Month: April 2022

  • Weekday Reading #19

    After the Clash of Civilizations, Christopher Caldwell, Compact Biden’s Folly In Ukraine, Douglas Macgregor, The American Conservative After the End of Globalization, Gladden Pappin, The Postliberal Order David Bentley Hart’s Post-Christian Pantheism, Edward Feser, Public Discourse The Latest Republican Muddle, Alexander Voltz, Quadrant

  • Daniel Andrews may be the most clueless political leader in Australian history

    There really is no getting away from how dumb Daniel Andrews is, with this the latest: Dan Andrews rips into Scott Morrison as the Prime Minister calls for end to hated Covid isolation rules: ‘I’m in the business of taking advice from the experts’. Everyone in politics has “experts” to draw upon. We elect our leaders…

  • Meme of the Day #31

  • Open Thread – Tues 5 April 2022

  • Rabz’ Radio Show April 2022: Disco

    Cats, due to popular demand, here we are. I’m not even going to pretend that it’s one of my favourite musical genres, but nonetheless, there are some diamonds in the dirt. To truly understand the rise and (seeming) fall of disco, one needs to understand the Seventies as the era that taste forgot. Following on…

  • Irony is the second casualty of war

    Searched but haven’t found anything. Irony is hard to find in wartime; most particularly among the Left. That covers, among others, most politicians and mainstream media pundits. Morrison is in high dudgeon over the Solomon Island security pact with China. A grave concern echoed in the United States.  Cameron Stewart, writing in the Australian, quoted…

  • In case you have been wondering about Novavax

    I have been looking everywhere for a medical assessment of Novavax which is the vaxxine that is more traditional and does not rely on mRNA molecules to produce whatever effects it supposedly produces. I have now been sent this for which I am extremely grateful. This is its title, Novavax – hope or hype? but…

  • Open Thread – Weekend 2 April 2022