The energy crisis we had to have?

This is the first note for the new Federal Parliament. It is not time to start writing to members in the House of Reps because our mailman has yet to update the list to allow for the changes caused by the election.

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  1. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard.” – Mencken (not at all channeling the 2022 election)

    “Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket. Even regardless of what I say about whether coal is good or bad. Because I’m capping greenhouse gases, coal power plants, you know, natural gas, you name it — whatever the plants were, whatever the industry was, uh, they would have to retrofit their operations. That will cost money. They will pass that money on to consumers.” – Barack Obama, Jan 2008.

    Fourteen years after Obama said it we now have it, under his hopeless glove-puppet veep.

  2. Mantaray Avatar

    Crisis? What crisis?

    Organize a simple emergency kit….gas stove, headlamp, basic medical kit, a good sleeping bag, a transistor radio etc, plus non-perishable foodstuffs….and stop worrying.

    You will be 100% OK, and as in very short order the F’wits who voted for all this, come to their senses, the power will be back on in short order.

    BTW: Stop watching shyte like The Voice or I am a Celebrity Apprentice. You can then go to bed early and get up at first light feeling extra refreshed, FFS.

    What crisis?

  3. 132andBush Avatar

    Thanks for your work, Rafe.

    Nuclear not getting a mention in the opening sentences as an alternative?

  4. Rafe Champion Avatar

    Nuclear is something for the future, in the current debate it is just a distraction – the push has to go on but other people are doing it and I don’t want to dilute my efforts on this front.
    I don’t have anything to add there and I want to play to my strength, focussing on things that the huddled masses care about and can understand.

  5. OldOzzie Avatar

    You can add this cartoon

    Outstanding Steve Hunter cartoon.

    A reality check for EU, USA, Japan and Australia.

    Thanks to their Slave Army of Useful Idiots of the Left embedded in Western countries the Chicomms can do as they please.

  6. billie Avatar

    I admire your tenacity but suspect you will be ignored as there are many organisations and people who have louder, more prestigious voices. Research think tanks, “name” organisations, scientists and wealthy propagandists to compete with for airtime all have better .

    Unless there is a catastrophic event that overides all the excuses and dodging, nothing will change and we’ll just stumble along and not do anything courageous.

    Blackouts can be explained away as the last government not doing enough and then the discussion goes onto who did what in the usual political revenge ritual wagon circling.

    People simply do not believe there is a problem that is big enough to affect them in any meaningful way.

    On getting a voice – If you have an ” XYZ Institute”, a think tank, and you are a representative of it, you may get a better hearing than an individual. I’ve noticed that lately, think tanks have stature and a prestige about them, hence airtime becomes more available.

  7. Kneel Avatar

    “On getting a voice – If you have an ” XYZ Institute”, a think tank, and you are a representative of it, you may get a better hearing than an individual. “

    Scruby showed what is possible if you send off a “press release” every time something you are “interested” in gets a policy mention/change, and you bill yourself as a “community group”.
    Just keep banging them out, and once you become “familiar” to the churnalists, they will begin to quote you.
    That’s the only way to get your message out.

  8. Boambee John Avatar
    Boambee John


    Further to Kneel’s comment, establish yourself as the Rational Policies Institute, and start issuing Press Releases. Start with a soft approach, then build up to a more robust style

  9. 132andBush Avatar

    Fair enough.

  10. yarpos Avatar

    Nice work

    May I suggest that if you want this document widely circulated , and you dont want it edited in transit, you might use a more accessible (in universal readership) and less accessible (in terms of tampering) format like PDF. Or at the very least , lock the version you send out so the casual reader cant edit it.

  11. mem Avatar

    At 8.46pm on Monday 27th of June on a very cold winters night only 5% of energy down the the whole eastern seaboard is being provided by renewable energy (wind and solar). If we had installed more turbines they wouldn’t be producing because there is no wind and the sun has set so there is no solar either. So what happens when you knock out the coal that is keeping us going? Do tell us oh wonderous green ones because I would really hate for you to get this wrong. PS Batteries that could store the amount of energy that could take over from coal in this country have yet to be invented).

  12. Rafe Champion Avatar

    Points taken, thanks, we are the Energy Realists of Australia with a letterhead and we have set up our own website (still in progress) so we don’t spook people who are put off by RiteOn.

    Will circulate as PDFs.

    We hope to recruit liberal/conservative think tanks to promote our work which is mostly in line with their ideas.

  13. Forester Avatar

    mem @ 9:09pm “ So what happens when you knock out the coal that is keeping us going? Do tell us oh wonderous green ones what happens when you knock out the coal that is keeping us going? Do tell us oh wonderous green ones

    $4 trillion worth of batteries on a cost+ CCP belt and road loan earning 4% for 40 years.

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