Rafe’s Roundup Sept 17

James McPherson Report

The disintegration of Russian/German economic affairs – first shots of a new trade war

The Chinese fast trains trillion dollar debt disaster.

Energy Matters

Idiots guide to the Hydrogen Hype.  Pay attention Twiggy!

The green energy transition has hit the wall. Save our Coal Power Stations!

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Roundup of partners and fellow-travellers

CPAC Speakers for this year. Register Volunteer to help

IPA         Climate and energy program

CIS          The Sydney Institute

Menzies Research Centre

Mannkal Economics Education Foundation          

Taxpayers Alliance

Advance Australia

Australian Institute for Progress

3 thoughts on “Rafe’s Roundup Sept 17”

  1. Good God. Wind is up to near 6 gw. That’s just shy of 60% of its installed 9.5 gw capacity. Wonders will never cease. Last week it was fell to less than 1 gw for a day.

  2. The average is 29% of installed capacity and the thing to remind people on good wind days is that in the absence of grid-scale storage (which is nowhere in sight) good days are useless because the lowest level of wind is the limiting factor, as it is with a fence around the stock, a flood levee and any kind of defensive wall.
    As it happens the wind was down to 2% CP in WA at present and it has been under 4% since Friday morning.

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