Big Spenda winning. The electorate of Wentworth, like the electorate of Warringah, will reap what it sows.

I’ve long thought that the Liberals need to say farewell to electorates such as the one I live in. Three years ago, on election day in May 2019, I campaigned for Dave Sharma (what a fool I was), I spent hours hours on my feet, at one point I was the sole Liberal handing out HTV cards at the booth whilst surrounded by a phalanx of hostile forces, Phelps’ volunteers, Greens, GetUp and Friends of the ABC, all breathing fire at me. I had an altercation with one of the Friends of the ABC when he tried to enter the polling booth. I pulled him up, which of course he didn’t like very much and I told him if he did that again I’d report him to the AEC. I only had someone to talk to when the Labor people arrived….it’s funny but I’ve campaigned on election day many times and I find the only people that I get along with are usually Labor campaign workers. They’re always quite nice and up for a chat, there’s usually some cordiality. Anyway I digress, I had been left there by my fellow Liberal, also a resident of Wentworth who popped away to attend to some private business. Early in the day we were chatting and I remember his face when I said to him that “one day, sooner or later, the Liberal Party will have to walk away from electorates like Wentworth”. He was clearly bothered by my statement and he recoiled and said “Noooooo”.

Well, I’ve been proven right. Sharma will lose the seat to a grifter and puppet who’s also a very rich, entitled eastern suburbs moron who doesn’t give a shit about anyone west of Pyrmont but you know what? Nor does Sharma so now I don’t care if he loses. There’s no difference between Sharma and Spender in terms of ideology. Both are greenies, both are “progressives”, both are equally vacuous, and as you correctly wrote above, both are “totally disconnected from the need to struggle to put food on the table, clothes on the body and a roof overhead “. Such obscene selfishness sums up the electorates of Wentworth, Warringah, Kooyong, Goldstein, North Sydney, Curtin, Higgins and a few others. It’s encapsulated by Da Big Spenda’s campaign slogan, a slogan which everyday, when I’m walking to the bus and back, and I can’t stop laughing when I see her posters (which are everywhere) emblazoned with the following words….”Let’s create a better climate for Wentworth“, which is basically the following message to all those who don’t live in Wentworth, “we’ll continue lining our pockets with subsidies for ruinables so that we can continue to live our marvellous existence, to go skiing every year, to drive our SUV’s, to renovate our huge mansions, to travel overseas twice a year and to send our children to private schools and you, the great unwashed…..you all need to shut your fucking mouths because we know what’s best for you”.

WolfmanOz at the Movies #18

Dorothy, Josephine and Daphne

Today in the world of woke, a man can say he is a woman and gender is fluid ??? Oh well ! ! !

So today I’m looking at 2 of my all-time favourite American comedies – Tootsie (1982) and Some Like It Hot (1959) where the male leads need to become a woman.

In Tootsie, the main character, Michael Dorsey (played by Dustin Hoffman) is a talented but temperamental actor whose reputation for being difficult makes him unemployable.

He then adopts a new identity as a woman called Dorothy Michaels and attends an audition for a female hospital administrator on a popular daytime soap opera.

Successfully winning the role he/she finds his life increasingly complicated as he falls for one of the leading ladies in the TV show whilst her father falls for “her”.

It gets all too much for Michael/Dorothy that he has to find a way out of his predicament.

This comedy is expertly directed by the ever reliable Sydney Pollack and boasts a terrific cast including Jessica Lange, Teri Garr, Dabney Coleman, Charles Durning, Bill Murray, George Gaynes and even Pollack himself.

However, it is Hoffman who dominates proceedings with, IMO, his best ever film performance as he superbly mixes comedy, pathos and social commentary without resorting to caricature.

Then we go back to 1959 for my all-time favourite comedy in Some Like It Hot directed and co-written by the incomparable Billy Wilder.

Set in Prohibition-era Chicago, two musicians (Joe played by Tony Curtis and Jerry played by Jack Lemmon) are forced to go on the run after witnessing a gangland massacre where they disguise themselves by dressing as women named Josephine (Joe) and Daphne (Jerry) so they can join an all-female band heading by train to Miami.

Joining them with the female band is Sugar Kane (planed by Marilyn Monroe) as the band’s vocalist and ukulele player.

Soon Joe lusts after Sugar and attempts to seduce her by pretending to be an oil millionaire, the heir to Shell Oil.

Tony Curtis was never better in film, either as the hustler Joe, as Shell Oil Junior by employing a hilarious Cary Grant parody and as Josephine. I never thought he has got the plaudits he deserved compared to Lemmon and Monroe.

And of course sultry Marilyn was never sexier in her Orry-Kelly designed dress.

Billy Wilder was asked about making another film with Monroe:
“I have discussed this with my doctor and my psychiatrist and they tell me I’m too old and too rich to go through this again.”

But he also admitted:
“My Aunt Minnie would always be punctual and never hold up production, but who would pay to see my Aunt Minnie ?”

And to top it all off the film has one of the best endings/last line in movie history as Jerry/Daphne has been wooed by the much-married and ageing mama’s boy Osgood Fielding III.

I never tire of watching this marvellous movie – I probably watch it at least twice a year as it never fails to make me laugh and bring a smile to my face, something which is so rare in these unsettling times.


Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum

It was the very thought that came into my own head the moment I heard this: ‘Reality of our time’: Dutton warns Australians to prepare for war. Of course, my Latin is a bit rusty so the thought occurred to me only in English. However, the more up-to-date and erudite chaps and chapesses at The Spectator were able to go straight to the original.

  • Yesterday, classically-literate defence minister Peter Dutton raised the campaign temperature by saying, ‘Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum.’ Actually, that’s what a Roman chap called Publius Flavius Vegetius wrote the best part of 2,000 years ago. Dutton translated it on the Today show as ‘if you want peace, prepare for war’, with reference to Red China knocking on our door through its deal with the prime minister of the Solomon Islands. Meanwhile, our PM talked of ‘red lines’ being crossed if China militarises the Solomons: how the Reds would be thrown back behind that red line, if they crossed it, wasn’t spelled out by the government (nor did Labor spell out what they would do). But you can take it as given that those choices of words were workshopped in Liberal focus groups, and yesterday they set the media agenda.

Whatever and however Scott Morrison may be remembered, it won’t be as “Pig Iron Bob”. Labor will undoubtedly invent some other means to traduce [more Latin] our Prime Minister. This is a more complete version of what Dutton said: Peter Dutton warns of a potential chemical weapon attack and says China ‘would play Penny Wong like a fool’ if she becomes the new foreign minister. If you don’t think this is a very real issue, than think about this.

She [ie Penny Wong] told the Guardian’s Australian Politics Podcast that recent tactics by Scott Morrison to paint Labor as soft on China will only make the situation worse.

The Prime Minister in February branded Labor deputy leader Richard Marles a ‘Manchurian candidate’ after he called for closer defence ties with China on a trip to Beijing in 2019.

Ms Wong said the extraordinary attack to portray the Opposition as weak on national security and a puppet of an enemy power, was an act of ‘desperation by the government’.

‘It is also a trashing of Australia’s national interests because one of the things that makes us strongest is our unity,’ she said.

‘What we won’t do is play domestic politics with the China relationship.’

And what she definitely will not do is indicate that the CCP is a potential threat to Australia. And just what is the CCP?

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), officially the Communist Party of China (CPC), is the founding and sole ruling party of the People’s Republic of China (PRC).
Labor needs to be more specific about national defence along with border protection.