Your lying eyes

In a desperate attempt to convince their idiotic readership that the fetus in early pregnancy is just a clump of tissue, the Guardian has published an article involving a series of images, provided by a pro-abortion group, of “pregnancy tissue” in a petri dish. They do this while also dating the ’tissue’ therein from the last menstrual period (LMP) rather than by the date of fertilization, usually two weeks later.

The article and the site play on a number of pro-abort tropes. Firstly, the one above, that the fetus even at this early stage is simply ‘pregnancy tissue’ and not a unified whole that is in the early stages of development. Secondly, it employs the trope that because the fetus is not visibly human it is not human, either because it is too small for the human eye unaided to see human features, or because these features are the marks of humanness and their absence speaks against the humanness of the fetus at this stage of development.

Each of these tropes are involved in their curious claim re fetal heartbeat. Here is the question and answer provided on the website the Guardian article relies on:

Does this tissue have a “heartbeat”?

There is no “heart” at 6 weeks of pregnancy, but there are cells that will come together to form the heart, and those cells already “beat.” This is the motion that is seen on ultrasound and that people refer to as a “heartbeat,” but again there is not yet a formed heart.

Notice the curious claim here. There is no heart here yet, only cells acting in concert, ‘beating’, but this unified action by a selection of cells within the ‘pregnancy tissue’, identified by an ultrasound, is not yet a formed heart. You would have to be in the grip of an ideological stupor to believe their attempt to explain away this ‘heartbeat’.

Here is an image of the fetus at nine weeks LMP, once removed from its mother’s womb:

Here is a video of the fetus in utero at 10 weeks LMP:

I’ll leave it to the reader to decide what is going on here.

Addendum: here is the heart 33 days postfertilization visualized by scanning electron microscope

Right/left atria (RA/LA), right/left ventricles (RV/LV), atrioventricular canal (AVC), & outflow tract (OFT).

20 thoughts on “Your lying eyes”

  1. Parents get a 4 D ultrasound at 12 weeks, not many are going to believe 3 weeks turns that mess into what you see live on the screen at 12 weeks.

  2. Ninety-nine per cent of everything the left does is lies and obfuscation designed to make you disbelieve your lying eyes.

    The left’s starting assumption for everything it does is that ordinary people are as stupid and as gullible as leftards.

    Therefore, 99% of everything the left does is propaganda. It’s the only strategy leftards have for subverting the dominant paradigm — the dominant paradigm being civilisation.

    Thar’s why the only way the left can achieve final victory in a democracy is cheating, using both old ballot-rigging methods and, as we have seen in the USA, increasingly the use of ballot-rigging technology.

  3. It’s just another layer of deception the “pro-choice” boosters use. As noted above, these people are completely evil and happily bandy around terms such as ‘post birth abortion’ as though it’s perfectly reasonable. As a point in case look up some of the unhinged shit stacey abrams has come out with.

    My take on when does life begin is to me very simple. When the sperm and ova combine and the cells begin to reproduce a whole new strand of human DNA is formed, it is unique, it has never existed before and will never exist again.

    It is the basic building block of our humanity and should be protected.

  4. These people don’t believe life begins at conception, and therefore it’s a slippery slope that life does not “begin” at all and we are all just a clump of cells.
    What started out as “we’re just helping rape victims” is now murdering a child as they are being born at 40-weeks.
    Moloch always had an insatiable appetite for children, and there are always willing people to provide him that sacrifice. It is only the good and God that stand in their way.

  5. It is only the good and God that stand in their way.

    Probably not very “good” myself and I don’t spend much time in church but one of the main values of a god is that it takes some decisions out of human hands. God knows most of them aren’t up to the task of making those decisions and in particular, not on my behalf.

  6. Funny, why didnt the gruinaid follow through week by week till birth so its readers could see what a 4 month old ‘pregnancy tissue’ looked like?

    If you are comfortable with 6 weeks, but advocate up till birth abortion then go all the way you turds.

  7. What sort of person doesn’t experience ineffable wonder at the existence & development of a fetus?

  8. The Grauniad, like the GayBC, is a cultural colostomy bag for the dregs of the Stalinist pervert pseudo intelligentsia.

    On the GayBC, take a look at Gerard Henderson’s Media Watchdog today. He details the incestuously close relationship between the ABC and the Aids Council of NSW, a militant group of sexual radicals who have gorged millions from the taxpayer. It explains a lot.

    In similar vein, even Eureka Street, the Jesuits’ impeccably woke on-line nag, can’t stomach Victoria’s new prostitution laws steered through by Queen Skank Patten with the Hunchback’s support, or the thoroughly corrupted process that brought them about.

  9. Western collectivists are completely on board with the wholesale slaughter of infants, whether in or (allegedly just) out of the womb and have been for many, many decades.

    If ever a “civilization” deserved an almighty judgement, it’s the one we’re existing in now.

    wokeism and its many bizarre manifestations such as the indescribable tranny lunacy parallel the civilization destroying hysteria and degeneracy that manifests itself in human history, again and again and again.

    Hopefully, I’ll have departed this earthly existence shortly before this long overdue correction.

  10. But, hopefully not after having commenced the implementation of an almighty dose of HOP Time™ on the house sized backsides of those remaining loathsome monsters that reduced us to this sad and sorry state in the first place. 🙂

  11. If science can detect life, then please give us a demonstration of the instrument used to detect the exact moment when the cluster of cells suddenly by some unknown magical process becomes alive. Otherwise assume life has already begun when the first cell division verifies fertilisation did occur.

  12. My wife and I couldn’t have our own kids, so we recently adopted a bouncing baby boy. We find it disgusting that some people could kill something so precious so easily when others like us would give anything to bring a baby into the world.

  13. When someone says ‘foetus’, the immediate question is, ‘foetus of which species’. Human? Oh, a HUMAN foetus. So when the killers wish to glide over fact, they are wanting us to focus on the particular stage of life of the human in question. They’ve decided that all stages of life up to foetus are expendable…because they fail to explain that they are talking about a human (not a polar bear) foetus.

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