Meme of the Day #53

Strictly speaking, I’m not sure that it’s a Meme, but I did LOL!

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  1. 132andBush Avatar

    Like you have helped Damo get another of his spawns name tattooed on his arm.
    Old English scrip of course.

  2. 132andBush Avatar

    spawns’ names

  3. flyingduk Avatar

    Be nice to let Damo know how his sponsor is travelling too:

    In my case, last year, the government:

    1) cancelled my career
    2) took away my income
    3) disallowed me accessing my super as not yet at preservation age
    4) taxed me 6 figures anyway (as usual)
    5) sent the police around to harass me
    6) jailed me for protesting the above

    Be nice to let Damo know that…

  4. Judge Dredd Avatar
    Judge Dredd

    You’re also helping Dharmesh, Alexa and a never ending multitude of bureaucrats do nothing apart from work out how they can degrade society further and take even more of your money.

  5. MatrixTransform Avatar

    LoL … Bushie beat me to it

  6. Angus Black Avatar
    Angus Black

    The Judge is right.

    Hurts more than than Damo.

  7. Botswana O'Hooligan Avatar
    Botswana O’Hooligan

    It hurts when you worked for over sixty years, paid a couple of million in income taxes, never bludged, never got a handout, never asked for anything, are self funded in old age, you apply for a health concession card and are refused on the grounds of not supplying tax details when you haven’t worked for five years and don’t earn anything taxable. The hurt goes deeper when you run across those who bludge and always have their hands out and always will have their hands out thanks to the taxes you paid.

  8. Shy Ted Avatar
    Shy Ted

    Don’t forget to add a tribute to the traditional owners at the bottom. You’ll probably get a postcard from Damo, holidaying in Kuta,saying “wish you were here and thanks”.

  9. Plasmamortar Avatar

    Is this the kind of Damo you mean?

    It would be great to see how they spend our hard earned tax dollars…

  10. Zipster Avatar

    You’re also helping Dharmesh, Alexa and a never ending multitude of bureaucrats do nothing apart from work out how they can degrade society further and take even more of your money.

    bugmen have feelings too! …. oh ok I lied

  11. rickw Avatar

    The only upside is that Damo and a commodore are typically a self correcting problem.

    Although, all to often Damo has often spawned before Damo and the commodore meet the electricity pole sideways.

  12. Dot Avatar

    Public servants (hi, APS cats) are not a self correcting problem.

    They vote for more Christmases, obviously.

    They have concentrated in capitals, now having generational PS families.

    The PS is now better paid in many respects than the private sector.

    Since 2018, PS jobs growth has driven the fatuous jobs boom, except for mining, with record levels of government debt.

  13. Lurx Avatar

    With the computer driven, robotic, artificial intelligence (Ya gotta love that one) world we now live in dominating the economic scene along with the excuses; perhaps we should be born again.

    Solely to get that artificial intelligence thingy in perspective of course

  14. Mater Avatar

    I’m not going to approve the comment, due to the dubious nature of the email address, etc. I will, however, post his comment for consideration.

    Posted under the Author name of ‘Damo is your better’.

    “Contempt and sneering at the white underclass is the province of the laptop class left. It is never amusing to see non-leftists engage in this kind of sneering. “Damo” was born into a nation that was being demographically swamped with no referendum given to the founding stock on this taking place. He was born into a country with garbage public schools where even 20, 30 years ago mindless leftist talking points got more enthusiasm from the Karen teachers than reading, writing and mathematics. He was likely to see his home broken before the age of majority. His country was de-industrialised and factory jobs shipped to the third or second world. He’s told the colour of his skin means he was born with original sin against “First Nations people”. He likely got hooked on cigarettes young in a home full of smokers. He now lives in a nation where two cigarettes cost as much as an entire pack cost when he started smoking in his early teens. The very fact that the venerable now defunct Holden Commodore, a symbol of de-industrialised globalist Australia is part of the sneering punching down “joke”, speaks volumes. “Damo” is not a World Vision sponsor child, he is the grandchild or great grandson of diggers who fought for their country. The grandson of men who worked in those shipped overseas factories. The Australian Dream his ancestors knew, of a simple suburban home, now costs more money than he will see in his life. You sit on your boomer property gains and mock him. The joke is on you. The fact that he has no future means your great grandchildren have no future either. Except globalist totalitarian hell. To even joke about deaths of despair among the poor of your own people, “wrapping the Commodore around a tree”, you people disgust me. I hope Damo enjoys sleeping in until midday. I hope he enjoys the drag on his chop chop under the counter untaxed tobacco. What would you have him do? stand on his feet with a herniated disc age 45 alongside his third world replacements at Coles? for a couple of hundred bucks more than the dole a week? You offer men like this nothing but your contempt and you deserve it in return.”

    For the author; you make the assumption that Damo is not just a lazy bludger. Many suffer identical (or worse) circumstances than those you describe above, yet are not content to be kept by others.

    Appreciate your views though.

  15. Mater Avatar

    You are also ignoring the fact that ‘Damo’ is the very stereotype of the sort who continues to vote ‘left’ (the very source of his situation) in the hope of getting allocated more of other peoples money.

    Stop telling him that he is justified because he’s a ‘victim’. We have enough of that in the Aboriginal industry.

  16. 132andBush Avatar

    Damo is your better,

    I grew up next door to Damo and his sister.
    His sister, in spite of growing up in a house that was a part time knock shop for passing truckies, bettered herself and has an extremely high paying job and children who go to one of the top three private schools in Vic.
    She made a choice.
    “Damo” made a choice too. He was a smart energetic bloke but chose sloth, or at the very least the bare minimum of work and personal advancement. He’s now dead, lung cancer.
    Many Damos in my small town choose the bare minimum and get subsidised for doing so, I still average around 55hrs a week for every week of the year and pay a shed load of tax not to mention the risk involved and it’s mental toll.

    Spare me the sob story, because although it’s partly true re the jobs, a lot of these Damos and Shazzas are making a choice.

  17. rickw Avatar

    Interesting comments on Damo.

    The problem with Damo in general is that he has poor self control. His life is punctuated by the consequences of the crazy shit he did.

    He is however a generally good bloke, a patriot, but he only has a vague awareness that something is terribly wrong. Keeping voting for the party of The Wukka’s should fix it, no?

    Damo needs to wake the fuck up, get his shit together, take responsibility, start to think more deeply about what is going on.

    At this point it is worthwhile contrasting Damo with his American cousin. Bubba. Ten years ago, Bubba was much more similar to Damo. But Bubba has woken up.

    Bubba understands that The Uniparty has sold his future down the river. He is now acting and voting accordingly. If not for Demonrat cheating, Bubba would have successfully voted for a new path for America, for himself and for his family.

  18. Boxcar Avatar

    What is the diffreence between $300 a week and $3,000 a week from the Gummint.
    bureaucrats are no more than dole bludgers, not one of them capable of doing a single thing by their own hand to improve the economy.
    Anyone paid by or through the government is basically unemployed.

  19. MatrixTransform Avatar

    Damo is your better

    all you said is true … of me

    just yr premise that somehow its sneering that I can’t agree with.

    and so what if it is? … its still morbidly funny

    I think we are all Damo in some aspect.

  20. rickw Avatar

    Anyone paid by or through the government is basically unemployed.

    Exactly, neither the unemployed or those in government “employment” should get to vote. You’re not contributing, you’re a drag on society and the economy.

    This avoids the Victorian situation where a fascist dictator is basically set to win an election because The Government Mongs are happy with his largesse, and now represent an electorally significant voting block.

  21. Robert the Irish Scot Avatar
    Robert the Irish Scot

    Must be mistaken, I thought the meme referred to the vast bulk of politicians in all categories and ALL the bum sitting PUBLIC servants, along with their so-called consultants, experts and assorted hangers-on.

    My mistake I guess.

  22. Mater Avatar

    Ok, Damo is your better, last time I’ll transcribe your stuff.

    “I think most of you seem to have a self-flattering, laughably inaccurate concept of how much Damo sponges off “you”. He sponges off the taxes of globalist corporations, sponges off quantitative easing created money and government debt, sponges off the taxes of his mass immigrant replacements, just as much as he sponges off “you”. Not to mention the amount of sin taxes he pays (with tax churned money) on grog and cigs dwarf any contribution “you” give to him. It shouldn’t impress anybody in the slightest that someone’s kid goes to “one of the top three private schools in Vic”, for what are they but Woke Madrassas with equestrian centres and indoor pools? where the “teachers” brainwashing the kids about “climate change” drive nicer cars and the Atlassian billionaires lobby to abolish the school’s single sex admission policy? If you think anybody is getting a real education at these places I invite you to spend time with a teenage Zoomer from a private school who doesn’t know anything.

    I wouldn’t assume that Damo votes. He dodges the absurd fines for not getting his name ticked off the list or he is in the 5% who spoil their ballots, or he mindlessly votes Labor because his grandfather said it was the party the family had always voted for. Or, he was genius enough to never register to vote in the first place, saving himself a lifetime of hectoring by the AEC.

    Even if his American cousin Bubba hadn’t have been stymied by Demonrat cheating, four more years of the cacophony of regime hacks attacking Trump would not have magically given Trump the power to depose the administrative state that he failed to depose in his first term. The nihilistic Damo who wants to “Lie down and rot” or “NEET” isn’t going to be shamed by the tiny vestiges of the protestant work ethic that still live in and will die with the boomers. At some point the regime became the enemy of Damo’s future and it makes perfect sense for him to hose the regime for every dollar, every concession, every shred of welfare, every scrap of free prescriptions, medical care, cheap car rego, that it is worth. Why should Damo give a crap what the people whose houses increase in value every week more than he could ever make in a week in backbreaking work think about him?

    He’s far more justified in just laughing at you for paying him sit down money. The same state violence he uses to get transfers from you is the same state violence used to choke the housing supply and keep bringing in the mass migration. He’s here for a good time not a long time, amongst the ruins of a destroyed country that has no future except as a Chinese vassal state with a brief interregnum of a few decades as the Karens’ drag queen story hour affirmative consent statue tear-down Welcome to Country plaything. A place where nothing ever happens except the daily cancellation and the slow hum of the powerless masses impotently grumbling about it online. Life’s better inside his rented hovel with the big screen TV and the Xbox, where you can still smoke inside and the fridge is full of cold Veebs. There’s endless free high definition porn and Damo probably likes that you are disgusted by his choices. What could be more entertaining than triggering the boomers who still cling to false hope that there is a way to right the ship? Seethe and cope, as they say. If he stays home he gets to avoid the vaccine totalitarianism and save up for that Kuta holiday too.

    He can even park in the disabled parking bays because immigrant GP perfunctorily signed a form saying he has a bad back. I’m sure he hates you and is nothing more than amused that you hate him back. The social contract was broken long ago. The only thing that would really put a rocket up him is the cashless welfare card and we all know that the Karens who truly rule globalist zone still daring to call itself “Australia” would never allow that “cruel policy” to prevail. You are correct about economic necessity being the only reason he would ever get off his arse. Fortunately for Damo he is entitled to the entitlements that the regime says he is entitled to and both major parties and most small parties assent to every single election. Now quiet down the footy’s on he’s got $50 on Sportsbet.”

  23. shatterzzz Avatar

    I raise 4 kids as a single Dad in a, drug addled, SW Sydney “houso” estate on the single parent pension .. sooo what happened when my youngest turned 16? .. CentreLink sez, “your not a parent anymore your unemployed get a jerb” .. mid 50s and virtually unemployable as I had no recent wukka record and after several dozen knock-backs work-wize decided, “F U CentreLink!” and became a professional ‘dole” bludger from then until retirement at 65 …
    All this holier than thou hear clap-trap about CL and the “Its not If but When” speil that “Hank”trots out is just fodder for the tax paying masses .. if your happy to get by on what CL payz then playing the system is kindergarten stuff your only gonna get caught when you big note yourself about it not by what you do/don’t do ..
    And you soon realise there is, alwayz, lotza of cash-in-hand, short term no questions asked, available to supplement your “dole” .. LOL!

  24. MatrixTransform Avatar

    that you are disgusted by his choices

    VB is shit …my brother drinks it

  25. MatrixTransform Avatar

    …and I wanna know how this random commenter knows so much about my life

  26. Old School Conservative Avatar
    Old School Conservative

    Ironic – Holden is recalling its ZB Commodore.
    Brake issues.

  27. John Brumble Avatar
    John Brumble

    Awesome far-left garbage from “iamdamo”

  28. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare Avatar
    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    We don’t qualify for a health concession card and we don’t really need one in financial terms.

    However, it would be nice to get something, anything, in return for looking after ourselves in our later ages. Just a token. Why can’t all people over say 70 automatically get a health care card, as a thanks for paying taxes all of our life? In Britain recently, when I had forgotten my blood pressure pills, my friend helped me to wrangle my way into a NHS telephone consult and the pills came free due to my aged state.

    Alternatively to a HC card, if they are really skint, our government could have sent me a bunch of flowers recently for me birfday. Or a card, or even an email toon. Instead, the buggers told me I had to show I am medically fit to drive and that the cost won’t be covered by Medicare. 🙂

  29. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare Avatar
    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    He’s here for a good time not a long time, amongst the ruins of a destroyed country that has no future except as a Chinese vassal state with a brief interregnum of a few decades …… Life’s better inside his rented hovel with the big screen TV and the Xbox, where you can still smoke inside and the fridge is full of cold Veebs.

    I know a few Damos. The sense of nothing ever going to change is the worst thing about their situation. It’s particularly hard when Damo gets to be over 50. No future except a wind down to the pension. Damo’s health is running down by then and he’s usually alone, kids and partner gone. Some sort of Men’s Shed activities (music based?) for Damo could maybe help, although he probably wouldn’t bother to go. Damo is very suspicious of helpful bureaucrats who get money for taking money off him.

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